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Posted in: Ishikawa governor retracts call to drive N. Koreans to starve See in context

What he said are what many people believe needs (or atleast to the extremes, but perhaps just falling short of) to be done, but wont do or even say outloud.

If you are going to do sanctions they have to be very tough for them to affect a country already as backward, controlled and downtrodden as NK. Otherwise it simply wont work, period.

Now do I believe what he said was politically correct? No. Do I believe in truly starving people into submission? No. But there is not much more you can do at this point that has not already been done.

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Posted in: McCain: Americans 'stupid' to still want to travel to NKorea See in context

I thought the US could issue a travel ban to certain countries if they felt like it. I don't believe any flights from the US can even go straight to NK in the first place. You may have to go to SK first or even China, then get into NK.

What he is referring to is just don't expect any real help if you get in trouble, but I don't expect much help even if I were to go to NK or any nation for that matter and neither should you. We don't deal with terrorists in the first place and besides wiring for "talks" or hostage swaps, it is not like the US is going to go to war over a few civilians. We do not do that now when we send aid workers or non-profit volunteers across the world. Why would anyone expect help just as a regular citizen on vacation.

But I see no reason not to go to NK, provided you adhere to their laws just as any country expects you to. What had happened with that one young man is appalling, but other Americans and people from around the world have succesfully been there and came back.

Maybe it is more Americans are hated more then the other western nations combined... I wonder why... But hey, lets all go fly bombers over their cities again as a show of force...

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Posted in: Muslim teen assaulted outside U.S. mosque; found murdered in Virginia See in context

I am still trying to figure out how is this a road rage incident, when the other person was not even in another vehicle and then miraculously the body was in the pond from the other article of the same event. And who the hell just happens to carry a baseball bat with them in the car? Was he just coming or going to baseball practice? And why use it on a girl to start with even if carried for protection in the car!? He was just swinging to make everyone disperse and then just lost control?

And here we are at each others throats arguing about what stupid, bigoted, racist and sexist thing Trump will say next. But he did not kill her. He did not order her death. But him being the president, the head of the greatest (was?) nation on earth has got to be more careful. We are already a tinder box, just waiting to go up in smoke. Do not make it worse with sick rhetorict. Stupid people will listen and draw their own conclusions.

Or maybe this guy was just a nut... we seem to have a lot of those these days... Just imagine if he had had an easily obtainable firearm, this could of been much worse...

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Posted in: U.S. flies supersonic bombers over Korean Peninsula in show of force against North See in context

Pfft... We already shot down a Syrian Russian jet, it's pilot most likely lost in Daesh territory and shot down a Syrian drone earlier and an Iranian drone not too long ago. So go ahead and fly over the NK and just make it an even ( widely reported at least) number.

The NK should of shot the planes down if they could, because had the NK tried that stunt over the White House, President Trump would of spit his corn flakes out...

"And to think that it was only last month when Trump said he’d “be honored” to sit down with Kim Jong-un."

Yea... I still shake my head thinking of that...

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Posted in: Barbie's companion Ken gets new looks: Man bun, beefy bod See in context

Ken should be made to look more like the average American, bald and with a beer gut. I feel fat shamed every time I see a Ken doll on the shelf. No real man looks like that!

Also perhaps they should make dolls who are transgender, that seems to becoming more popular these days with our youths.

And before a mod takes this down, I am being quite serious, with only a mild bit if sarcasim. I never understand why people get so upset because they can never look (as perfect!?) as the dolls. They are dolls for crying out loud! When I played with ninja turtles never did I once wish I was green and a turtle. Now Casey Jones is another matter... Then again I just like his mask.

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Posted in: Virginia police investigate Muslim girl's killing as 'road rage' incident See in context

"I just wish we didnt live in a world where each attack and death is a chance to score political points or a chance to advance a policy or agenda. Both sides do it and I dont know how we can get it to stop. Frustrates me more than anything in the world that there are no longer very many common goals or purposes between races, religions and genders."

Very well said and I totally agree. However you have to ask yourself, do you support all Americans or only the rich few? When policies are made are you thinking, will this really make America great again or this will only serve the already better to do few and to hell with everyone else? Does this sanction of another country truly help America as a whole, or is it only serving the intrests of the elite few? Does doing business as usual with a country who has one of the worst track records and who funds world wide terrorism, while we accuse and bully others while they do much less really the right thing to do?

However how was this road rage? Does that not mean at least two people in two different vehicles? Or was this about jay walking while he was driving by? Also how do we know he is not a Trump supporter? Simply because he is an illegal? I mean one would assume he was not a Rep supporter, but was it actually stated some where he did not like Trump?

But simple road rage does not add up. And the rest of the group just watched him assault her and not try to help?

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Posted in: One dead, 10 injured after vehicle rams into people leaving London mosque See in context

"Allows these ghettos to flourish and refuses to take a hardline against radical Islam, it's going to get worse. But that's on them, so I just say good luck.

I thank god we don't have to worry about that ever happening in the US."

Thank god it never happened!? WTF!? Are we talking about the same US that had 9/11 and the marathon bombings and also as I recall a shooter here and there that was radicalized!? (Not to be confused with any number of shootings carried out much more easily and deadlier because of our lax gun laws against our school children mind you...)

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Posted in: Engagement of Princess Mako to be officially announced on July 8 See in context

"25-year-old Kei Komuro luckiest young groom in Japan. Mako is gorgeous"

I full heartedly second that! When I think of a cute/perfect Japanese girl, that is what I think of. Blame it on anime or manga, I do not care which. Good luck to the happy couple!

"but it's whats inside that counts the most in a marriage."

Depends on the marriage honestly, but I do know where you are going with it.

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Posted in: One dead, 10 injured after vehicle rams into people leaving London mosque See in context

"Yeah, but you're not hearing that in ANY heavily Muslim community in the States, even areas where there are known possible hotbeds of radicals because they know a lot of people have guns and the retaliation would be swift and severe."

I know you are severely one sided on most things, but lets be realistic. If Daesh and their ilk are fighting whole professionally trained and well equipped militaries from around the world at once, not to include a suicide bomber is just that, a walking or bomb driving suicidal person ready to die, even if every single person in America could be armed, it would not stop the bomb from going off.

It also would not stop someone driving into people, shooting and or stabbing people, although in those situations the attacker could be potentiality stopped quicker. 

Or these untrained civilians who are carrying their toys could make things potentially worse and blindly firing killing innocent people in the process.

But if the attackers are ready to die, you, nor anyone else possibly carrying a side arm is going to worry them. In fact if they were being tactical you gun carries would be the first to be targeted, if strictly in a gun battle scenario, with occasional sweeping the grounds for innocence to keep ordinary people feeling terrorised. But it would depend on the situation and purpose of attack.

"any illegals should serve a lengthier prison sentence and then deported."

Why not simply deport them and save the American tax payers. Or was this for more serious crimes than just being an illegal?

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Posted in: Iran's Revolutionary Guard strikes Syria for Tehran attacks See in context

"if your intel theory is great, why has the US led invasion coalition killed so many innocent Syrians?"

"Well the US always has lots of intel such as drones in the sky or eyes on the ground, and they still end up indiscriminately killing civilians.

Anyway, I welcome Iran's latest actions. Iran and Russia have been invited by Syria to help deal with the terrorists."

I never said that was good either. But there is a difference between firing missiles in frustration or a simple show of force and actually trying to hit what you are aiming for, such as Daesh.

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Posted in: Study: Shootings kill or injure 19 U.S. children each day See in context

Guns don't kill people! People kill people! With guns...

"Bit let's spend more time keeping transgenders out of bathrooms.....for the safety of the children."

I would do both honestly.

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Posted in: One dead, 10 injured after vehicle rams into people leaving London mosque See in context

"Not throughout the world. They want to establish a caliphate in the middle east. They don't care about the rest of the world. They commit terrorism in the west so that we end up hating western muslims and driving them outof the west and straight to the bosom of IS.

That's what they have said they want."

Although I agree with what you said about sowing seeds of discourse for Mulims around the world, Daesh wont stop until the entire world is one big hell hole.

I am not saying what you posted is not true, possibly from one of the Daesh themselves, but the Taliban are the ones from my understanding that want every last American (or possibly just non-believers) out of the Middle East. As far as I know they are the ones not concerned with the rest of the world. But as I said, attitudes and ideas change.

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Posted in: One dead, 10 injured after vehicle rams into people leaving London mosque See in context

Makes me wonder if this was a revenge attack against Muslims in general from the other attack on Londoners claimed by Daesh. If it is, it was pointless. Attack Daesh directly, not innocent people.

This is all just speculation however, since besides a "white van" and "a man/he" while others just simply say "a person" there was not much else. Hope the people that were hit are alright though.

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Posted in: Japanese express barber chain opens 1st shop in New York See in context

I am frugal mind you, but just a regular no frills hair cut, especially if you are just getting it military basic training style with clippers, should be no more than $10 and should take less than 10 minutes. I never understood why people would pay $20 or more for something so basic as getting a hair cut. Perhaps for the experience or maybe more complicated styles, but not for the most basic.

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Posted in: Rakuten Games launches HTML5 social gaming platform See in context

Flash use to be big and on the PC I suppose it still is. But sadly not for the cell phones. With Flash you literally had 100s if not thousands of games all for free with no limitations. With the Play Store and others, some games are free, but most allow for microtransactions that need to be paid if you expect to get anywhere in the game. I have heard there is a work around to get Flash on a cell phone, but takes a bit of doing. A shame really.

Hopefully this new system works well and people around the world can enjoy.

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Posted in: The next evolution in pillows is here: a giant scrub brush See in context

I bought one of these scouring brushes in a stall on our trip to the fish market. I figured if left to soak and put soap on it, it would soften up to be used as a bath sponge since it was touted as such...

But it feels like it wants to scrape my skin off clean to the bone. It might be good for dishes, but not for the skin.

As far as a modified version for a pillow, at that price I could buy a lot of other things.

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Posted in: Extra-powerful double-green tea KitKats See in context

My woman will love these!!!

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Posted in: Iran's Revolutionary Guard strikes Syria for Tehran attacks See in context

I am all for Iran attacking Daesh, but it did not sound like they really had much intel such as drones in the sky or eyes on the ground. Did they just aim their rockets toward the city where they thought Daesh "could" be and fire indescrimantly?

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Posted in: Trump goes from regal to rustic this weekend at Camp David See in context

Every president is entitled to a little R&R. But flying back and forth to Florida often with all other security measures on tax payers money is not the way to do it.

Maybe he can find a little focus in his life and make better decisions that affect the whole of Americans and the world, opposed to his current agendas of only himself and the elites.

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Posted in: Tougher Trump line toward Cuba delights hardliners on island See in context

-"That involves respect for the world and a desire to be diplomatic, which Trump doesn't have the smarts, manner or true desire to do."

-"No, he doesn't have the desire or the manner for that, thank God for that!"

Then expect none in return, respect that is.

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Posted in: Aiming to provide the best service in the world, we will continue to tackle new challenges, for example, attracting international passengers to JAL by offering delicious meals. See in context

JAL had a heck of a lot better food then American Airlines or another air service I can not remember from Portugal. I and my girlfriend enjoyed it on the way to Japan and back and helped us get into the Japanese spirit.

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Posted in: Dozens killed or wounded in attack on Afghanistan police headquarters See in context

"Hey Taliban! How does killing your own people help your cause?"

Not as bad as Daesh, and not all Taliban are equal in their pure evilness. But anything they do from oppression of women, including not allowing girls to go to school, to killing other Muslims as long as it suits their agenda is fine by them. 

Some say because it is in the Quran, others say because of interpretations of it. But the real reason is because those in power and those men of like mindedness choose to live and they pick out parts of the Quran that fits their narative to gain followers.

Of course their mind set is if you are not with them you are against them thus must die. And if you are with them you better act to their strict code or be punished, possibly executed. But better to die a free man then serve as a slave.

I still find it hard to believe we, as in the world, allow for there even to be a Taliban army (or a Daesh or Boko) in the first place. How many years has it been we have been "playing" this game with them? The ideology will always be there and you may have an attack every so often from a few, but they have armies and have people continually being trained under our noses and we allow for it. Sad.

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Posted in: Hotel in Osaka has discounts for female bar customers who wear high heels See in context

Clubs all the time in the US have incentives, half off or even free drinks, regardless of what the women wear. It attracts more people to the club, men especially, and since nothing is cheaper for them, all the better.

"So, who gets to go down on their knees and measure the heels?"

I shall volunteer for this selfless and honorable act! ^_^

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Posted in: Destroyer came close to sinking after collision; bodies found: Fleet commander See in context

I already said my peace of the those lost and the strange occurance of the accident in other articles before this, but...

[The Fitzgerald is salvageable, he said, but repairs will likely take months. "Hopefully less than a year. You will see the USS Fitzgerald back," Aucoin said.]

why would it take so long to fix!? Minus getting it back to a place where it can be repaired that is of course. I mean we have the man power, the materials, so why wait so long?

Same with American roads! We wait till the worst times to work on the road, during rush hours no less, closing all but one or two lanes on a busy highway and take our time for weeks or months even. I have seen side roads worked on for much longer. I understand limitations of things having to dry, but there really is no excuse. Just get it done!

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Posted in: Hibakusha present 3 mil signatures to protest against nuclear weapons at U.N. See in context

The only time nuclear weapons will be banned completely and have no more potential for use, is when we move unto something potentially more dangerous (god forbid) and the old stock piles of A-bombs are all used up. Then and only then we will no loner have them.

But since those trailing behind us usually use what we had, they may never be gone completely even then. But again A-bombs will be the least of our concerns by that point.

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Posted in: Destroyer came close to sinking after collision; bodies found: Fleet commander See in context

That sucks. Death of sailors not even during war, but by an accident and most likely drowned unless knocked out or killed outright by the collision.

Still curious how this could of happened with all the technology and hands on deck or at least watchers.

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Posted in: Trump announces he's being investigated See in context

"No matter how clearly we explain how investigations work, some people can't seem to understand. I'm sure they do understand, they just refuse to accept it because it's their guy and his campaign being investigated. When it was either Clinton or Obama's birth, these people were more than happy for the investigations to drag on and on."

You are absolutely right, at least about Obama for sure. I remember when Obama played a little basketball, the rightwingers were crying foul for him taking a break after years of service.

Trump is president less than a few months and the right wingers applauded when he takes a break to play golf and to fly back and forth to Florida on tax payers money just to do "his" thing.

Some people just don't get it. They have a mental disability that wont allow them to grasp simple concepts. Others are just too proud to admit they are wrong and continue to look foolish when they try. Others are just internet trolls. They get a kick out of upsetting others.

I suggest to ignore those we know who have these issues. Having a good debate is one thing. But arguing with a wall is pointless and only glogs the comment section with junk. And to be fair, that goes for both sides of the isles, not just one side.

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Posted in: Tougher Trump line toward Cuba delights hardliners on island See in context

Trump isn't about just hurting America, but the rest of the world to serve only his and the elites agendas and to hell with everyone else.

Although we all know Cuba could and should be better, what Trump did was totally to break any kind of bridge work that may have been laid by Obama for Cuba to work towards being a better nation and for a better world.

I wonder if it was due to the common sense of the more intelligent and moderate Republicans that Trump did not cut ties entirely with Cuba, just as the intelligent and more moderate Republicans had Trump not totally break off ties with Iran.

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Posted in: Trump says he is 'canceling' Obama's Cuba policy, restricts travel and trade See in context

"Any deals with Cuba must involve their commitment to have democratic elections, restoring religious and civil rights, freedom for political prisoners, getting out of Venezuela. Same actions are desperately needed in Venezuela which Cuba has infiltrated. Trump is correct this time."

Except that Saudi is much worse and supports world terrorism with Daesh. Yet we do billions with them in deals. The same people who attacked and killed innocent US civilians on 9/11. 15 of the 19 highjackers were Saudi. 0 were Iranian and 0 were Cuban. Iran nor Cuba are funding or supporting Daesh as far as I am aware of and Daesh continues to attack not only their own while raping children and torturing and murdering men and women, starving them to death and using them as human shields, but also still attacking western nations and inspiring others to do so.

"What worries me about Trump is the increased isolation the US faces in the world. It's not good. We need our network of allies to help advance our agenda."

If it is not something Trump and his ilk can control completely, they do not want anything to do with them. The US is quickly and vastly losing ground around the world, including our allies.

Soon it will be a much more lonely place with just the three of us- United States, Saudi Arabia and Israel- the Axis of Evil...

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Posted in: Russia claims it has killed IS leader al-Baghdadi See in context

Although I have not, nor ever will agree with Russia bombing civilians in Sryia to help the Syrian regime, while they were "claiming" to do their bit against Daesh... the death of so many of Daesh fighters, if true, is wonderful and I hope more follow, with out the civilian casulties of course.

And yes, Russian planes are some of the smexiest looking ones around for sure!

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