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Posted in: 5 cultural tips for taking photos in Japan See in context

"And to some people in the world the "peace sign" is the same as flipping someone the bird." Only if you are showing the back of your hand and doing it.

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Posted in: Model citizen See in context

Razzle Dazzle!!

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Posted in: The Madonna look See in context

Google her name "without make-up", and you will see she really has it caked on here. Without it, she looks every bit her age.

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Posted in: Junior high teacher burns student's hair with lighter See in context

Oxford dictionary- Arson: "The criminal act of deliberately setting fire to property." Ones own hair would not be considered "property".

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Posted in: Group urges changing Buddhist temple mark on maps to avoid Nazi connotations See in context

The Nazi symbol is not the same. It is actually drawn opposite.

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Posted in: Coming-of-Age Day ceremonies held across Japan See in context

Kawaii girls!!

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Posted in: Man found dead with head in plastic bag, face mutilated See in context


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Posted in: Hosmer sacrifice fly in 14th lifts Royals to World Series Game 1 win See in context

Let's go ROYALS!!

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Posted in: U.N. envoy calls on Japan to ban extreme child manga porn See in context

USA, the world police, at it again. Won't leave ANYONE alone.

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Posted in: Royals beat Blue Jays to return to World Series See in context

Let's go Royals!

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Posted in: Indonesia's Aceh to start caning gays caught having sex See in context

Good idea. Letting them off easy though.

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Posted in: Uniqlo to open fewer stores in U.S. after missing profit target See in context

Most Americans just do not know what is good.

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Posted in: Obama pledges probe into fatal airstrike on Afghan hospital See in context

I agree this will be seen as the era in which the US lost its right to the moral high ground in world affairs.**

This should have been lost after WW2.

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Posted in: Frustrated fans See in context

What entertaining expressions on their faces!!

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Posted in: Japanese celeb Shokotan unveils her 2015 cicada shell fashion See in context

Far out, man !!

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Posted in: Protest pop See in context

The local paedophiles will be having a great day.

According to the DSM 4, a paedophile is a person who has sexual attraction to individuals that have NOT YET reached puberty. I do believe these girls are old enough to be past that point. Ignorant git.

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Posted in: Armed man tries to rob bank in Fukuoka Pref See in context

No job is worth your life. I hope she was fired for being so stupid.

Typical American Attitude.

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Posted in: Case dropped against Thai ex-police chief over gun possession See in context

If you just happen to "forget" you've got a loaded gun ANYWHERE, then you should not have one. Idiot.

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Posted in: Boston museum cancels 'Kimono Wednesdays' after racism protests See in context

Leave it to America.....

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Posted in: Throwing error hands Cards victory over Cubs See in context

I hate the Dead birds.

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Posted in: World shocked at enduring racism, gun violence in U.S. See in context

While the rampant Black on white crime is largely ignored by the media.

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Posted in: Police raid Toyota offices after arresting U.S. executive See in context

The Fuzz raid Toyota due to one employee sending themselves Oxycodone? Idiocy and a waste of manpower.

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Posted in: 40% of unattached singles in their 20s, 30s don't want relationship: survey See in context

Sounds like 40% are quite intuitive. Most couples do not have enduring happiness. Before I am totally trolled upon, yes, there are exceptions, but they ARE exceptions.

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Posted in: Toyota in damage control mode after American exec arrested See in context

Oxycodone. Big deal.

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Posted in: U.S. decides not to investigate Toyota unwanted acceleration See in context

Maybe Bob needs to learn the difference between the brake and accelerator.

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Posted in: Indonesia executes 8 drug convicts; Filipina spared See in context

Got what they deserved. Of course the liberals will thumb me down, as I am sure they think they were good family men. Not selling drugs and destroying countless lives, no, no.

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Posted in: Lesbian couple hold symbolic wedding ceremony in Tokyo See in context

Probably soon to be featured in an AV.

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Posted in: Japanese men share a list of common male woes before and after marriage See in context

Japanese girls are so "Kawaii" that they can't help being attracted to each other. Seriously.

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Posted in: Robot receptionist See in context

Kawaii !!

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Posted in: Japan stands tough against rice imports in trade talks with U.S. See in context

Japanese don't like the taste of US rice. Yes, there IS a difference, although most westerners can't tell. Japanese don't want to buy it. My wife is Japanese and she says so.

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