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Posted in: Woman with COVID-19 loses baby after being forced to give birth prematurely at home See in context

This is Japan ….

Always the same problem about hospital emergency. What do you expect here ? Even Mobile Urgent Medical Aid and Resuscitation Service doesn’t exist. Ambulances are without doctors. I guess taxi is safer because faster.

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Posted in: Toys 'R' Us to return in Macy's stores as retailers prosper See in context

This is interesting.

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Posted in: French father goes on hunger strike for children 'abducted' by Japanese wife See in context

This is Japan ! There is no law here. Laws for kids and fathers doesn’t exist. 

I know 4 foreigners friends with the same problem. 

Even in poor a country like in Africa there is more human law to protect family members. I just hope all civilized countries will do economic pressure and big sanctions again this country that does not respect any human rights.

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