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Posted in: Abe wants SDF to be allowed to rescue Japanese citizens in danger See in context

Abe isn't stupid. He's a snake-like conniving. Doing his best to manipulate the "hostage" crisis to his greatest advantage. Opportunistic, but not stupid.

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Posted in: Disney Store designed for adult women opening in Tokyo See in context

Maybe some lingerie? Adult Disney Cos-play. Help stimulate the birthrate. Make more future fans/customers.

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Posted in: Lower house approves Y3.12 tril extra budget See in context

Stupid is as Stupid does.

"Tokyo will fund the package with unspent money from previous budgets and tax revenue that have exceeded budget forecasts. "

No thought of reducing wasteful spending whatsoever. Shockingly predictable.

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Posted in: China to curb phone, computer purchases in restive Xinjiang See in context

"Soo, it's okay to give away personal info to the cellphone provider when signing up, but not to the police?"

You don't get it??? Should you also have to register (get permission) with police when buying a TV or anything else? Can you say POLICE STATE?

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Posted in: French tourists arrested for nude photos at Cambodia's Angkor See in context

Ewwwww! Talk about idiots!

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Posted in: China to curb phone, computer purchases in restive Xinjiang See in context

Pandabelle, with the phone service provider, yes, with the POLICE, no!

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Posted in: Paul McCartney to play 4 concerts in Japan in April See in context

The ticket prices are ridiculous!

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Posted in: Police discuss measures to reduce accidents caused by drivers going wrong way See in context

The signage itself is no small part of the problem. In many places, there are so many signs in one place that it's nearly impossible to scan them all at a glance. As another poster noted, many of the wrong way incidents have occurred after leaving a service area, not an entrance area.

But, to be frank, this is a symptom of the greying society. Welcome to Retiree-land, much like Florida with all the geriatric drivers.

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Posted in: Unseasonable temperatures hit Sapporo Snow Festival preparations See in context

I'd like to hear from anyone who has actually lived in Sapporo for the last 30 years as an adult about whether there have been other warm-ish spells in January.

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Posted in: UNIQLO to enter Canadian market in 2016 See in context

I love Canada(the land and average citizens), but the taxes, tariffs, and regulations are ASININE! Best wishes to UNIQLO ;It's going to be an uphill battle.

P.S. Down goods need to be waterproof as well as VERY warm and rugged. Winter is SERIOUS.

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Posted in: Group says 'American Sniper' film spurs threats against Muslims See in context

"The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) said in a letter to Eastwood and Cooper that its members had become targets of “violent threats” since early last week, before “American Sniper” went into general release."

How many non-muslims have become the vivictims of ACTUAL VIOLENCE by ACTUAL MUSLIMS? Hmm. Bombings, terrorist attacks, more bombings, countless terrorist attacks, more bombings...

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Posted in: Toto to release new album after nine years See in context

One better than a one-hit wonder. Three decades ago.

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Posted in: Police officer breaks Rolex wristwatch during arrest; sends suspect repair bill See in context

Criminal vs Idiot.

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Posted in: Obama meets new Saudi king to shore up ties See in context

Saudi Arabia, who beheaded four people on the same day?

"... And the kingdom in some way is becoming an island of stability,” said Baker."

The cognitive dissonance is deafening.

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Posted in: Abe calls 24-hour hostage deadline despicable See in context

The woman was tried and found guilty in a court of law. She is where she belongs. Goto, however, is a kidnap victim being used as a pawn by evildoers. He should be released unconditionally.

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Posted in: Northeast U.S. streets empty as monster blizzard approaches See in context

Reminiscent of the Blizzard of '78 that pounded RI and Massachusetts. Official measurements of that storm low-balled the real snow-depths.

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Posted in: Two children killed after train hits car in Aomori See in context


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Posted in: This year's pollen levels expected to be twice as high as last year See in context

Raise your natural defenses by eating natto, yogurt, and other fermented foods daily.

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Posted in: IS claims it executed Japanese hostage See in context

If so, then at least return his remains to his family for proper burial.

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Posted in: Snowstorm could be biggest ever to hit New York See in context

There was a similar event earlier this winter that hit Buffalo, and a bigger one in 1978 that pummeled CT, RI, and MA.

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Posted in: Greek radical left wins election, threatening market turmoil See in context

Grexit has been delayed for a couple years already, with the Cypriot "bank holiday/Bail-IN" as an experiment. The Swiss threw the IMF/ECB/Euro under the bus just ahead of the announcement by Super Mario. All's well!

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Posted in: Father of Japanese hostage reported killed still hopeful See in context

My sympathies to the distraught father.

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Posted in: Abe says video claiming one hostage killed likely authentic See in context

The pixilated photo itself was possibly as edited as the recent video.

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Posted in: 2 killed, 6 wounded in Nebraska shooting See in context

Definitely gang related. At a party in an unoccupied house, mind you. Do you think these people have even the least bit of regard for basic laws? Not! Where's AL Sharpton decrying something?

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Posted in: Obama says terror group has killed Japanese hostage See in context

"Obama’s statement doesn’t say how the United States knows that Haruna Yukawa is dead, and the Japanese government is trying to verify an online video that purports to show his death."

That or if? Is there an insider?

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Posted in: Abe says video claiming one hostage killed likely authentic See in context

Relying on a report of an unconfirmed photo of a photo.

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Posted in: Bank of Japan's Kuroda praises 'big decision' by ECB See in context

The race to the bottom shifts into high gear. Stupid.

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Posted in: Japan vows not to give up on hostages until very end See in context

Information that the video had been edited came from several sources and was reported by multiple outlets, yes including FOX and JT.

If indeed any hostages have been killed, I hope that in the very least the remains of the deceased would be returned to the families for proper burial.

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Posted in: ECB unleashes its most aggressive effort to revive economy See in context

Call it a "Hail Mary" pass.

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Posted in: Hostage video: Was it really done outside? See in context

Filmed in a green-screen studio, most likely separately from the hostages. Every aspect rings manufactured: inconsistent shadows, conflicting "wind" with no dust movement, lighting reactions, indoor sound/acoustics, lack of reactions to "jihadi john's" knife waving, etc. Very much like previous videos.

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