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Large companies, such as ANA, are and should be held to a higher standard. It is good that they pulled this offensive ad. For those of you NOT offended by this ad, fine. But please stop telling people who are offended that they have no right to be offended. At best, the ad is belittling to people with larger noses, and light colored hair. At worst, it does play to racial stereotypes. This ad was in bad taste, and a company that wants to cater to people from around the world should be more careful not to offend its potential customers.

Now, for those comments that say they saw worse in other countries, so this is no big deal: It IS a big deal. It is 2014. The routines of a Jerry Lewis 50 years ago are irrelevant today. Because we are all supposed to have learned, improved, evolved. To me, this ad is just the tip of the iceberg. The big nose and orange/yellow hair wig are way too popular. And when worn by Japanese, they seem to make the wearer speak Japanese with a bad accent.... some could say mocking how some foreigners are perceived to speak Japanese?

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I flew ANA & JAL, a long time ago. Each time I asked the flight attendant (in Japanese) for a Japanese newspaper, they insisted on commenting "oh, to look at the pictures". They could not comprehend that I could actually read Japanese. And they could not resist - they had to comment. They could have just said "hai" and brought me the paper.

I quickly tired of their condescending attitude, and have boycotted ANA and JAL for over 10 years now. AND IT FEELS GREAT!

For those of you who take time to comment - good job. But the language they REALLY understand is when you don't give them your money. So for those of you who comment on the affect of ANA's negative stereotype advertisement, and then book a flight on ANA - think about what you are doing. You are giving money to the very people who belittle and insult you.

PS: Think about what the article says: ANA KNOWS foreigners are upset by this ad - BUT THEY ARE KEEPING IT ON THE AIR!!! PSS: How many Caucasian / Black / Latino flight attendants work for ANA/JAL? Can you say ZERO? On other airlines, I see diversity. On Japanese airlines, I see low-paid SE Asians working under Japanese supervisors.

Vote with your wallets people.

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