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It's amazing to see how this case is hurting 'Japanese Culture'!

I say it like that because everything is excused as 'it has been part of the culture forever'

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I love the comments here... so naive.

You guys want something to happen (like canceling the Olympics)! Well, work for it: gather together, strike, make real demonstrations (not the silly thing you guys usually do here)! I mean, you have been complaining for many months and the plans are going ahead! So, obviously, nobody is paying you attention!

If you guys want real changes, do not just post them in this comment section... go out!

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I only entered here to read the comments! This will be so funny!

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People protesting here are so cute!

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And give taxpayers a refund.

Sorry, but that ship has already passed.

The problem is that if they now cancel the Olympics, the money the taxpayer would have to pay is even bigger than the one they have paid so far.

And remember: hosting Olympic Games is signing a blank check.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic Games organizers to raise opening, closing ceremony budget See in context

Any representatives from the public allowed at the meeting? Thought not. If there were they might asked for the money to be better spent on direct cornavirus relief funds.

Hahaha. Are you so naive? C'mon, Tokyo 2020 OC is set up under the public structure. Public representatives are always in these meetings. The problem is all the constant outsourcing this country has in its processes. Welcome to the most expensive Olympic Games in history (and this number was before COVID).

If I were you I would start asking your government why they have signed a blank check, and why they don't stop wasting (now the correct term is wasting, as almost everything is ready) money... and, to stop corruption. This last item will be very important for the future in Japan.

FYI: I work in Tokyo 2020.

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