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Posted in: Abe vows to resolve N Korea abduction issue See in context

Abe should vow to take care of u.s abducted children issue .Or we should feed him to N.Korea . I'm tired of spending my tax money to send our aircraft carriers to help with damaged power plants and N.Korea to a country that attacted my family at Pear Harbor and would rather act like it never happen but on the other hand play poor me at A bomb park , and also wants the u.s Koreans to take down a statues of compfort women.

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Posted in: Caroline Kennedy leaves Japan after 3 years as U.S. ambassador See in context

She is a failure when it comes to getting U.S children kidnapped to Japan .

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Posted in: USS Arizona survivor heads to Pearl Harbor 75 years later See in context

I wish man could be on the USS ARIZONA when Abe is there and look into Abes eyes .

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Posted in: Abe going to Pearl Harbor for remembrance, not for apology: gov't See in context

Don't come if he can't apologize! What is his memory going to be proud of how the Japanese performed there attract. How disgusting for him to come and stand on the deck of the USS ARIZONA with all those US Navy sailors died below in that ship without a apology. PROTEST THAT TYPE OF VISIT !

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Posted in: Trump Tower becomes 'Dump Tower' on Google Maps See in context

**** Is this news worthy ?

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Posted in: Trump vows to remove millions living in country illegally See in context

I was there in person last night , The push is we have so many illegal immigrants that have been put in jails for crimes of drug sales to murder and there own country refuse to take them back and they are forced to let them out in our cities to comment crime agian , they take the jobs away because they are willing to work for less . The cost to the usa to school them , to give medical and food to them have added to our debt .Every other County has strict rules on immigration , why is it that the USA is now looked like the bad guy because we want the rule of law to be upheld?

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Posted in: Chargers, Raiders, Rams file for relocation to Los Angeles See in context

Why should the tax payer be involved on financing the NFL ?

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Posted in: Abe, speaking at U.N., pledges $1.5 bil for Middle East refugees, peace See in context

Take them to Japan . Japan is shrinking in population and needs the people.

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Posted in: U.S. Navy's Japan-based aircraft carrier heads home See in context

****No one wins a all out nuke war and we all know that, so now we play war games with conventional weapons . So let the games begin .

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Posted in: FAA warns Boeing 787 bug could shut off aircraft power See in context

Boeing 10 years ago dumbed down there employees in a effort to save money and turned more to the computer generation for all aspects of business, this has followed threw with there planes operations and that whole mind set is the problem. They need plane people not just computer people.

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