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Posted in: Japan marks 70th anniversary of Hiroshima atomic bombing See in context

Using Pearl Harbor to justify Hiroshima and Nagasaki is dumber than dumb. The Japanse attack on Pearl Harbor was triggered by Harry Dexter White, a Soviet agent in the U.S. Treasury Department under orders of Vitalii Pavlov of the Soviet NKVD. Four recent books have confirmed this: OPERATION SNOW by John Koster explains how Prince Konoye tried to head off the war but Harry Dexter White kept pushing for it with increasingly drastic demands. He made it s9und as if Japan was about to be colonized. Benn Steil in THE BATTLE OF BRETTON WOODS confirms that White was the single most important instigator of the U.S.-Japanese war because White was a Communist sympathizer and secret agent and Japan was anti-Communist. White also tried to destroy post-war Germany -- not just the Nazis but the entire population -- with the Morgenthau Plan. Read John Dietrich's book THE MORGENTHAU PLAN and confirm White's role with STALIN'S SECRET AGENTS. The FBI identified White as a Soviet agent in 1950.

PS: Most civilian casualties of Pearl Harbor were killed by misplaced American anti-aircraft fire. Everybody in Hawaii knows this. even the Chinese and Koreans who hated Japanese militarism..

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