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Posted in: 12-year-old girl dies after being hit by car in Ibaraki See in context

So sorry to hear about this! Prayers for the family.

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Posted in: 6-year-old girl missing in Kobe See in context

what is a "local pram" ? A Pram to me is a stroller.. so I need a better translation!

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Posted in: Japanese male porn stars rarer than Bengal tigers, actor says See in context

4000 porn movies a month? Those poor poor girls :)

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Posted in: 6-year-old girl missing in Kobe See in context

Other reports say that she was last seen at her "grandmother's' house before she vanished... her grandmother's house is real close to her own home. So... I assess the grandmother's house has been checked? I will assume so.

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Posted in: 6-year-old girl missing in Kobe See in context

I hope they find her... anyone have a link to more information that could also be useful? '

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Posted in: Man dies after jumping from moving train See in context

If you really want to die... volunteer to donate your kidney! Having a living will in place just in case there are "complications" so that you save two lives instead of wasting you own!

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Posted in: More than half of Chinese see war with Japan: poll See in context

Funny! War with Japan would mean that only half the Chinese would still be here tomorrow!

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Posted in: Police looking for man who gave 9-year-old girl tainted candy in park See in context

Mirai Hayashi, I agree that we are not blaming the victim. I am sure that she has learned a valuable lesson. That lesson is to wait until Halloween when every parents sends their children to beg for candy from complete masked strangers.

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Posted in: 2 school girls jump to death from Tokyo apartment building See in context


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Posted in: Man arrested for taking 'normal' picture of woman on train See in context

Asking for permission ruins the moment! Each photo op has a magic moment that can not be faked! Some women shout "fire" for no reason... this is proof! I have had my photo taken before... and I am not the most attractive of the species. It didn't bother me in the slightest and I stood there for a few extra shots. Don't cry fire unless there is a fire!

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Posted in: U.S. box office slumps to worst summer in years See in context

Netflix and Hulu and other on demand services offer thousands of titles for like 10 bucks each month. The last movie I saw in theaters was Phantasm! ANd like most newer movies the newer Phantasm will be straight to "on demand".


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Posted in: Teacher arrested for taking photos of girls in toilet See in context

Maybe he's just curious! Everybody has a hobby! I like to see how far I can spit! I don't mean anything by it... no disrespect intended! but I'm especially good at expectorating!

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Posted in: IS executes scores of Syrian troops; Obama admits he has no strategy See in context

WE wanted Assad's Syria to fall! Well, this is what it looks like! BTW, did anyone else catch Obama's new suit?

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Posted in: Boob Aid: Porn queens to take part in 24-hour 'squeeze-a-thon' See in context

I just might get over my fear of flying to go to this... just maybe!

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Posted in: Cleaning up the streets See in context

Domoarigatou Mr. Mangetsu-man ! Another may join your cause to help clean up Washington State.

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Posted in: More movies with weird Japanese titles See in context

The numbers are incorrect! 8,8 skip nine!

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Posted in: Tokyo-bound Malaysia Airlines jet turns back due to pressure problems See in context

MH17 getting shot down by Putler was not Malaysia's fault!

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Posted in: Syria warns U.S. against unilateral strikes on Islamic State See in context

So we need to do this without Assad! Got it!

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Posted in: Train groper escapes along tracks at Ebisu station in Tokyo See in context

Run free! I am a tad superstitious... the facts are not clear. This is a great place to blog about but not a place to pass judgement. WE don't know what happened!

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