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Posted in: Tokyo reports 119 new coronavirus cases; 1st time below 200 in 5 days See in context

*How many tested?

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 119 new coronavirus cases; 1st time below 200 in 5 days See in context

Cool beans... how tested? And no... i don't want to jump to another website to find out.

You had one job to do.

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Posted in: Police appeal for help in solving disappearance of 4-year-old girl in 1996 See in context

Come on! It's truly a sad story, but expecting to solve it now??

Why not? You would think in a different way if it was your child. But i guess... you don't have kids.

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Posted in: Japan to discuss easing travel ban with China, S Korea, other countries See in context

or example Korea is doing much better than Japan? Why even block it in the first place?

Would you like an answer? Ok...

Simply: They could catch the virus in Japan and going home with it, and spread it.

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Posted in: Teacher arrested over alleged child prostitution with 16-year-old girl See in context

What is this cyber patrol, and how are they able to read people's private messages?

It's twitter... ain't private.

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Posted in: Mother arrested after leaving 3-year-old daughter alone for week to die See in context

Same story happened last year or 2 years ago. It's beyond cruel. Got no words.

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Posted in: Southwestern Japan hit by more heavy rain as death toll rises to 49 See in context

Stay strong folks!

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Posted in: Mandatory charging for plastic shopping bags starts in Japan See in context

Always amazed me to get offered a platic bag for a box of tic tac... come on guys!

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Posted in: Infant left at entrance to Japanese Red Cross nursery in Ibaraki Prefecture See in context

This is a good news for starting my day. At least... her mom or dad didn't think about ending his life.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 60 coronavirus cases; highest since state of emergency lifted See in context

Yet... we don't know how many were tested...

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Posted in: 2 dead after shooting at California distribution center See in context

Just another normal day in the usa.

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Posted in: 4-year-old girl falls to her death from 6th-floor apartment See in context

Another one.


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Posted in: Fujitsu brings hand washing AI to COVID-19 fight See in context

The AI can't identify people from their hands, but it could be coupled with identity recognition technology so companies could keep track of employees' washing habits, said Suzuki.

This is just creepy.

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Posted in: 2-year-old girl dies after being left in car for 7 hours See in context

This happened in NZ to a female doctor of all people. She drove to the hospital and forgot the child was in the back seat. Upon finding her child dead in the car she collapsed with shock and had to be taken to hospital herself.

Thx god she's safe... right?

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Posted in: Japan can't move ahead with U.S. missile defense system: Abe See in context

Just give Kim what he wants and move on.

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Posted in: Black Lives Matter rally held in Tokyo See in context

I can't be the only one who doesn't care about these events... right?

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Posted in: Japan to let in 250 foreigners per day from Australia, NZ, Thailand, Vietnam under eased travel curbs See in context

OMG... i hope i don't have to wear these crazy tools when i go back to work --"

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Posted in: Lower house passes 2nd extra budget for virus package, totaling ¥31.91 tril See in context

Where’s the first round of the money residents and citizens were expected to see? So far, no one has received anything. How about actually getting results instead of just sitting all day boasting about empty claims?

We got 400k on May 10th. Mask around May 25th. Ezzzzz

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Posted in: Lower house passes 2nd extra budget for virus package, totaling ¥31.91 tril See in context

Masks and money? Still waiting! I’ll ask for interest ....

We got both in early May. You did something wrong.

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Posted in: Lower house passes 2nd extra budget for virus package, totaling ¥31.91 tril See in context

Man... these masks lol.

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Posted in: 4-year-old girl falls to death from high-rise apartment See in context

And another one. RIP.

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Posted in: 20-year-old woman arrested for abandoning body of newborn in park toilet See in context

It’s murder!


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Posted in: Rally against racism, in support of Black Lives Matter held in Tokyo See in context

What a circus.

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Posted in: Gov't panel calls for revealing cyberbullies' names, phone numbers See in context

That's not how it should work... but instead... find the problem at the root and solve it.

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Posted in: 'Terrace House' star's death sparks calls for cyberbullying rules See in context

I don't even know her... but anyway RIP.

But any reforms are likely to move much slower in Japan.


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Posted in: Japan revises law to make more part-timers join pension program See in context

Stop forcing people for that scam already. I am out.

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Posted in: Tokyo Tower reopens, but now you have to take stairs 150 meters up See in context

I'll do it... but without a mask.

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Posted in: 7-year-old boy survives fall from 5th-floor window in Tokyo See in context

I have mixed feeling about it... what really happened there... ? We'll never know.

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Posted in: Japan set to fully lift coronavirus emergency in Tokyo, 4 other prefectures See in context

I went to a beach yesterday, and the parking was closed.. i parked my car like a savage... cops came and asked me to move my car.

Pachinko parlors shouldn’t be open before the beach. I’ll guess that government officials and other workers are looking after their own indulgences. Or they’re in $tight with gaming operators.

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Posted in: Japanese pub aims to clean up with disinfectant spray machine See in context

You know what? Last week i was in a mall... Mac Donald closed their restaurant but you could take out. While... all other restaurants next to 'em WHERE OPEN AND PEOPLE SITTING next to each other eating!


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