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Posted in: 'Kimono Pajamas' designed to be worn indoors and outdoors See in context

Looks good! I need to get my woman one!

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Posted in: Service helping grandparents stay in touch seeing growth in Japan See in context

My mistake. I miscalculated. It is only around $15 a month, instead of what I thought it was. Haha!

On NHK they showed a high tech rice cookers that either had a video screen or allowed to have a remote reminder (from their grown children) to eat.

Actually I enjoyed WebTV back in the day. The ease of use, (simply using your TV screen) dial up, using the credit card as I recall (I never did it) almost like a chip reader and was not no where near as expensive as a PC.

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Posted in: Where's Waldo See in context

Kawaii! However what was the purpose or proceeds, if any, going to?

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Posted in: Service helping grandparents stay in touch seeing growth in Japan See in context

"The device, costing 19,800 yen ($177), is available online and at some department stores in Tokyo. Despite the service's 1,480 yen per month subscription fee, sales have been impressive, according to the company."

This is nice and convenient. However the monthly fee seems a bit steep. That is about three times what I would pay for rather good internet on it's own in the US and this device does not seem to be live, but pictures and videos only. And how much is good internet in Japan cost these days?

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Posted in: Teacher arrested for throwing bodily fluid on 7-year-old girl See in context

Bodily fluid I am assuming does not mean spit... What did he do, carry a bottle of the liquid with him or he simply went to the rest room real quick to collect it and then did the foul act in a public and most likely crowded place no less!?

Did not anyone try and step in to knock his block off or were they just as confused as the poor little girl? Make sure both she and the perp get a thorough check up. Who knows what that idiot has.

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Posted in: Suicide bomber blows himself up as Saudis foil Mecca plot See in context

"They obeyed their evil and corrupt self-serving schemes managed from abroad whose aim is to destabilize the security and stability of this blessed country," it said.

Wahhabism is taught by Saudis. There have been previous reports of so called "foiled attempts". The events of this supposed attack did not make sense to me and seems more like something staged.

Now if Saudi could only stopping funding terrorism world wide, the world would be a much safer place.

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Posted in: Trump's new idea -- a 'solar wall' on Mexican border See in context

The wall, as in a complete wall is never going to happen. Even if somehow it did, the smugglers will just find a way around it. Under, over or using boats to make the trip longer and more dangerous or even private planes, but will continue.

You need man power, either with boots on the ground/watch towers and or drones in the sky, every where and constantly. You also need honest border guards, because some how vans and even 18 wheelers packed with people are still making it to the US.

If you are going to stop this, do it right. Don't play with tax payers money or people's lives. Allow smuggling and it will continue, as well as the drugs.

Same with fire arms crossing the border. When we lost a night vision goggle in the field, we spent all night looking for it. When we loose hundreds or thousands of weapons, the US government just shrugs their shoulders, says "Oh well..." and continues on.

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Posted in: Overturned oil tanker explodes in Pakistan, killing 148 See in context

They must of been desperate to try a stunt like that. Who would act like that in their right mind? Perhaps racing to save the driver, but surely someone, besides just the police should of said and tried to do something to stop it. Mob mentality perhaps?

The death toll was as bad as a coordinated Daesh or Taliban bombing... What a senseless loss of life. Hopefully no children were present, although that would also mean a lot of orphans...

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Posted in: Muslims in Asia pray for peace as Ramadan holy month ends See in context

You can pray for peace all you want, but if you not willing to fight (ironic isn't it) for it, this wont end. Even at the very least report extremists, when seeing someone planting a bomb, know some one trying to join a radical group or recruit, etc.

But if all it took was praying, this would of ended a LONG time ago. Kind of like saying "I wish" or "I hope" for peace. Of course we do, the majority does, but with out the follow through, we are not going to get it.

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Posted in: Kids today: They don't work summer jobs the way they used to See in context

Some kids these days are lazy. Others work, but still live at home with mom and dad. Some of those are in dire situations, but a lot simply mooch off their parents. Others are academic. However volunteering should not be used to gain something later. It should be because you want to help.

But if you need a job, join the military. Any branch. It does not matter. They pay your way, you can get college money, home loans, study while serving, your immediate family is well taken care of and even if you die they get paid from you doing your duty. And you can retire much quicker than most other jobs. 

Especially these days they take just about anyone. It makes you grow up, gives you pride, allows you to stand up on your own two feet and if you are smart (I was not) you can save lots of money and when you get out have quite a bit of cash.

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Posted in: Iraqi forces free hundreds of civilians in Mosul Old City battles as death toll mounts See in context

I wonder if any of the captives are fighting back. Even if just a handful of the people decided to, they would steam roll over their captives, especially during a coordinated attack from the coalition.

Here's hoping the civilians are spared and Daesh is destroyed. May we form closer ties with our allies and forge new friendships with this common goal of clearing this scourge from our planet.

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Posted in: WTF? World Taekwondo Federation rebrands over acronym See in context

Awwww! But I liked "WTF"! However it makes sense for them to change it.

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Posted in: Trump wishes Muslims 'warm greetings' for Eid See in context

"On behalf of the American people, Melania and I send our warm greetings to Muslims as they celebrate Eid al-Fitr,"

"During this holiday, we are reminded of the importance of mercy, compassion, and goodwill."

"With Muslims around the world, the United States renews our commitment to honor these values."

I would like to believe these words from our president and are not merely rehearsed. I would also like to believe they are for the majority of Muslims, not only for our closest allies.

But his actions counter these words and the majority of his spoken rhetoric also contradicts these kind words. But we can always hope.

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Posted in: Actor Johnny Depp jokes about a Trump assassination See in context

"opportunities to expose gross hypocrisy on the left like the one you gave yesterday are too good to pass up."

What are you talking about? Where was the hypocrisy? Do you even know what that means? Or are you just pulling words you hear from Fox News or talk radio?

On a side note, JD apologizes for what he said. But the damage was already done. It was a poor joke to begin with and too drawn out, probably why he is not a stand up comedian. Leave the jokes to the professionals.

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Posted in: Actor Johnny Depp jokes about a Trump assassination See in context

["I am no fan of Trump either, but to murder someone... Ehhh... JD looked like he was on something and although I like his acting in quirky roles, there was no need for that. It was actually quite painful and embarrasing to watch."]

["How about we just impeach him or at the very least, don't vote for him again."]

Those two segments you left off precariously in your statement. Watch Fox News much?

["To be shot by a nationally born white male with overly easy access to firearms, compliments of the far right, it may very well be poetic justice.."]

Irony if it happend. I see it was lost on you, as are most other things it would seem.

"I won't even comment on the incredible hypocrisy of the two statements. Just gonna leave it like that."

Do us all a favor and just don't comment or post period.

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Posted in: Prostitution ring operating out of Tokyo high-end apartments netted Y420 mil in 28 months See in context

Paying for an expensive massage, but giving away free things on the side..., from my understanding... is legal in Japan. Like playing pachinko, asking for a lipstick prize, going around the corner and giving it to a person sitting in a shack while getting lots of money to circumvent the rules.

And there were only two women doing these "services" or only two arrested, not to include the male?

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Posted in: Actor Johnny Depp jokes about a Trump assassination See in context

"More calls for violence from the left, this time calling for an assassination of a President and the same usual suspects right here on JT actually applauding."

Were you claiming the same horrid things said, but coming from your own side, when Obama was in office?

"I think its safe to say all involved could, and should, expect a visit from the Secret Service."

This isn't Russia and they are not the KGB. This is America and the First Amendment allows for freedom of speech. The Second Amendment is the right to bare arms, which trumps (no pun intended) any attempt to stiffle it. (However as I argued before, freedom of speech also has it's limits.)

But like I had mentioned earlier, what JD said was not cool in the least and I will say again, quite painful to watch. But I wonder if it was more him acting like Trump, when he noted ["This is going to be in the press," he said before making the comments. "It will be horrible."]

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Posted in: Wonder Woman and the rest of Justice League get manga makeover for new series in Japan See in context

I assume tentacle monsters will make an appearance with Wonder Woman...

However in all honesty, manga has some good versions of the classics. I just fast forwarded through The Scarlet Letter manga and it seemed nicely done and the Little Women anime was rather nice as well.

I am sure these manga versions of super heroes will be no different. It will most likely get people on both sides interested in the other. Those who would never of bothered looking at a comic book or a manga might now do so.

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Posted in: Trump's new idea -- a 'solar wall' on Mexican border See in context

How will making the wall solar powered, actually be cheaper? You have "the wall" which will be expensive to start with and then you stick "much more expensive" solar panels on top...

And how long does the supposed solar panels stay up? Only long enough to pay for the wall which may take years and then taken down so as not to offend big oil?

And making the wall cheaper will not entice Mexico to pay for anything. They simply will not do it. They already said they wont. They have no reason to and laugh when even suggested.

But why stop there? If you are so serious Mr Trump, why not add more solar panels every where and light America for free? Also pay for everyones health care all at the same time! Get off foreign oil entirely and help save the environment!

"Lots of other countries have walls, you know? Even more have fences:"

Yea and North Korea even has land mines. I wonder if this wall he is proposing is to keep the illegals out, or all the legals in...

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Posted in: N. Korea calls Trump a 'psychopath' See in context

America is better than North Korea! Our current psychopath will only be around for four years, eight tops! Yours stay until he is unable to fullfill his duties! So Ha! Who's laughing now!? Ha ha... ha... ... Oh boy...

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Posted in: Hezbollah says 'thousands' of fighters to respond if Israel attacks See in context

Did I miss something special or is this just the usual taunting and lover's quarrel? Hey Israel! Want to do something truly evil!? Actually show some kindness and help Iran. It will throw everyone off for days!

Actually is Israel fighting Daesh and taking part in the coalition?

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Posted in: 17-year-old youth arrested for using fake police badge, ID to try and get woman’s contact info See in context

"Uh, why not just be nice and strike up a conversation. You never know where that will lead."

Some people have no game or are simply boring. Girls like clever and inventive people. Had he not asked for her full adress, perhaps just the city and her phone number and email this would not have seemed so bad. 

For all we know she could have been impressed, they began dating, got married, had children and tell their grand children how their grandfather impersonated a cop just to talk to their grandmother. It is sweet.

However this could of also went the opposite way and no chance to of had grandchildren or even get married because she was murdered...

But let's try to think happy thoughts!

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Posted in: Americans and guns: It's complicated See in context

"I see most firearms like fishing poles. It is a way to get dinner when camping and have meat for a few weeks."

I have never heard of a mass fishing pole massacre at a school before or any where for that matter...

As someone else had said, when this was originally put forth, a need for guns was present. That is no longer the case in the broader scope. Also if you want a ball and musket that takes 30 seconds or longer to load between shots as was the case back then, go ahead! Enjoy!

In all seriousness though, if we were only allowed one hunting rifle per adult (or slightly younger age for sake of hunting as a family), one shot gun for home defense (same reason and age requirements for hunting purposes) and one revolver/pistol per adult (children should never need a pistol PERIOD) things would not be so bad. 

But some want more and more and want military grade weapons with attachments and insane amounts of ammo. We can carry firearms that can shoot repeatedly and accurately over 300 meters, yet every day normal citizens are hassled over a 6 inch knife... Crazy!

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Posted in: Actor Johnny Depp jokes about a Trump assassination See in context

I am no fan of Trump either, but to murder someone... Ehhh... JD looked like he was on something and although I like his acting in quirky roles, there was no need for that. It was actually quite painful and embarrasing to watch.

"I don't know if it was the right thing to do but I believe J.D. put into words what many of us have been thinking."

How about we just impeach him or at the very least, don't vote for him again. Even if you are a die hard Rep, just vote for another Rep besides Trump. We can do no worse. The bar has been lowered as far as it can go. It has hit the ground and rolled down hill, fell off the side of the mountain and into the great deep ocean to depths unfathomable.

Then again... To be shot by a nationally born white male with overly easy access to firearms, compliments of the far right, it may very well be poetic justice... But no, let's just wait it out.

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Posted in: 17-year-old youth arrested for using fake police badge, ID to try and get woman’s contact info See in context

"What young (or not) woman in her right mind would willingly have sex with a psycho/liar? Ain't going to work pal."

A lot do. I guess it is the awsome "bad boy" image, I don't know. But he didn't seem to be that bad, although we do not know his true intensions.

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Posted in: Suicide car bombing kills at least 34 in Afghanistan See in context

"Perhaps women's rights activists could go there and start clandestine schools for young women. "

The women would be slaughtered as well as the children intending to go to school. This is nothing new. It is not their way to allow girls or women higher education. They are to be traded and treated like slaves. To keep the home and raise the children and let the slavish cycle continue.

If the world really wanted to end this (the Taliban military as a whole, not the idea or every last scattered soldier perhaps) we could and it would take less then a year or two. But we choose not to. We choose to allow for chaos in the Middle East. 

We choose to fund terrorists, either out right or through an ally that we know are funding them. Then we sell weapons to so called allies to fight said terrorists, while our own brothers and sisters, children and friends die fighting said terrorism. And this does not even include the thousands of innocent people dying because of war or 100,000s being displaced and becoming refugees. We allow countries to have safe havens for known terrorist groups instead of just saying enough is enough and hunting them down. It is ridiculous!

To be honest I am surprised we have gotten Daesh to this point. Then again they are attacking Western nations as well.

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Posted in: Senate Republicans unveil Obamacare replacement bill See in context

If what most Reps are presenting was actually better than Obamacare, I would want Trumpcare. But it is not before, not now and most likely wont ever be.

My biggest complaint is that even with insurence, before and after Obamacare, common people still have to pay out of pocket $20 to $50 to go see the doctor and much more for the emergency room and ride the ambulance. $50 for medications. Then you have to pay again just to be reevaluated before getting another prescription just to have to pay for more medication.

And those are only the generics and only for one type for a month. Imagine having to pay for multiple medicines, every month with check ups all the time. And what is the saddest part is that you have to pay about $50 to $100 a month per individual just to have insurance. I mean WTF!?

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Posted in: Couple arrested for setting up groper on train in Osaka See in context

The title is misleading. I thought they had caught a gropper, or stagged an opportunity for a potential gropper, like a cop does with a police woman prostitute.

Shame on them and shame on the others who falsely accuse. But also shame on the real groppers. A woman should not have to live in fear every time she steps on a train, nor shame after an incident. Nor should a man have to fear being falsely accused. (or what ever gender either or)

However when I rode the train last year, it was so packed it was, as we would call it in the military, "nut to butt..." I felt sorry for the women who was pressed up against me and or them, but I had no choice. We were like sardines. I would just try to grip the rail/handles above me and keep myself steady.

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Posted in: 17-year-old youth arrested for using fake police badge, ID to try and get woman’s contact info See in context

"Police should hire him instead. Someone with some initiatives!"

Actually I found that quite clever and a little ballsy. I applaud his efforts IF it was purely innocent. A part of me wants to think he was just being creative to get the girl's digits. But to ask for an address... That is a little awkward. I am glad she has a good head on her shoulders.

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Posted in: Lecture by Japanese psychiatrist Kayama canceled due to threats See in context

"Looks like they've taken something from the pages of the violent left-wing playbook here in North America. C'mon right-wing people - be civilized and set a good example (for the left). Free speech."

That's strange... I was going to say the same for the right wings who bring fire arms to rallies and those who have commited violence and used threats to get their way. Perhaps you do not know your right from your left, it happens sometimes.

"announced the cancelation Wednesday, saying it had received about 20 threats by email and phone"

"The welfare council said one threat mentioned the possibility of intruders barging into the lecture."

And!? Besides the children being present, there really is no reason to cancel this. And since children will be there, just have tighter security.

As I have said before, don't start nothing, but always finish it. Don't allow others to bully you, or it will just keep happening.

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