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Posted in: Head of Tokyo Olympics again says Games will not be canceled See in context

So at this point we will just be watching sick people trying to recover from Covid as the competitive games?

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Posted in: China tops agenda as Biden hosts Suga for first White House summit See in context

Whenever Japan in trouble, gov run to America for help. It's like a codependent relationship, gov gets kicked in the balls but they keep coming back for more.

I wonder what Japan will be like when all the out of date people die off.

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Posted in: Japan's neighbors react strongly to Fukushima water release decision See in context

Build a nuclear reactor by the sea they said. It's will be great they said.

Government shouldn't interfere with science. Scientists get paid by the government so they have to bow down to them even if they warm of the dangers. Money is what matters in this age, not intelligence or the pursue of knowledge and wisdom.

We wouldn't even have this problem if priorities were in correct order as a species. Home-sapien is still just an ape with clothes.

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Posted in: Hyogo Prefecture to give 320,000 fans to restaurants for customers to cover mouths, dine 'safely' See in context

Ah Japan. The land of opportunity and adventure.

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Posted in: Int'l school teachers in Japan exempted from entry ban See in context

PR is not the same as having a Japanese passport, which foreigners can get if they give up their native country passport. PR just means you don't have to update your visa every year. That's it.

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Posted in: 'The Simpsons' ends white actors voicing characters of color See in context

And how about Bart and Lisa, both voiced by a grow adult woman. Is that ageist? Should they be voiced by real children being boy and girl respectively? Or how about homer? Should he be voiced by a real over weight retard? Or how about Flanders? Should he be voiced by a real flander? Darth Vader was voiced by a black man, but we all know anakin Skywalker is white!

That's like sooooooo racist dude! Call the cops. Go to prison don't pass go and no television.

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Posted in: Japan looking at steps against cyber-bullying after death of 'Terrace House' cast member See in context

Nothing will change unless that change makes the gov money.

When profit is the name of the game, if you don't make money, you don't matter. If ratings fall because of cyberbullying, bullying people into stopping it is the same thing.

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Posted in: 'Terrace House' star Kimura likely took her own life using toxic gas See in context

Look up Jenny Jones trial.

If you remember the 90s talk show where the show brought on a guy and girl. The guy was gay and he wanted to express is feelings for his neighbour. When the neighbor came on the show he taught he was getting set up with girl. Little did he know that the show planned on surprising him with the fact the a gay guy liked him and asked him was he gay. Where he said he wasn't. He was so embarrassed that 3 days later he took a shotgun to that gay guys house and killed him. Jenny Jones and the producer's went to trial.

Terrance House should be brought to trial. I don't like that show. They edited things for entertainment and then talk about everyone behind their back as if it's totally okay an normal. If you think about it's so sick what that show does.

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Posted in: 'Terrace House' star Kimura likely took her own life using toxic gas See in context

She planned this. She took the time to buy the gas and write the letters. It is obvious that she was tired and wanted to rest and because she was depressed she wanted everything to just stop. Its hard for many young famous people to cope with being in the spotlight. Self esteem from the opinion of others is what this is, and its the norm in Japan. Being ostracized from a group or feeling like that, is like hell for many Japanese people that rely on the opinion of others will make you lose sense of self.

Trolling is bullying, and getting caught up in it doesn't do well for someone who is depressed. Kimura was obviously feeling embarrassed by her behavior on the show and after the feedback from the social media was just trolls, that pushed her over the edge. The problem is not cyberbullying, the problem is a society that if you show how you feel, you are condemned. She was brave not weak. But she didn't have to kill herself to prove a point. The branch that is the most ridgid will snap. Being depressed makes you feel like there is not way out but to die. Its sad.

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