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Posted in: New governor vows all-out efforts to block base move within Okinawa See in context

The Marine Aviators have small foot print on Okinawa, The entire operation could be moved to Kadena AB including the housing with little cost. Futenma was initially in a perfect location but no more. I lived on Futenma for six years, on Okinawa for twelve. I know the territory and the mood. Move the ground guys to Guam and the Aviators and support to Kadena. Awasi Golf course is closed, why not,

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Posted in: Police officer in koban stabbed to death in Sendai; attacker shot dead See in context

The only way to win in a knife fight is either shoot or run. This police officer decided to shoot.

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Posted in: SDF recruiters struggle as applicant pool dries up See in context

The Japanese young are either lazy or scared (or both) to make a commitment. I spent twenty years between Okinawa and Japan and have been married to a Japanese lady for 38 years. I watched her sisters kids grow up to be self absorbed brats that expect things to be provided without effort. Japan is in trouble, the old work ethic is all but gone.

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