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Posted in: #MeToo movement journalist sues lawmaker for liking defaming tweets See in context

The main function of a legal system is for the equitable resolution of differences between affected parties. I read article twice to try to get a deep understanding of the issues at play here. One Shiori Ito, wants to sue someone for liking a tweet. In my humble opinion I view such a legal case as being;


The liker of the post was not the maker and hence cannot be held liable. Simply liking a statement cannot be discerned to mean that one agrees with it.

If she should succeed in court, it would set a dangerous legal precedent for the Japanese legal system because it would amount to negating free speech.

The liker of a Twitter post cannot possibly be held legally liable for a post because the action of liking something does not mean that they are promoting said post so cannot be held liable for libel or defamation in any respect.

The action of Shiori Ito could be seen as bullying

In any event, such a lawsuit should be seen as frivolous in the law courts and not be allowed to succeed. The matter of rape should never be taken lightly the hand of the law should always act swiftly and firmly to protect victims of abuse. To what extent should this protection be afforded?? Surely not to vilify everyone and anyone who the victim identifies as a perpetrator but rather to afford the victim justice and damages for the harm done to her person and the action of liking a Tweet does not equate to further harm being enacted up on a victim.

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Posted in: Mother of 'Terrace House' star who killed herself to press charges against cyberbullies See in context

I cannot see how one could be held liable for a suicide. Hana Kimura, an adult, woefully took her own life. For others to be held liable it would be unconscionable and would set a dangerous legal precedent. Who really knows why Hana took her own life? Perhaps, she was suffering from some deep-seated issues and the bullying brought them out . In my humble opinion I fail to see how mere cyberbullying could have lead to her suicide. It is not as though the naysayers were personally known to her or had anything to gain from bullying her. I fail to see how one could be held liable. If for example, she was being bullied on Twitter she could have chosen to simply not visit that website. We are talking about cyberspace here, where anyone can become anything they want to be and express their opinions as freely as they wish. I strongly believe that. that is a right that should be protected. If the internet should become regulated; Where then should we go?

I have been following this case for quite a while and I am quite saddened by the loss of such a young life. Hana is truly gone too soon. If anyone should be held liable i think that it should be the cast members of Terrace House, in particular that individual whom she bullied on set, not the public at large. Thanks for reading my humble opinion.

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Posted in: Violators, beware: Police finally put some teeth in cycling laws See in context

Soon we will have to go to bicycle riding school to get a bike licence and pay Shakai hoken and be required to have bicycle liability insurance.

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Posted in: China leads COVID-19 vaccine race See in context

Well yeah what a shock. They’d know all about this virus...

Well, anytime I read anything somewhat even positive about China, I immediately start to think that it is some Chinese Propaganda

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Posted in: ¥10,000 luxury tomato juice released in Japan See in context

What the article really said "Howdedoo!!! Any of y'all knuckle heads is thirsty. I have this special juice which I got from the fountain of youth. It's only 10,000 yennies. You have to pay first though and see you in a few months".

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Posted in: Man arrested for dumping body of Chinese woman in suitcase last October See in context

Lots of these Chinese women who come to Japan work here as prostitutes and are often victims of human trafficking.

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Posted in: JAL to let female crew ditch high heels after #KuToo campaign See in context

What the hell? Who came up with this stupid idea for air hostesses to stop wearing heels? I am appalled? They need to stop these stupid movements.

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Posted in: N Korea demands Japan pay compensation for sinking fishing boat See in context

I wholly believe that this could lead to widespread famine in North Korea. They people there already have very little food. Their leader is a mad man. I think that it was cruel for Japan to have sunk their boat. Poor North Koreans. I think that the Japanese government should try to seek migrants from North Korea to relieve the suffering that is happening in that country. Maybe this would show the world another way which I solemnly believe would lead to world peace.

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Posted in: City begins square watermelon shipments See in context

I think that such things are just a waste of time and energy and achieves absolutely nothing. It is stupid, wasteful and a rip-off

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