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Posted in: U.S. allows emergency COVID-19 vaccine in bid to end pandemic See in context

The mRNA "vaccine" is extremely Dangerous. In Pfiezrs stage 3 Trials 6 died and ALL of the Drug Co.

in their trials had Serious adverse reactions. In England 2 Nurses require Resuscitation and now will

Only Administer the shots if there are Emergency teams next to you.

Moderna and the other mRNA Bio Weapon shots were Catastrophic.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 374 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,685 See in context

Positive PCR Tests do not mean people are sick.

They can pick up old fragments of Old Colds nd Flus if Amplified over 25 in the Lab.

Many Tests around the World are amplified up to 60 which could give you 100 % False Positives.

ALL "Covid" Deaths around the World are mostly elderly with Multiple Underlying Conditions

like Diabetes,Obesity,Smokers ,Late stage Cancers......Even a Positive is given depending who does it Without

testing as "Suspected Positive"...

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Posted in: Japan eyes lowering int'l travel advisories issued over pandemic See in context

The Real Heads Behind the Global Lockdown and the "Great Reset" who shut down the Whole World should

face Crimes against Humanity for Genocide Due to "Lockdowns" and not a Virus that has NOT been more deadly than the Seasonal Flu.

Hundreds of Millions are in Abject poverty RIGHT NOW and Starvation due to the Direction of these Tyrants-through the WHO and Chief Health Officers in each Country,NOT ALL, The MSM-the Globalist Puppet Media in Many Countries,Paid Millions Each, to Scare people to the Extreme through the "STAY HOME CAMPAIGN" and with FAKE and Many staged Videos from the Same Hospital saying this is Brazil, China, the US etc and Old Footage of Packed Beaches should also face the same Charges.

Hundreds of thousands of Specialists Worldwide who said Lockdowns are Killing People, are Silenced by SOCIAL MEDIA Giants, removed. Very suspicious and they take a big share of the Blame.

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Posted in: Trump, Biden plan dueling town halls instead of scrapped debate See in context

The MSM Biden people, the Democrats AND World MSM Cabal KNOW that through real Internal Polling Trump will win by a Landslide and is WAY in front. BUT as they have been Lying about Trump for 4 years they continue to Lie. Everything they accuse Trump of Doing is what they actually Did.

The Democrats though through theire Tens of Millions of Ballots Illegally sent out, for DODGY Mail in Ballots for Democrat EXTRA Votes KNOW they can only win by Cheating with about 80 Million Illegal Votes.

They did the same in the Previous Election with their Cabal Icon Leader Clinton. ALL Lies.

They are doing it agian and said they will NOT except the Election Result.

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Posted in: Japanese firms fall woefully short of meeting gov't goals on women in management See in context

Quotas for Work Positions will not work. The most suitable position may be a Qualified Experienced Women.

Unfortunately what much of the Mainly Western media who love telling the Japanese how to tie their Shoe laces neglect, is that many or most Women want to have Children. Having Children is THE most important job in the World for men and women but Motherhood is No1 .

Most Females want to be Mothers and looking after their Children and it s extremely Important. Being called an Office executive or CEO of something is minuscule compared to Child Rearing. And its a Beautiful thing. Every one of you is the Product of that. What Abe did or didnt do who Cares.

Labels and Quotas are all about Divide and Conquer.

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Posted in: Takeda-led COVID-19 plasma treatment enters clinical trial with first patient See in context

There are Very Cheap Drugs instead of the Politicised Fauci Backed Remdesivir where the cost is over $3000 a Course.

Whereas we have alternatives that have been around for decades dirt cheap and do the same thing.

Gillead Sciences is basically owned by teh Chinese Communist Party through different groups. Amazing Fauci is pushing it.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 203 new coronavirus cases See in context

The PCR Test is Holding the Entire World Hostage. Hundreds of Doctors in Belgium and thousands in Germany TOP Medical Experts are joining Large Class Action Law Suits. The PCR Test was NEVER meant to test for a Specific Infection. The False Positives are inmost Cases Over 90%.

The Deaths this year Per Country are no more than for every years Seasonal Flu.

The Corrupt WHO stopped Counting Flus In March. What happened in March? The Lockdowns and the CORONA Blowout Super Magnified by Media Worldwide. NO all but Most.

Also Media Worldwide received $$$ Millions for the "STAY HOME STAY SAFE Campaign.

The Restrictions and Lockdowns are nothing short of mass Torture. Those that are Frail or feel Weak,STAY HOME and the rest of us go on about our lives.

Life is not a one size fits all.We have Thousands of years of DNA and ANTI Bodies in our system. OUR Bodies remember every Cold and Flu we have had and adapt and do well with or without a Flu Shot that at most may be 30% effective. We are never told the people that die or have severe reactions to Vaccines or Drugs.

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Posted in: Cases rise in Australia's virus hotspot, but most linked to known outbreaks See in context

Australia has 450 Deaths per day Every day yet they have NEVER been mentioned. NOT from the CORONA but Cancer-Flu Deaths Pneumonia etc. Since January Mostly elderly have died with Multiple Underlying health Problems, the 1st being Old age,Labeled COVID, NO Autopsy nothing.

27,100 Should NOT be there or anywhere else. They have recovered. OK. TV Channels/Media are pushing 2nd and 3rd Waves especially in Leftist States and Countries. These Dear Leaders want to keep the

Lockdowns Going. Most if not all People in the Positive "CASES" had at most Colds and some that had Flu like Symptoms.

And that story is repeated around the World.

In Melbourne/Victoria the leader is a Fascist Tyrant that has No respect for the People. A Madman who has ALL of the 700 + DEATHS on his Hands. He repeatedly Lied over the handling. He Caused their deaths by his Incompetency yet still has not stood down or been removed/sacked by the Governor General.

He has been threatening the people since back in March where he said "Follow the rules because

you don't know what we are capable of."...NOT 1 Journalist asked: Sir how can you talk like that? It continues to this day where 2 days ago he said we may even cancel BEACHES.Its Spring and Summer on the way.

THE LOCKDOWNS have cause more harm than good. You have been a Prisoner NOT ALLOWED to leave your home and MUST stay in 23 Hours a day, now down to 22. Only for some exercise and shopping.

You cannot go more that 5kms from your home. etc. Police Brutally arresting Pregnant Women in Homes,Beaches,Parks. .The MESSAGE is CLEAR, we will be much worse on others.

Most Businesses shut down....The People are virtually being Tortured by "RULES" that have NO Science

behind them. TOP Epidemiologists around the World say "LOCKDOWNS DO NOT WORK".

Looks like there is a Much Bigger agenda at play especially with "Premier Dan Andrews" Selling off

the State to Communist China".....I dont read any replies or dont care about thumbs up. THAT is the Truth.

If you keep testing and the Tests, the PCR test is 90% Inaccurate with False Positives it will never get

better unless the Figures are cooked to look good. SEE do as we say its working. ZERO respect for the people.

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Posted in: Fashion designer Kenzo Takada dies from COVID-19 at age 81 See in context

Is it WITH COVID or From COVID??? Over 90 % -99% of People died from Old age, NO AUTOPSY Labeled

COVID. The others with Co Morbidities, like late stage Cancer, Overweight,High Cholesterol etc.

The Media Will NEVER tell people what is the True cause of Death or look at it. The Narrative must continue.

There are Viruses not as deadly as portrayed if people are healthy. If you are Old and have multiple Co-Morbidities you can sneeze and Fracture the Ribs and Die. A Cold can send you off. The Coronavirus is in the Family of Colds. If you are unhealthy do something to improve your situation.

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Posted in: Foreigners to blame for livestock theft, according to Japanese media See in context

Send them BACK to their Countries and give them Life Bans from the Country after a Jail Sentence.

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Posted in: Tiny airborne particles may pose a big coronavirus problem See in context

Coronavirus is in the Family of Colds. The CORONA/COVID is still not even in the top 10

killers worldwide and in many country as high as 20. THAT is with people who are very Old and with Several underlying health problems still have over 99% chance of Survival.

There are $$ Trillions at stake with Big Pharma and Oligarchs/Globalists/W.H.O. Directing the Entire Movie.

Anyone that doesnt repeat theirNarrative gets labeled a Conspiracy theorist and gets Blocked on Social Media who have become MUCH richer with the COVID/CORONA

The Media Worldwide has been ALL IN in the Fear Campaign of Terror.

What people dont know is that in Many counties, Media Groups-TV Stations, Internet sites have been paid to run the "STAY HOME " Campaign. TV Stations have received OVER 1 Million Euros in Most European Countries etc. How are they going to report when the Government is paying for it??? Well not too much questioning as we can see.

The MEDIA are NOT reporting that the TESTS are over 90 % Inaccurate. Nothing to see their conspiracy theorist.

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Posted in: Health chief of Australia's Victoria state quits in fallout from quarantine probe See in context

The Local Government there has gone full Fascist. Absolute Tyranny of Government and

No Pushback. Japan,Netherlands etc respect their people and NO Lockdowns. They are ANTI Human.

The P.M. Morrison of OZ is Missing in Action. No Respect for his people either.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 270 new coronavirus cases See in context

They must Love the number 270 because they have used it so many times. Hey Sam can you give us another

case number?? Yes Bob tomorrow 278 and then down up down up. Cant let them get the idea we are getting back to "Normal" EVER.

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Posted in: Are people to be left to die? Vaccine pleas fill U.N. summit See in context

One BIG propaganda story.Less than 0.1 % getting the "COVID" and the Whole world must be

Injected with Big Pharmas Experimental Vaccines?? Severe Repercussions may come 2-3-5 or years later.

The UN is not you and me but a Bunch of Technocrats pushing Fully Globalist Projects. As Technocrats they have always wanted a Global Government run by THEM and "Global Warming" and Mass Vaccinations have been a way to get there.

"U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres kicked off the General Assembly by declaring in an interview with the U.N.'s media arm: “To think that we can preserve the rich people, and let the poor people suffer, is a stupid mistake.”"

A Psyop and pure Propaganda. They get a lollie you dont except its a Concoxion in a Vile and they say Trust us BUT we have signed NDAs with Governments so if you drop on the Floor dead or with Severe Complication they have NO LIABILITY

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 59 new coronavirus cases See in context

Its Great...Japan must be using their Brilliant Intuition and Brains unlike most of the

Countries around the World taking orders from the W.H.O. Unelected Technocrats.

The other good thing is that Japanese people will not read the Self Aggrandising Know all

Keyboard Wannabes (Most living outside Japan) who are in every article about the Corona

telling the Japanese and the Gov. how to tie their Shoe Laces. Should do this and that.

You will not be heard except by your fellow Finger Pointers..

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Posted in: Tourist spots in Tokyo busy during Silver Week holidays See in context

oldman_13Today  06:41 am JST

"Good to see.

People around the world are fed up with unnecessary restrictions, some turning to violent protests.

Latest research shows that those who died from coronavirus had multiple underlying conditions and it may not be as infectious as previously thought".

I agree totally and that is exactly how it is. The WHO stopped recording Flus Per Country in March. The Figures went to Zero as they stopped recording....The Flu Morphed in to Corona/COVID.

Certain countries like the Netherlands and Sweden are doing Great and the Rest of the World their economies smashed. Hundreds f Millions in Poverty and Starvation from the Anti-Human Lockdowns

A World Famous Epidemiologist from Bulgaria said that perhaps there has not been 1 Death exclusively

from COVID......Everyone Very Old or in Poor Health. Look after them and let the healthy carry on with their lives..

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Posted in: We're lucky to have Osaka as figurehead, says Billie Jean King See in context

You should NOT be able to Make Political statements as a Sportsperson. Fans cant so there seem to be exceptions to the Rule and that is why sports Fans will dwindle to Nothing round the world with "Bend the Knee" and so on..

The MSM seem to have skipped the Fact that George Floyd had a Criminal History and the day of the Arrest

had enough Drugs in him to drop 2 "average" sized people.

Also the fact that he Pulled a Gun against a Pregnant women's stomach also was Ignored by the MSM.

You cant write your own History so this is an absolute shameful act. A Mask with Floyds name, but not a word by MSM about the Black Retired Policeman gunned down by Violent Rioters or the Children killed in Crossfire in the Chicago Gang Wars every weekend but a guy with a Criminal Record. What a Disgrace.

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Posted in: Death knell sounds for some of Japan's oldest department stores See in context

Nefarious Actors can blame everything on the "Pandemic". No the Misery is from the Lockdowns and the ANTI-Human Measures that come with it. Countries like the Netherlands , Denmark ,Holland and Sweden are doing Greatly because they didnt force their citizens to do anything. They Trusted their Citizens.

And the ones saying yes there were more deaths is a Myth. The death "Curves" are about Zero now.

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Posted in: AstraZeneca begins clinical trials of COVID-19 vaccine in Japan See in context

AstraZeneca is in Partnership with Oxford/Gates----The EU Technocrats ordered 400 Million Doses and Australia 25 Million of same one......You will NEVER know how many die or get harmed from the Injections because they sign Non Disclosure Agreements with the Governments...Australia's Health Minister already said they signed NDAs with them. Whats to Hide??..So Overall a "Virus" that has Exclusively affected Elderly and again "with COVID" not of COVID-LABELED COVID and they order this many?

AstraZeneca Said : AstraZeneca is unwilling to be held responsible for any potential side effects of its ‘hopeful’ vaccine candidate. In other words, the company is completely protected, or indemnified, against lawsuits from people who are injected with their vaccine and experience negative effects, regardless of how severe or long-lasting they are.

The firm’s lawyers have demanded that clauses to that effect be put in their contracts with the countries AstraZeneca has agreed to supply with its Covid vaccine. The company says that, without such guarantees of indemnity, they would not be incentivised to produce the drug. And it seems most of the countries have ceded to this demand.

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Posted in: More than 12,000 people taken to hospital nationwide for heatstroke Aug 17-23 See in context

If you are wearing a Mask in this Extreme heat you are in Big Troube and will have breathing Difficulty.

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Posted in: Australian state reinstates restrictions after spike in coronavirus cases See in context

oldman-13Today  07:25 pm JST

Why the restrictions? We've seen time and time again restrictions don't work. Open the economy and get people working and living life!

People have an immune system and nobody talks about it. Ye someone should tell Andrews societies have never ever been shut down before. "Non essential Businesses" are any Entertainment or Pleasure Industries.

In Andrews Victoria a Footballer had seven tests and Negative and then on the 8th well they said it was Positive and have to shut down the entire System. Switch it on switch it off switch it on and off and keep it going with an Agenda i believe.

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