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John Brown comments

Posted in: Pair of Hokkaido melons fetch ¥3.5 mil in auction; 2nd highest bid on record See in context

what is wrong with this world?

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Posted in: Tokyo gov't ordered to pay damages for death of arrested Nepalese man See in context

This absolutely horrendous. How can a ruling for an incident that occurred in Japan be looked at according the rule of law in another country? It pains to see poor people being dealth with in such unconscionable manner. The incident took place in Japan but the court is limiting compensation based on Nepalese law. I can't believe that this is taking place in the 21st century. Sad to see that a country badly in need of cheap labor is exploiting the very people that they are reliant up on for the provision of such labour and that justice is out of reach for them in the law courts. The man died while in custody obviously due to negligence and no justice will be served. Very sad! Japan needs to do better. It would not be surprising to see this being dragged on further to the frustration of the family members.

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Posted in: Japanese judge ordered to pay damages over social media posts See in context

Wow! This is unbelievable

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Posted in: Mother arrested for leaving 3 children at home while she went drinking See in context

She started breeding when she was 17! やばいそれ!

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Posted in: Adult video mosaic destroyer’s trial ends with guilty verdict in Kyoto court See in context

Anyone can remove the mosaic on their own PC, if it is powerful enough. There is a project on GitHub. Look it up and thank me later!! https://github.com/HypoX64/DeepMosaics

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Posted in: Man who mistakenly received entire town’s COVID-19 relief money vanishes See in context

If it were me I would probably pay someone to transfer the money to an offshore account and use it to buy stocks overseas and turn myself into the police. Japan is an Island so it would be very difficult to escape. I would go to jail and do my time and beg for leniency and lie that I used the money to pay for Luna crypto currency and that it crashed, hence why I lost all the money.

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Posted in: Woman indicted on cocaine smuggling charge See in context

Oopsie Daisies! やばい!

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Posted in: Train driver posthumously awarded ¥56 in docked wages for 1-minute delay See in context



They are talking as though the man died!!!

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Posted in: 20-year-old woman found dead in bathroom of her apartment See in context

It could be carbon monoxide poisoning

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Posted in: 14-year-old girl arrested after throwing shopping cart from roof of Osaka store See in context

Lock up the juvenile delinquent and throw away the key until she reaches 18

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Posted in: China seeks cooperation of Japan for Beijing Winter Olympics See in context

They are the reason why we could not have had spectators in the first because they decided to start a pandemic!

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Posted in: China’s 'Little Kyoto' shut down by government after complaints of Japanese culture invasion See in context

There many Chinatowns in Japan so I do not see a problem with there being Japantwowns in China! What is this world coming to?

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Posted in: Senior police officer arrested for filming up woman’s skirt See in context

Creepy Behavior Level 10

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Posted in: Support for South Korean Olympian after sexist abuse online See in context

I honestly thought that the photo was that of a guy

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Posted in: Four decades on, where's the HIV vaccine? See in context

Why cure a virus when you can treat it?

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Posted in: Widow indicted for allegedly killing Japanese 'Don Juan' See in context

Young widow

You must really mean "Young Killer"

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Posted in: Osaka man finds stranger eating in his kitchen at night; intruder dies shortly after See in context

I think that this is not mystery at all. They murdered the guy and are trying to cover it up!

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 306 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 2,102 See in context

oopsie daises!!!!

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Posted in: Father arrested after 10-year-old disabled daughter’s body found in reservoir See in context

What a cowardly act!!!!!1

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Posted in: Two men charged after having sex at public bathhouse in Tokyo See in context


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Posted in: Maritime Self-Defense Force lieutenant arrested for groping 18-year-old girl on train See in context

Japanese news just seems to littered with lots of perverts molesting young children. God dam! I am sick of reading stories like these.

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Posted in: Astronaut Noguchi says SpaceX ship offered 'best' flight to ISS See in context

Going to space is a waste of time and money. There are so many problems that the world is facing right that it is beyond me to think that people would even want to think about colonizing Mars or anywhere in outer space for that. Going to space only serves to fulfill the egos of politicians in wealthy countries. Space travel is just BS in my humble opinion. If someone can come up with one logical reason as to why it is necessary, then I will change my opinion.

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Posted in: Man arrested after body parts of father found in ceiling of home See in context

What a dumb person. The least he could have done was to get some sulfuric acid and dissolve the body and and dilute the remains with tap water and and flush it down the toilet or throw it out when it is raining. What an amateur!!!!! Gosh

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Posted in: #MeToo movement journalist sues lawmaker for liking defaming tweets See in context

The main function of a legal system is for the equitable resolution of differences between affected parties. I read article twice to try to get a deep understanding of the issues at play here. One Shiori Ito, wants to sue someone for liking a tweet. In my humble opinion I view such a legal case as being;


The liker of the post was not the maker and hence cannot be held liable. Simply liking a statement cannot be discerned to mean that one agrees with it.

If she should succeed in court, it would set a dangerous legal precedent for the Japanese legal system because it would amount to negating free speech.

The liker of a Twitter post cannot possibly be held legally liable for a post because the action of liking something does not mean that they are promoting said post so cannot be held liable for libel or defamation in any respect.

The action of Shiori Ito could be seen as bullying

In any event, such a lawsuit should be seen as frivolous in the law courts and not be allowed to succeed. The matter of rape should never be taken lightly the hand of the law should always act swiftly and firmly to protect victims of abuse. To what extent should this protection be afforded?? Surely not to vilify everyone and anyone who the victim identifies as a perpetrator but rather to afford the victim justice and damages for the harm done to her person and the action of liking a Tweet does not equate to further harm being enacted up on a victim.

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Posted in: Mother of 'Terrace House' star who killed herself to press charges against cyberbullies See in context

I cannot see how one could be held liable for a suicide. Hana Kimura, an adult, woefully took her own life. For others to be held liable it would be unconscionable and would set a dangerous legal precedent. Who really knows why Hana took her own life? Perhaps, she was suffering from some deep-seated issues and the bullying brought them out . In my humble opinion I fail to see how mere cyberbullying could have lead to her suicide. It is not as though the naysayers were personally known to her or had anything to gain from bullying her. I fail to see how one could be held liable. If for example, she was being bullied on Twitter she could have chosen to simply not visit that website. We are talking about cyberspace here, where anyone can become anything they want to be and express their opinions as freely as they wish. I strongly believe that. that is a right that should be protected. If the internet should become regulated; Where then should we go?

I have been following this case for quite a while and I am quite saddened by the loss of such a young life. Hana is truly gone too soon. If anyone should be held liable i think that it should be the cast members of Terrace House, in particular that individual whom she bullied on set, not the public at large. Thanks for reading my humble opinion.

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Posted in: Violators, beware: Police finally put some teeth in cycling laws See in context

Soon we will have to go to bicycle riding school to get a bike licence and pay Shakai hoken and be required to have bicycle liability insurance.

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Posted in: China leads COVID-19 vaccine race See in context

Well yeah what a shock. They’d know all about this virus...

Well, anytime I read anything somewhat even positive about China, I immediately start to think that it is some Chinese Propaganda

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Posted in: ¥10,000 luxury tomato juice released in Japan See in context

What the article really said "Howdedoo!!! Any of y'all knuckle heads is thirsty. I have this special juice which I got from the fountain of youth. It's only 10,000 yennies. You have to pay first though and see you in a few months".

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Posted in: Man arrested for dumping body of Chinese woman in suitcase last October See in context

Lots of these Chinese women who come to Japan work here as prostitutes and are often victims of human trafficking.

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Posted in: JAL to let female crew ditch high heels after #KuToo campaign See in context

What the hell? Who came up with this stupid idea for air hostesses to stop wearing heels? I am appalled? They need to stop these stupid movements.

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