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Posted in: Ichiro turns down Japan's prestigious People's Honor Award for 3rd time See in context

Ichiro’s hall of fame vote should be first round AND unanimous

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Posted in: 2 yakuza members arrested for Amazon gift card racket netting them Y75 mil See in context

while these criminals are dirt bags, this goes back to how many Japanese don’t question shady prospects and are willing to shell lots of cash to “make amends”. I understand the concept of Wa is paramount here but come on people, ask questions if something seems off

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Posted in: Australia raises jail terms for food tampering after strawberry scare See in context

Good! That’s messing with people’s health and safety! Hit the first few that do it as hard as possible and the rest will get the idea.

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Posted in: Japanese carrier joins drills with British warship heading to contested South China Sea See in context

Well, people are going to need to stand up to the PRC. Many may complain about America (we DO have our faults, we’re NOT perfect), but the PRC is NO ONE’s friend.

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