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Posted in: Japan to boost jet fuel production and imports amid tourism boom See in context

"Japan plans to increase jet fuel production and imports to address a pick-up in demand from flights amid a boom in tourism, according to a draft government plan presented on Tuesday."

"The draft was presented by the industry and transport ministries to a panel of specialists discussing the fuel shortage issue."

language like this might cause one to forget that this is a capitalist country.

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Posted in: Japan to boost jet fuel production and imports amid tourism boom See in context

Japan plans to increase jet fuel production and imports to address a pick-up in demand from flights amid a boom in tourism, according to a draft government plan presented on Tuesday.The draft was presented by the industry and transport ministries to a panel of specialists discussing the fuel shortage issue.

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Posted in: Musk to move companies out of California over transgender law See in context

one more ask!:

is there anyone out there with a child in elementary school, a child who most likely has not come to understand sexuality, their own or that of others, who thinks it is either necessary or beneficial for their child to understand some or all of the lgbtq+ options in the world before they even feel the inevitable pull of these questions?

i want to hear this person's reasoning, because i want to understand. my thinking is so completely different; i can't even imagine the argument on the other side.

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Posted in: Musk to move companies out of California over transgender law See in context

is there anyone out there with a child who if they later learned that their child had somehow sexually transitioned, perhaps even in elementary school, would support the teacher who knew but chose not to tell them?

i want to hear this person's reasoning on this issue; and focus specifically on elementary school, please. i acknowledge that by high school, children should have some sort of privacy.

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Posted in: Woman dies after being hit by 3 cars one after the other on Mie expressway See in context

without being able to see the situation, it is impossible to really judge. to the first driver i would like to ask, 'you saw an accident up ahead: did you move over? did you slow down? did you pay more attention? to the THIRD driver i would ask: how close were you to the second driver? were you far enough behind that you could deal with anything that might happen?

whenever multiple vehicles are involved, the initial accident doesn't explain why the other 49 cars crashed. the explanation of that is the way of driving on that road, and if the way is not good the police need to be trying harder BEFORE THE ACCIDENT HAPPENS.

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Posted in: Harris focuses on her personal story, not Biden questions, as she speaks to Black and Asian voters See in context

my comment was cut off

Biden SAID he would choose a woman before he chose Harris, and he SAID he would choose a black woman for the supreme court before he chose Jackson. He didn't just CHOOSE these two women and leave us to infer that they were DEI hires; he SAID he would nominate them because they were women and black and then he CHOSE them. Is remembering that and reminding others 'DEI labeling'? Can you really condemn me as a racist for making a clear connection between what Biden said and did?

While writing about DEI here, I can't stop chuckling about the 'first openly gay transportation secretary' and what that might mean, and I'm not chuckling about what it might MEAN because I can't even guess?! Any guesses? What have we accomplished here?

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Posted in: UN experts say famine has spread throughout Gaza See in context

remember how it used to work:

when an elected government is either losing a war or thinks the cost of the war is to high for it's people IT SURRENDERS.

then the fighting should stop, and then aid should pour in.

i bet this would still work.

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Posted in: United Airlines plane returns to Japan airport for emergency landing See in context

There're the airplanes, and then there is the maintenance. Both of these airplanes took off from Japan. I imagine airplane maintenance, like car inspections, involves checking a lot of boxes, maybe boxes that don't seem much to matter to you or your immediate boss. So you end up checking the box without checking the thing the box refers to and then...

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Posted in: Biden concedes debate fumbles but declares he will defend democracy See in context

Rep. Ritchie Torres, Democrat of New York, said, “Since performance last night, I had to take a few more antidepressants than usual.”

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Posted in: Biden's shaky Trump debate alarms Democrats, raises questions for his campaign See in context

how about gavin newsom and some california dreamin'?

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Posted in: Colombia launches talks with rebel group led by fighters who returned to arms after 2016 peace deal See in context

i quickly read the headline and thought the story was about columbia UNIVERSITY. i was thinking 'whoa, i didn't know all that happened". what a world: it's possible, if only for a few seconds, to confuse a banana republic and an ivy league university!

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Posted in: Japan toughens rules on products sold online by foreign sellers See in context

i've noticed by shopping online from overseas sellers over the years that taxing by japan is erratic and inconsistent. of course, items purchased from sellers in japan is taxed properly, and the burden of seeing that this is done is on the japanese merchant. i guess the REAL purpose of this law is to get all taxes collected and make it the merchant's job, not the customs inspector's.

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Posted in: Japan toughens rules on products sold online by foreign sellers See in context

just curious, how does ebay work under this new scheme?

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Posted in: Gate installed on Mount Fuji trail to control crowds, but governor says more measures needed See in context

'A QR code is sent to climbers' smartphones to be scanned at the gate, which is halfway up the mountain in an area known as the fifth station, where the Yoshida trail begins. There are 10 stations on the mountain.'

i'm a lifelong hiker, and i've never had a phone. can the wall be scaled?

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Posted in: Mayor considering increasing Himeji Castle entry fees for overseas visitors See in context

someone needs to say it: boycott!

i know it's easier to say than do.

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Posted in: Biden to announce deportation protection and work permits for spouses of US citizens See in context

the us immigration system is HORRIBLE for legal immigrants. it's slow, unresponsive, expensive. shoudn't a government of the people, by the people, and for the people fix that before it sets out to offer more?

when i look for what's 'fair and just', i look at how i, an american, am treated by japan immigration versus how my wife is treated by us immigration and the light is clear. maybe obvious, but should be said, if we were each illegal in the others country my wife would be much better off in the us.

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Posted in: U.S. Marines' transfer to Guam from Okinawa to start in December See in context

It was decided in 2012 to move these Marines. Would the same decision be made today?

Might be a little controversial, but I bet Taiwan would welcome a US base.

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Posted in: Japan to step up enrollment of foreign residents in pension system See in context

and then try to plan for retirement by investing overseas. if you like sleeping, don't look into how the japanese government handles that.

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Posted in: Far-right parties make big gains in European Parliament elections See in context

Sorry to be obtuse, but I have two questions:

Why is it always 'far-right' and never 'right'?

Could someone provide a working definition of 'far-right'?

...and a short comment:

It seems to me that there is whole lot of space between the open borders of the far-left and the concentration camps of the far-right. Yes, this election is a move away from the former, but I think not at all meaningfully closer to the later.

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Posted in: Fuel shortage in Japan hinders flight increases amid tourism surge See in context

"I'm not anti tourism but the idea of people being incapable of flying to Japan because some middleman will not make money on the fuel that goes in the plane amuses me. The accepted verson of Adam Smith's invisible hand of capitalism is supposed to solve problems like this."

I agree with the first sentence. I think the problem with the second sentence is thinking that Japan markets are classically capitalistic. I think in this case and in Japan in general the middleman is there and can't be removed, changed, or gotten around. If you showed up in Tokyo Bay with a fleet of tankers all carrying jet fuel that could solve the problem, I think the only way to get it into the stream would be to work through that same middleman. If rational self-interest operated here unhindered, just think about how different so many things would be!?

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Posted in: Japan to replace cedars with low-pollen trees to tackle hay fever See in context

so, so let's review a little:

there's an akiya problem which can't be solved because each of these houses does have an owner.

the guvment wants to start the nuclear power plants, but the local guvments block them.

but now that a white paper says it should be done, all the cedar trees, most of which are on private property, are suddenly going to be cut down. on whose order? with whose consent? by whom? on whose nickel?

a commitee has declared 'let there be no cedar trees!' but the commitee doesn't have the power of God.

let them start on my land! (and please replant hinoki). alas, i don't have the power of God either.

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Posted in: Shibuya Ward to extend night street alcohol drinking ban all year-round See in context

'However, the restriction carries no penalty or fines.'

The good will sheepishly follow the rule, the bad will flout it. I am a foreigner possessed of completely different mental equipment, so I would drink in Shibuya without compunction. Absent a benign, all-pervasive ijime, Japanese society would degenerate. It doesn't, so we should be grateful but not bullied.

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Posted in: Israel says it controls Gaza's entire border with Egypt, as Rafah assault expands See in context

"Still, it has yet to achieve its main goals of dismantling Hamas and returning scores of hostages captured in Hamas' Oct. 7 attack that triggered the war."

Israel will have a tough time 'dismantling Hamas', but Hamas could capture some moral high ground by returning the hostages. The hostages can't be providing any real protection for Hamas. Releasing them would make Hamas look good in the eyes of the world. Why don't they do it? Wouldn't you if you were them?

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Posted in: Israeli strikes kill at least 37 Palestinians, most in tents, near Gaza's Rafah as offensive expands See in context

I have two questions which have been nagging me. Maybe someone can help me:

Gaza’s Health Ministry does not distinguish between fighters and civilians in its count. Is that because they don't see a distinction? Is it because Hamas does not see a distinction? Is it because the Gazans don't see a distinction?

I often see the number of women and children broken out. I can imagine a 6-foot-tall, 17-year-old bearded man carrying a machine gun with a giant necklace of bullets draped over his neck. Is he a child?

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Posted in: Japan's real wages fall in March for record 24th month See in context

labor productivity has been flat for 20 years. it would be difficult and risky to pay workers much more.

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Posted in: New Tokyo restaurant charges higher prices to foreign tourists than Japanese locals See in context

Pardon me if I go slightly off-topic: Twice in the last month, once in Nagoya and once in Takayama, I saw signs outside stores in both Japanese and English saying 'don't come in the store unless you want to buy something'. The store in Takayama added 'children are not allowed in the store' This was a stationary (sic) store. This just seems wrong to me, maybe not illegal, but wrong. Where is Debito Arudou when you need him?

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Posted in: Europe's auto suppliers reach the end of the road See in context

striking to get better redundancy terms...that might work

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Posted in: 3 killed, including 2-year-old boy, after truck hits 2 cars in Gunma See in context

When I see this, I assume cell phone. My wife does the driving, so I can look around all I like. A lot of truck drivers are looking at the phone I can I can see in their hands or down at something that...I assume is a phone.

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