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Posted in: Japan proud of its high-tech toilets See in context

One of the best things to come out of Japan. Wanted to instal on home in Sydney but difficult because of rules about water and electricity proximity. And price too, twice that of Japan.

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Posted in: Photographer says barring him from Syria sets a bad precedent See in context

The best alternative considering the circumstances. Better he stay in Niigata and ski rather than become another video star...

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Posted in: Gov't warns journalists to avoid Turkey-Syria border town See in context

Can't trust the Turks with a loonie like Erdogan at the top.

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Posted in: Obama says terror group has killed Japanese hostage See in context

bass4funk Never a truer word said. Erase these IS evil bastards from the face of the earth like the cockroaches they are.

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Posted in: Sankei newspaper apologizes over ad for anti-Semitic books See in context

Hidflect1 doesn't sound too smart either. How this kind of story could benefit ISRAEL requires the reader to be an idiot.

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Posted in: Unruly passenger forces ANA flight to land in Anchorage en route to New York See in context

I know this man and you are all wrong. He is not evil nor is he crazy. He may have some temporary problem which sympathetic treatment will help him fix. Just leave him alone....

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