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Posted in: Threatening letter with razor blade sent to economic revitalization minister Nishimura See in context

Sadly, this is the type on nonsense uneducated individuals resort to. I do so hope the perpetrator is found and prosecuted.

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Posted in: Former Tokio pop group member arrested for riding motorbike while drunk See in context

Paul Rodgers, Simon Kirke. Andy Fraser , Paul Kossoff and Tetsu Yamaguchi . Star line up.

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Posted in: Former Tokio pop group member arrested for riding motorbike while drunk See in context

I remember Tetsu Yamaguchi who was a great bass guitarist. He was in the legendary band called Free. His generation were the greatest in the 1970’s . Bands now don’t have the same image. Just feel sorry that in this day and age artists get pulled for the wrong reasons .

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Posted in: Search resumes for girl who went missing at Yamanashi campsite one year ago See in context

This is similar to incidents in National Parks in the UK where people go missing mysteriously. Search teams have combed areas a number of times and in certain cases the lost individual turns up alive out of seemingly nowhere. There is no explanation for this but incidents are highlighted on social media channels. Good luck finding this little one.

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Posted in: Japan on alert as 2 powerful typhoons approach See in context

I live in West Wales UK. Whilst the area does not endure category 4 or 5 storms, we are frequently struck with strong winds and rain throughout the year. Japan has an efficient storm warning procedure and deals with this type of weather in an organised manner . Stay safe !

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Posted in: Race for new PM starts after Abe's resignation; Aso won't run See in context

It would be advantageous to include women in the shortlist for the Successor to Mr Abe in the position as Prime Minister. There are some eligible women that could do this job in Japan at this time. Why not give them an opportunity?

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