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Posted in: South Koreans protest Japan's plans to release treated wastewater from Fukushima plant See in context

I wonder if the protesters fears are based on science?

They would get more radiation exposure from an x-ray scan or flying in a plane.

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Posted in: Vietnam bans 'Barbie' movie over South China Sea map See in context

China is a bigger market for DreamWorks than Vietnam.

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Posted in: Guitar smashed by Nirvana's Kurt Cobain sells for nearly $600,000 See in context

Kurt would find it ironic.

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Posted in: SpaceX will try to launch most powerful rocket ever on Monday See in context

I thought it said every Monday.

Is there life on Mars?

Well, if not there will be in like 10 years

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Posted in: Kishida urges better security after pipe bomb incident See in context

The government should try to understand why it's community would want to attack them, instead of just thinking of protection from attacks.

Maybe the government it's so great as they think.

Young people are frustrated in this country.

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Posted in: Video game maker Konami employee tries to kill old boss with fire extinguisher See in context

Usually when people are being bullied, the bully doesn't admit to it and acts like their the victim.

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Posted in: Japan to end COVID-19 border controls on May 8 See in context

"Currently, all entrants are required to present certification of three COVID-19 doses or a negative coronavirus test taken within 72 hours of departure."

Not accurate.

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Posted in: Child suicides in Japan hit record high of 514 in 2022 See in context

Yeah right we just need more analysis...

That's the very problem, it's not a problem for the mind, it's a problem of the heart. Too much pressure for the ideal.

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Posted in: 86% fear Japan could be involved in war as tensions mount See in context

America has military bases all over the Pacific. Okinawa, Kawasaki, Guam, marshall island, Hawaii, South Korea, Philippines etc..

And China is making its own around its own country and the media go crazy. China built a wall to keep invasions out before.

The really aggressor is America.

But yeah, if there is a war, it's between America and China, but using a proxy, just like Ukraine, Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan etc..

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Posted in: Sushi chain limits conveyor belt use to orders after licking scandal See in context

It's not just one instance, it's one instance that has gone viral so it's gets just as much attention against such acts.

Just because it's not recorded and shared doesn't mean it never happens.

Such acts make things worse for everyone, and that's what society must learn.

We live in a society, doesn't work, if you only think of yourself.

Would the boy drink from a cup that was licked by someone else?

I doubt it. And that's what this is all about. He knew it's wrong, but he did it anyway for attention, well careful what you wish for.

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Posted in: Lawson upsizing several items by 47%, but for same price, in February See in context

What things got smaller due to that?

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Posted in: Sushi chain reports diner who licked utensils in viral clip to police See in context

Cancel his account,

Any money he made from the video should be paid to sushiro.

Community service.

Things like this make things harder for everyone.

He should understand this.

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Posted in: Japan to decide on abortion pill after panel's agreement See in context

Only a lady can decide such a thing.

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Posted in: Switched on: Education provider Yaruki Switch offers a bright future for learners and foreign staff See in context

My friend laughs at this. He told me that when he interviewed for them, he had to fill out a psychological test, and one of the questions asked; do you ever think about killing yourself, if so, how often?

In the first interview.

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Posted in: Russia deploys defense missile system on Kuril island near Japan See in context

In a game of chess you put your pawns on the front line.

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Posted in: Japan OKs ¥21 trillion extra budget to counter impact of inflation See in context

Fight fire with fire. Doesn't work.

Can't fix every problem with throwing money at it.

Have to fix the root cause of national debt in the first place.

Capitalism is build on a debt system, if you have credit you have debt. And can't do anything beyond the threshold of what you earn without it.

By design capitalism creates debt and inflation.

We don't need more spending.

Fiat currency will go to zero in the end.

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Posted in: Gov't approves bill tightening religious donation rules See in context

The kingdom of God is within.


So why the money...

They should be taxed to give no incentives to make a business out of beliefs.

Look at Scientology, completely made up, registered as a religion, no taxes, makes a million.

But isn't everything a business in a capitalist society?

No profit no life.

But organised religion makes the greedy fintech folk hiding out in tax free islands look like saints.

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Posted in: Lawson opens 1st avatar-staffed convenience store in Tokyo See in context

Change is coming and it will.

People can't live without a mobile phone now because you need it to live in society. need not want.

People will become to need robotic systems and automation and in this case Tele-work.

More jobs will be created not lost.

Change isn't always a bad thing.

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Posted in: Man arrested for punching mother unconscious on her 100th birthday See in context

Maybe she forgot who he was. So he tried to remind her. What an a hole

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Posted in: Sean Penn loans Oscar to Zelenskyy until Ukraine wins war See in context

Oscar is awarded to actors not political leaders haha, well he was an actor so maybe it means he's doing a great job of acting as a political leader?

I don't think Ukrainians are motivated by awards to do things like in America. Or maybe I'm wrong.

Anyway it's a nice gesture.

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Posted in: Ex-nursery school head, employee found guilty over boy's death in school bus See in context

I doubt they will find employment again.

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Posted in: Movie about Japan’s file sharing pioneer Winny coming in March 2023 See in context

That's why I use nordvpn, get yours at

Seriously though, what makes Japan great is everyone follows rules, but that's exactly what makes it not great also.

Insert articulate phrases

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Posted in: N Korea confirms nuclear missile launches were tests to 'wipe out' enemies See in context

Small men need to show off their power to make up for something else.

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Posted in: Father swung 2-year-old daughter upside down, hitting her head against table See in context

Things like this makes me think that everyone needs training to have a child.

Fact 1: nobody learns how to rear a child in school.

Maybe it's time they should.

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Posted in: Police increase patrols at Haneda airport ahead of Abe state funeral See in context

So Abe gets killed because of his ties to the Unification Church, which opens a can of worms for political figures in Japan. And they send the police to an airport to keep a look out for terrorists? The church caused all this, send them there.

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Posted in: Gov't plans ¥50,000 handouts for each low-income household to fight inflation See in context

Government spending increases inflation. This will only make things worse in the long run.

Better to just raise wages.

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Posted in: Unification Church followers in S Korea protest negative Japanese media coverage See in context

Nobody likes being told they are wrong.

This religion seems to have more roots than expected.

Whats next...

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Posted in: Girl who disappeared in Yamanashi in 2019 confirmed dead after bone DNA test See in context

too sad to even say anything...

just awful news

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Posted in: New world order? Pandemic and war rattle globalization See in context

the pandemic is just showing nations true colours. Its all a big plan anyway. Do you really think they dont know what will happen in a few years from now? the banks rule the world, money is god. Countries are becoming more nationalistic because covid popped the globalization bubble. 100 years ago the same things happened, pandemic, war, etc. its just history repeating, it just looks different.

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Posted in: Sean Penn visits Ukraine to make documentary on Russian invasion See in context

He is only acting...its a role.

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