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Posted in: Apple's biggest announcements from its iPad event: brighter screen, faster chips and Pencil Pro See in context

@Wallace I am using the IPhone XR as I said. It’s older than your IPhone 12. I don’t upgrade every year.

And yes I can have all kinds of toggles and things but I prefer not to if necessary. My point is the lowest end configuration hasn’t changed in years. How long are we going to have to wait until at least 512GB is standard or 16Gb RAM?

As I said in my original post, Apple has just become too greedy and that is why their sales are decreasing in my opinion.

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Posted in: Apple's biggest announcements from its iPad event: brighter screen, faster chips and Pencil Pro See in context

The biggest problem for Apple is that the cost of upgrading keeps going up. I am currently using an XR, because newl models are more than I can afford.

The MacBook Air, the base model still only starts with 8GB RAM and a 256 GB. Once you buy it you can’t change it so you are stuck with that configuration. The M1 MacBook Air released 4 years ago had the same starting configuration.

The truth is Apple customers are tired of Apple’s greed. They are always trying to squeeze their customers for the most they can and people are beginning to look elsewhere.

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Posted in: White House downplays Biden calling Japan xenophobic country See in context

Joe Biden making friends all over the world.

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Posted in: Exiting BOJ chief defends monetary easing as Japan out of deflation See in context

This makes absolutely no sense. He’s saying that since inflation is increasing, he needs to keep easing monetarily. Inflation is definitely running above the 2% target.

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Posted in: Man arrested for robbing jewelry store while heading to work See in context

This is so sad. Only 24 years old and this guy has ruined his life for ¥150,000.

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Posted in: Bank of Japan sticks to easing despite yen pressure See in context

Japan is a nation of savers. These super low rates are actually just allowing the banks to have free money to lend since they pay just about nothing to their depositors.

These interventions in the foreign exchange market won’t stop the fall of the yen. The basis of the fall is the difference of interest rates. Until that changes any respite in the yen’s fall from intervention will be temporary.

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Posted in: Yen falls to 150 level against U.S. dollar See in context

until the Bank of Japan raises interest rates, the yen will continue to fall. Selling dollars or buying yen do nothing to address the fundamental cause of the yen’s decline against the dollar. Interest rates in the US are rising and those in Japan remain extremely low.

The governor of the BOJ may say that he is maintaining the low rates to support the economy, but what he is actually doing is allowing inflation to continue and accelerate as the cheap yen causes the cost of imported energy to go higher and higher. This will hurt the economy as energy costs affect the price of everything. This inflation weakens demand as consumers have less and less money to spend. Maintaining low rates will not stimulate the economy. It will drive it into recession.

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Posted in: Japanese mayor calls for closer ties with Jewish communities in U.S. See in context

Yes, there are many things that we can be critical of, but why can’t we just take a moment and celebrate this man, Sugihara for his brave defiance of his superiors that saved thousands of lives and this town which welcomed these persecuted people. You can celebrate their goodness and humanity without focusing on the wrongs of some of their countrymen.

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Posted in: Japan warns of intervention; BOJ conducts 'rate check' over yen's fall See in context

Intervening in the market by selling dollars or buying yen simply will not work.

The root cause of the low yen is the divergence between ultra low interest rate policy of the BOJ and the Fed’s policy to keep tightening until inflation is under control.

This is my prediction. The BOJ will waste a large amount of its foreign currency reserves in a futile effort to prop up the yen. In the end it will be forced to raise interest rates, but it will have to raise them even more because of their stubborn refusal to do so now.

Intervention will do little as the Fed keeps raising and the BOJ keeps rates unchanged. The downward pressure on the yen is only going to increase as the Fed continues to tighten and the rate divergence increases more and more.

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Posted in: Woman arrested over fatal accident says she was looking at her parakeet See in context

This is heartbreaking. I can imagine the bird flipping out and flapping around the cage and the woman getting distracted with such tragic results.

This is a tragedy for everyone involved and their families.

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Posted in: Ministers Kishi, Nishimura visit Yasukuni Shrine See in context

With the pandemic and relations with South Korea and China near all time lows, is this really the time to be visiting the shrine?

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Posted in: Anger mounts as Biden, Congress allow eviction ban to expire See in context

This is a tough situation. Imagine a restaurant owner that is ordered to continue to serve food to those who can’t pay. It’s unfair to put the burden on the landlords who also have bills to pay.

Supposedly there was billions set aside for rent relief for those who need it, which has never been made available.

I think there has to be a better solution than either putting the burden solely on the landlords or throwing people into the streets.

Perhaps assistance can be provided to those who can show proof they are actively seeking work or some such thing. The problem is that they knew the deadline was looming for months and did nothing. Government often works this way. Inactivity until absolutely necessary and then sometimes it is too late.

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Posted in: Delayed doses of AstraZeneca jab boost immunity: study See in context

Just to qualify what I am saying. Japan is in a difficult place because it has millions of doses of Astrazenaca and Japan has a high level of vaccine hesitancy. After deciding initially not to use Astrazenaca after approval, it’s going to be a hard sell. So what are they going to do? They don’t want to be seen wasting millions of doses. So at least part of their solution is to give them away.

As to is Astrazenaca inferior, I will put it this way, which is superior 80% effective or 60% effective?

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Posted in: Delayed doses of AstraZeneca jab boost immunity: study See in context

Japan has given millions of doses to other countries, but hasn’t given any Pfizer or Moderna. ALL Astrazenaca.

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Posted in: Delayed doses of AstraZeneca jab boost immunity: study See in context

Nobody wants to say it, but the truth is the Astrazenaca vaccine is inferior to the ones made by Moderna or Pfizer. How can I say that? Pfizer and Moderna have proven to be highly effective against every variant so far.

Astrazenaca was found to be ineffective against the South African variant. It is effective against the Delta variant (60%), but Pfizer and Moderna are far more effective against Delta (80+%).

I certainly would choose Pfizer or Moderna over Astrazenaca. This is Japan’s problem. They have millions of doses that are going to expire, but most people don’t want Astrazenaca. They should have given all their Astrazenaca away. They are caught between letting vaccine be wasted or trying to vaccinate people in Japan with it who don’t want it.

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Posted in: Japan to donate 1 mil doses of AstraZeneca vaccine to Philippines See in context

I am 60 years old and I have read that Japan is planning to approve Astrazenaca for people 60+. The reason is your body tends to have a weaker response to the vaccine and therefore less likely for side effects.

But to be honest I don’t want the Astrazenaca vaccine. Why? I am not worried about the side effects that are extremely rare. My issue is that Astrazenaca was ineffective against the South African variant and about 60% effective against the Delta variant. Moderna and Pfizer are like 80% effective against the Delta variant and have been effective against all variants to date. They are also believed to have a very long lasting immunity.

The truth is Pfizer and Moderna are superior to Astrazenaca. Also Astrazenaca isn’t approved in the USA, so your Astrazenaca vaccine card doesn’t count when you try to enter somewhere that requires proof of vaccination.

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Posted in: Princess Mako's boyfriend influencing imperial succession debate See in context

All I know is that Princess Mako and Mr. Komuro should be allowed to get married. As far as the succession issues. Empress Masako was a commoner and suffered greatly because she didn’t produce a male heir. And I wonder how Princess Aiko feels. I imagine it’s not pleasant for her to think that she is viewed as unworthy simply because she is not male. A change allowing female monarchs would surely remove these unfair stresses on members of the Imperial Family. I also just have to say Princess Mako looks very royal and if that look on her face isn’t love, I don’t know what is.

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Posted in: How vaccines work against the COVID-19 Delta variant See in context

What this article fails to mention is that the Astrazenaca vaccine is not effective against the South African strain of the virus. And as the article states clearly the Pfizer vaccine is far more effective against the Delta variant. Japan has tens of millions of doses of the Astrazenaca vaccine that will expire in September so first they announced that they are going to approve it for use for those 60 and older. Apparently they figured out thy would still have vaccine left over so now they are going to approve it for people 18 and over. They have secured enough Pfizer and Moderna vaccine to vaccinate everyone in Japan, but because they didn’t act soon enough they are stuck with these Astrazenaca doses they need to avoid wasting. And so people like me who are 60 years old and haven’t received their coupon yet will receive the inferior Astrazenaca vaccine.

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Posted in: Why are Olympics going on despite public opposition, medical warnings? See in context

The truth of the matter is the slow rollout of the vaccine has cost the Japanese economy far far more than what the cost of canceling the Olympics would have been.

The government focused its energy on holding the Olympics rather than rolling out the vaccine. That decision has resulted in lost jobs, bankrupt companies, decreased income for many Japanese and foreigners living here, prolonged suffering and inconvenience and most importantly the loss of human lives.

Even if the Olympics are deemed a success, the price paid for them is way too high.

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Posted in: Japan should have scrapped domestic COVID vaccine trials: Kono See in context

You are the last person on earth to figure this out.

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Posted in: Japan eyes vaccinating people under 65 at state-run mass centers from Thursday See in context

Probably one of the reasons they aren’t filling the slots is they aren’t doing a good job of publicizing them. Have you noticed how there are all these articles about these centers and they never give a link or a phone number. And then they scratch their heads and wonder why they have empty slots.

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Posted in: Japan to provide greater COVID vaccine support to foreign residents See in context

I am glad Japan is trying to make it easier for us foreigners because currently my local government has zero influence in English at least as far as I can find.

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Posted in: American father and son plead guilty to helping Ghosn flee Japan See in context

So the Japanese government hires them to go to Lebanon and kidnap Ghosn and bring him back.

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Posted in: Nationwide bookings eyed for mass vaccination sites in Tokyo, Osaka See in context

if the so called mass vaccination sites are already running at full capacity and completely unable to handle even the demand from the local people, why in the world would you want to open them to others. The sites are only supposed to be open for a few months anyway. (Why they would shut them down before everyone is vaccinated is beyond me. But then again I have been flabbergasted for months at the way this vaccine rollout has been run.)

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Posted in: Yokohama begins inoculations at mass vaccination center See in context

Why are all these so called mass vaccination sites only staying open for a couple months. It’s like okay the Olympics are over or we’ve finished vaccinating the old folks, we can go back to a crawl now.

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Posted in: Japanese companies opening vaccination sites amid slow national rollout See in context

The campaign was slowed initially by scant supplies of imported doses,

Scant supplies of initiative, creativity and common sense.

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Posted in: Universities across Japan gearing up to provide vaccination venues See in context

I have been very critical of the slow pace of vaccinations, and this new effort seems like there are a lot of kinks to work out. But I have to say that it seems like the Japanese government is at least moving in the right direction. With the universities and companies becoming vaccination sites, things should pick up speed. All the mistakes until now can’t be reversed, but it seems the government is finally catching on. Anyway I am going to try and be positive and see how this all works out. I am certainly more positive than I was a month ago. Let’s hope that these kinds of initiatives keep coming.

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Posted in: Mass vaccinations in Tokyo, Osaka get into full swing; Kobe opens large center See in context

Okay so the two centers are doing a total of 15,000 per day which equals 450,000 shots a month. And they are only going to run it for 3 months, which means 1,350,000 shots. Dividing that number by 2, and these 2 so called mass vaccination sites are going to fully vaccinate 675,000 people. That’s just a fraction of 1 % of the population. Of course those 2 sites are only what the central government is doing. The local governments efforts will be doing way more. But three very big questions come to mind. Why did the government wait months before opening these centers? Why did they open just 2? And perhaps most baffling of all, why in the world are they only going to run it for only 3 months? It’s extremely sad to think that the 3rd largest economy of the world, mustering its resources can only produce such paltry results.

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Posted in: Gov't considers using SDF doctors, nurses at Tokyo Olympics See in context

The truth is that any SDF personnel used for the Olympics are personnel that should be working to vaccinate people.

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Posted in: Ibaraki health center warns people not to eat with foreigners to prevent spreading COVID See in context

I have lived in Japan for 30 years. I know that discrimination exists in Japan, but in my experience, I have often been amazed by the kindness of the Japanese people. Whenever I have been in some difficult situation, there has always been some Japanese person/people to help me.

I don’t think this story is very representative of Japan. The vast majority of Japanese are kind helpful people.

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