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Some perspective is necessary. First, no one can deny that COVID 19 causes serious illness and death. A few areas of the world have been devastated by it. At the same time, there is massive disruption caused by unemployment and financial loss around the world which also causes many problems.

Second, the reality is that Japan has been spared this devastation thus far, although no one knows the future. Around 3,000 people die each year in Japan from influenza. Only roughly 300 have died from COVID 19 in Japan as of today.

Third, if Japan was really going to have a dramatic increase in COVID 19 cases and deaths, it would have already happened. Millions ride subways and public transportation every day with no major infections as a result. We are learning new things every day, but it has been shown most infections come from people living together or partying together where they have unprotected contact.

To sum up, we need to take sensible precautions, not close down everything and destroy lives and livelihoods in the process.

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