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John Montgomery comments

Posted in: What do you think of the new Japan Today design? See in context

Looks like the quote function is broken too.

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Posted in: What do you think of the new Japan Today design? See in context

Moderator Today 03:49 pm JST Please tell us why.

Probably for the same reasons as listed in the previous 200-odd comments. We appreciate the ongoing fixes but does anyone else at JT have anything to say in response to all this feedback?

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Posted in: What do you think of the new Japan Today design? See in context

Clicking to vote a comment up or down puts me back to the top of the page. dislike

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Posted in: Wedding day See in context

I saw a couple just like this a few days ago. They were models in a commercial shoot.

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Posted in: Educator finds young users of LINE app losing their grip on language See in context

This is not evidence students have lost their language.

Absolutely. What this idiot seems not to appreciate is that text communication is largely a visual version of spoken communication. Hardly anybody speaks in perfectly formed sentences with impeccable logic. Real people speak in disjointed sentences, punctuated with pauses, takebacks and visual cues. They construct and challenge arguments piece by fragment, not in neat logical sequences. The way people use Line reflects this, with adaptations to the limitations of text. Emojis are an integral part of the communication process, especially for a passive participant in a group.

One other thing these moaners often overlook is that in the past many millions of people rarely communicated in writing. If they weren't in a white-collar job, they just didn't need to. Now we have almost the whole population reading and writing every day, those with lower literacy levels are more obvious. It's still something to celebrate, rather than whining about the failings of the young.

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Posted in: Jane Fonda reveals she was raped and abused as a child See in context

For all the faults in feminism, these things need to be said. Kudos, Jane.

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Posted in: 'King Kazu' turns 50 with J.League start See in context

Well done to him but that really doesn't say much for the standard of the league.

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Posted in: A commuter's dream: Entrepreneurs race to develop flying car See in context

Not really a dream. You would have to walk to and from the nearest landing spot, likely with a comparable spacing to car share spots. The vehicles would have downtime for charging and lots of empty runs, especially in the rush hour. Daily equipment inspections and repairs would be necessary; with insurance and energy costs and all the infrastructure, it soon becomes very expensive for the customer.

You probably wouldn't even be allowed to use them after drinking.

I can see them being a novelty, for holiday resorts and fun trips like those Mario karts, but very few people could use them on a daily basis and they would have no effect on congestion. If congestion bothers you, use the train or a bike.

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Posted in: Who will gain and who will lose from Tokyo's new taxi fares? See in context

What sort of distance are we talking about here? Roughly that between the Marunouchi exit at Tokyo central station and the Imperial Hotel.

Nope. Lived in the city for years and that means nothing to me. About twenty minutes walk might have been a more useful reference.

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Posted in: Hollywood's gender pay gap is crazy, says Natalie Portman See in context

Of course the industry is horribly sexist but the proper response at that level is to take it up with your agent. That's what you're paying them for.

Also, to be fair, Bale and Cooper do quite a lot more in American Hustle than Lawrence does.

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Posted in: Premier League big guns get favorable FA Cup draws See in context

Thanks for actually posting the full list.

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Posted in: Toyota to invest $10 bil in U.S. See in context

Think again. This is not Toyota being submissive to the mighty will of the Dumbald. This is Toyota flexing its muscle. The message here is "If you mess up our investments in Mexico, you will be messing up our investments in the US and it will cost you." Twenty-two billion dollars plus another ten billion (which was already planned) is an awful lot of jobs.

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Posted in: 2 dead, 12 hospitalized after choking on rice cakes See in context

That's not too bad, most years it's a lot more!

That's just for Tokyo....

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Posted in: Cerevo releases cloud-connected data logger for bicycles See in context

Depends what the cyclist is doing. If someone is into serious training for competitions, it's probably well worth it. The questions are whether it integrates well with power data and—the really big question—how well does it actually work?

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Posted in: New U.N. chief urges New Year's resolution: 'Put peace first' See in context

As if anybody gives a flying one what a murderous lunatic like Bolton has to say.

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Posted in: SoftBank tests 'smart parking' See in context

Cooking equipment, keyrings, lightbulbs, doorlocks, fridge compartments, toilets, showers, air conditioners, bicycles, and on andonandon. Anything you can think of, there'll be a "benefit" to connecting it to the Internet and you will have very little choice about it.

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Posted in: The government hopes to get a casino bill passed in the Diet this month. Do you think casinos should be legalized in Japan? See in context

Vernon Jarman, congratulations on your first comment. I look forward to reading your informed opinions on a wide range of topics and I wouldn't for a moment suspect that you are a PR shill.

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Posted in: The government hopes to get a casino bill passed in the Diet this month. Do you think casinos should be legalized in Japan? See in context

klausdorth: "If people want to waste their extra money (if they got it) ... it's their problem."

The problem is when it's not extra money but money that they and their families really need.

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Posted in: Jessie J tours Tokyo streets aboard red double decker London bus See in context

I think I'd rather walk, thanks.

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Posted in: We built the best refrigeration facility in the world, but the electricity to the freezer cannot be turned off now because it would damage the equipment. See in context

It's not designed to be turned off because there shouldn't ever be any need to turn it off in a busy marketplace. It should be permanently full of fish.

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Posted in: Trump unleashes aggressive attacks on his own party See in context

I also wouldn’t want to be held responsible for everything I said 11 years ago,” Ellis said

I wouldn't hold her responsible for everything she said 11 years ago, because she was 19. Trump was 59.

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Posted in: What are some of the weirdest sandwich or pastry items you have seen in convenience stores and bakeries in Japan? See in context

Doughnuts filled with curry. That was an unpleasant surprise.

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Posted in: Parker hints at third 'Sex and the City' film See in context


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Posted in: The B.League: Japan basketball reborn See in context

Disappointing that they aren't sticking with the old name, "bj league".

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