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Nation states are being left behind by entrepreneurial enterprises, like Space X and Electron, for a fraction of the money the firms have produced reusable and/or cheap access to space. Only a nation state could gather the necessary resources and personnel to make such a thing work.

Perhaps nation states should buy Falcon 9 block 5s for their own use. They will soon be human rated and being reusable they would be cheaper to fly. Even if the Falcon Heavy never gets human rated, it can still loft a transfer ship into LEO and a Falcon 9 can bring the crew up.

That way Japan could get people into space and onto the Moon for a fraction of the money. To get a Moon base up and running. Because as we all know, The first one on the Moon with a gun... will own it, (Or at least that part of it, depending on the size of the gun).

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If Japan is having a hard time filling it's needs for military personnel... Japan had better foster a shooting culture and a well armed people.

The Chinese empire is in the expansion phase and is right next door.

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