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Posted in: China's Xi highlights Japan militarist past in Seoul speech See in context

I'm pretty sure Koreans are just pissed that Japanese politicians/high officials/media heads downplay/deny the atrocities committed by Imperial Japanese Army. South Korea and China aren't the only ones who are acting like a child here. Japan is doing that as well. One of the problem that prevents Japan/Japanese people from actually acknowledging the atrocities committed by their ancestors lies within its culture of pride. I'm pretty sure South Korea was quiet about all these issues, until Japanese politicians started visiting Yakusuni Shrines/denied the atrocities.

Not a single western nation (or other Asian nations for that matter) make WWII an official tool diplomatic and political tool as China and South Korea do.

OssanAmerica, I'm pretty sure they would flip out as well if German officials/media denied the Holocaust.

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Posted in: Taiwan's Foxconn sues Japanese firms over patent claims See in context

I guess Japanese companies are now patent stealers this time? LMAO

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Posted in: S Korea, China protest Japan's 'comfort women' apology review See in context


That is true. However, not all countries deny their war atrocities, or downplay their roles in them. It also doesn't help Japan's stance when their high ranking political/media officials deny war crimes.

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Posted in: Review: Warming up to tablets with keyboard covers See in context


How in the world is that going to kill the notebook market? LOL Tablet screens are WAYYY too small compared to laptops.

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Posted in: Report says Apple smartwatch to come this fall See in context

If I wanted a watch, I would buy Citzen watch(Which I already have and love), not a smart watch... I don't want to portray myself as a complete geek to other people.

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Posted in: Algeria beat S Korea 4-2; Belgium down Russia 1-0 See in context

L2P South Korea... Jeez

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Posted in: Japan says it had S Korean input on 'comfort women' apology See in context

And they wonder why South Koreans are always pissed off. LOOL

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Posted in: S Korea holds live-fire drill, ignoring Japan's protest See in context

Besides, the JSDF is much more skilled and disciplined than Korea or China's forces.

I guess you don't know anything about military training at all if you really think JDSF is better than ROKMC, especially in terms of both skill and discipline.

Anyways, what's wrong with hosting their own military exercise in their own territory? Didn't Japan conduct their own military exercise in Sengaku Islands as well? Look at this irony over here LMAO

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Posted in: S Korea holds live-fire drill, ignoring Japan's protest See in context

the country with one of the most sophisticated and powerful militaries in Asia.

Good one. LOL

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Posted in: Sony back at top of console sales after eight years See in context

@Kickboard Yep, I said that PC is better than PS4, and it was my brother who got it.

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Posted in: Sony back at top of console sales after eight years See in context

Too bad that there are BARELY any good games out. I own PS4 and I can't find any good games other than Second Son. Step up your game Sony. You need to release more games ASAP. I want backward compatibility as well if you guys are too lazy to release new games. I seriously had to buy this childish 4 player co-op game because there weren't ANY good 4 player co-op games out when I had to get one for my party.

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Posted in: Monument to comfort women dedicated in Virginia See in context

@bonestructure LOL that's like saying Jewish people(Those who weren't alive during the holocaust) should forget the Holocaust just because they weren't there. Do you expect these people to forget about this event when Japanese politicians and high ranking officials constantly deny its existence?


They are NOT trying to shame regular Japanese people at all. They are just trying to raise awareness, and put an end to Japanese politicians' constant denial regarding this incident. That's like saying Jewish people are trying to shame German people because they are raising Holocaust memorial monuments/museums around the world.

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Posted in: Apple will fix faulty iPhone 5 models See in context

HAHAHAHA. I thought Apple only produced high quality, non defect products? What happened to their so called quality? Lmao. My father's iPhone 4 broke 4 TIMES already within a year of getting it while my Galaxy S4 didn't even have any problems although I had it for one year or more. My friend's new iPhone 5s' screen cracked WITHIN a day of getting it. She dropped it accidentally while she was sitting on a chair. While I drop my S4 err day everyday, and I still haven't gotten a single crack on it. LOOOOL

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Posted in: S Korea, Japan to hold breakthrough summit with U.S. See in context


I guess you forgot to mention that those investment were made for the benefit of JAPANESE people who migrated to Korea.

Do you really think Japan invested that much money for the benefit of Korean people? Hell no. My grandmother LIVED through Korean annexation, and she told me all about her experience with Japanese occupation.

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Posted in: Toshiba sues S Korean rival for corporate spying See in context

I just love how you guys are blaming Korean companies for this kind of things when you guys should be blaming JAPANESE workers who brought information/technolgies to those companies. Maybe they can start treating them and paying them better? Why do you think Japanese college students are starting to think Samsung as prospective company to work for when they graduate? They pay better and don't force early retirements on them, unlike Japanese companies. Japanese people are the ones who BRING technologies/information to South Korean companies, because they offer what Japanese companies don't offer.

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Posted in: Apple releases security fix for Macs after iOS flaw See in context


Only reason why Apple computers don't have that much of a prolbem with viruses/securities is because hackers don't even bother to make viruses for Apple computers. Why should they spend hours and hours of work to create a virus for Mac when they represent small group compared to big windows group?

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Posted in: Unfriendly relations See in context

I don't know why you guys constantly say that Japan is a democratic country when it's not... How can a one party system b e a democratic system? How can Japan be democratic when farmers receive 4 votes when city dwellers receive 1 vote during elections?

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Posted in: Onigiri taste test: Which convenience store will win? See in context

I wish they had these in United States..... :(

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Posted in: Gamers gather for look at new PlayStation 4, Xbox See in context

PC > All other gaming consoles. I would rather spend $400-1000 on a gaming computer and spend $1-40 on each latest titles.

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Posted in: Beluga whales create art at aquarium See in context

Whales aren't intelligent species. -Japan

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Posted in: No. of centenarians in Japan reaches record high 54,397 See in context

It's nice that Japan's living expectancy is high, but what's the point of living so long when you can't do anything?

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Posted in: No. of centenarians in Japan reaches record high 54,397 See in context

What's the point of living at age of 100? I don't want to live with test tubes inside me...

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Posted in: Man makes Y1 mil for three months of gaming See in context

Japanese person playing Korean MMO? Wow.

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Posted in: Sony to launch PlayStation 4 in U.S., Europe first, then Japan on Feb 22 See in context

I wonder if Sony actually added in "Party Chat" system into PS4.... Anyways, I won't be getting PS4 since some of PS4 exclusives are now coming out for PC as well.

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Posted in: Sony launches camera phone with add-on lenses See in context

Very nice looking phone! I wonder if this phone will be available in U.S... Most Japanese phones don't make it to American Market... :/

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Posted in: Sony says it has over 1 million preorders for PlayStation 4 See in context

Too bad some of its "exclusive games" are now coming to PC. :) Less exclusive titiles = Less sale. I'm still getting PS4 for FF and Killzone tho.

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Posted in: Docomo likely to select Sony, Sharp, Fujitsu for new smartphone lineup See in context

Funny how its only the Japanese people who are buying Sony's Xperia Z... while rest of the world are buying HTC one, iPhone, or Galaxy series.

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Posted in: Toyota exec: Camry will stay as U.S. top-selling car See in context

Please hire European designers.... Your recent car models' designs are just.... terrible.

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Posted in: Nikon shares dive on weak demand for digital cameras See in context

Duh.... Why would anyone get expensive Japanese cameras when your cell phone does it all?

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Posted in: S Korea protests Japanese opinion poll on disputed islands See in context


This work by a JAPANESE scholar shows how Japan tried to add Takeshima territory as theirs in 20th century(secretly?).

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