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Wow! What will the few hundred people using it do now.

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I know for young people in Japan it is not cheap for birth control pills, but some sort of protection has to be used. She is a mentally ill person and should be punished for the crimes and receive mental health help after. You can not just throw way a baby.

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Wow, most of these posts are about conflict, either endorsing or hoping for. How about just a end to the dispute with diplomacy being the force used to end it? The dislike between Japan and China still can be seen in some of these posts. Let the past go and forgive and forget.

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Ordinary US citizens that marry Japanese or any other foreigner citizens made a decision to do so. When making a decision it should be an informed decision, knowing what the possibilities are. Do have made your decision and than want the government to step in and tell another country how their laws should be is just not right. America would not and does not accept anything from other countries in a court room without a ton of legal proof and verifying, I know this from my own experiences. And still reject it because they don't have access to the other countries records.

Americans have too much government int daily life now and now the people who made the decision to have an international marriage and children want the government to gain more control over personal choices made.

I don't care what country it is that an American marries a foreigner from. It was your choice to do this and you should have thought through the entire thing, good and bad, before saying I do. When it ends badly, than you want the other countries to conform to your standards and give you what your country does.

Maybe one day in the future all the world will be one big country with all the laws and everything the same, we will all belong to the World Nation of some sort. That day has not come and I hope it never does.

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Do you think Hillary Clinton's timing for this support goes hand in hand with Japan saying it will support and sign the child abduction laws? This is all public relations smoke and mirrors.

China has become a very powerful nation, militarily and financially. The dislike that China and Japan have for each other goes back a long time. This is well known. America and Japan have been allies since the end of WW II. China's exports to Japan and America are enormous, as well as to the rest of the world.

This dispute over the islands is now world news and going to take a long and slow process to resolve. Using international diplomacy that all the world can witness. To say a military conflict is going to happen and America is going to join in, I think is the crazy thing here.

Anything is possible, but right off the bat to start talking about military conflicts between all involved. Is jumping way ahead of the whole process, that should take place in order to make final agreement.

I have seen any information about, trading freezes, financial sanctions or assets being seized as possible solutions in the discussions. Right away to military conflict as the topic.

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What would help a great deal is having the US military better educate the personnel on foreign countries, customs and laws. Before sending them to a foreign country and having restricter restrictions on the right to marry a foreign national while in the military. The divorce rate for the military is high for Americans, it is even much higher for military married to a foreign national. US tax payers eventually pay a part of the cost of the divorce in one form or another. From my own experience the US military encourages international marriages with literature, groups and staffed professionals for this main purpose. It should be the opposite way around.

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Most of you who have posted your opinions about this being all these things that makes a child become some sort of emotional and mental broken adult. I m pretty sure your of the doctor Phil era. And long before him was doctor Spock, not Star Track. A doctor who claimed he had all the right answers for how to raise a child. Take a look at the mess he made of generations of kids, that parents followed along with.

Do you know the term, "Everything in moderation" and with good conscious? Please get off the soap box of how the child will become a psychopath because he got his butt whacked for misbehaving at home or in school.

America has taken away a lot of rights of parents to discipline their own children without fear of being charged with a crime for doing so. Think that a lot of the rude and no manners kids and kids with guns are the kids of parents who disciplined their kids with a whack now and then? Or are they the kids that were told, Oh it's okay Johnny, you don't have to say sorry for pushing down the teacher. It's the teacher fault that she didn't balance herself. Make it the other person's fault mentally. Raising your child not to take responsibility for what they do.

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I will add my 2 cents to this, like it or not. All of you living in Japan now. Don't worry soon you will have Japan change to meet your standards of the western world and how things should be according to you. As the years have past I have seen so many things disappear from Japanese life because of western influences/thinking. Not saying that 2nd hand smoking is good or bad for people to breathe. Common sense used to be in America and it is in Japan. You don't like the smell of smoke, don't go near it. "it's like having a peeing section in a pool" don't use that pool if you think someone is peeing in it. "I can smell smoke from my balcony" Find a place to live that does not allow smoking at all in the entire building" Being a people watcher myself. Through the years, many, I have noticed that people complaining about smoking have their own bad habits of doing things to disturb the environment. But, let's not forget that you who are complaining about 2nd hand smoke are the perfect people with the perfect way life should be for all of us. All over the world.

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0 Good Bad SerranoSEP. 22, 2011 - 10:05PM JST John Putnam: "Having lived 100 yards from Futenma for about 7 years"

And you got enough shut-eye, right? So what's up with all the whiners complaining about the base noise?

Serrano, like almost everything in life you get used to it and some days are better than others. The noise can be sometimes very loud. Most days the flights did not start til after 7 am and most nights done by 8 pm and it is not every day that there are flights.

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Having lived until last month, 100 yards from Futenma's air base for about 7 years and working on different bases there. I have a good idea of how things are in Okinawa. Also lived on the mainland for about 2years. 5% from the US military, take a look at Naha's website and see what THEY wrote as coming from the USA. Not only the locals who have jobs on the bases will and are effective by the bases closing or downsizing, the local businesses will have impact as well. Housing is a big business, cars also. Bars and place to eat. The money that taxi cab drivers make from on and off base rides, the black market that everyones knows about and most of the time pretend it does not happen. And many more things, the list is big. I'm not for having US military bases anywhere in todays world. But certainly not paying for resort style lifes that a lot of the military enjoys on Okinawa. There was a time when you joined the military knowing that you would not make much money and you would be away from home for long periods. Now the US tax payers are footing the bill for Families to fly back and forth to countries all over the world and paying for off base housing, schools for children and all that goes along with that. Bring back the military to what it was once was and see how we can save billions in military spending. Some say we have to give more and more to the military or they will leave and go to the private sectors, Oh? Since when does Walmart pay for entire families moving to other countries, give housing allowances and tax free clothing and food? Military spending is out of control and no one seems to care or interested in how the military is run. Not all the military overseas is in a battle. Some are in the same positions and houses for yeas 12 or even longer on Okinawa and living better than most average americans do. Use the internet and than check the facts of what pops up, the central government of Japan is running everything in Japan and as mentioned in an earlier post Okinawa is part of Japan. Have a nice day!

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Where did you get this information from, how the Japanese government is run by the governor's of the prefectures? You are wrong about the governor of Okinawa having the power to stop anything the central government wants to do. There are many issue to refer to to prove this, in English. You sound like a Japanese person who is local to Okinawa, native. When the USA closes down everything in Okinawa, where do the locals, who now work and get paid good money working for the bases, work? At Jusco or Union making what? 800 yen an hour to feed their family. You and a bunch of others should use common sense for the sake of the local people depending on the bases for a lively hood. Getting something first to replace the loss of jobs and income from the bases. Please

YuriOtaniSEP. 22, 2011 - 07:44AM JST Unless the Governor of Okinawa signs off on the construction, it is not going to happen. There is nothing the Government of Japan can do to make him sign it. Japan is a representational Republic and the powers and duties of the government are segregated to the different parts of it. Japan is not Russia or China or even American where the Federal Government has become much more powerful than the states. Grip complain, I wish this would go away but it is not going to happen. You can argue the governments of Japan and the USA but the Governor of Okinawa is not going to give approval. Japan and the USA needs to face political reality, the replacement facility is not going to be built. I suppose Japan or the USA can send in troops to start martial law, a really winning move. MCAS Futenma is not moving and the local population wants it closed. Too many elections have supported this fact. So the only question is if Japan and the USA will leave this open sore open?

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Who cares. I'm living the dream here and reading about this was just to past the time away. Be happy don't worry

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Another comment from the peanut gallery. Japan's divorce laws were made for the Japanese people. Usually the mother get a lump sum payment and the father is not seen anymore, usually mutual. The father does not come back for visitation. Remember the prime minister Koizumi? He had this arrangement. It has worked fine until more and more international marriages have taken place. Should America change it's laws and ways based on another countries law? Not saying Japan has a good system and not saying it's bad, it's their system and while international issues all play a role in making changes. Where is it written that America has the best and only way to do things? We Americans are all over the world using the military and the military is promoting international marriages. One way to approach this and reduce the number of children affected is by education, not propaganda that America or western ideas are the way to go for the rest of the world. Sure these countries take our aid, wouldn't you if you had nothing and someone was offering you help? Japan is not a poor country but if America is giving stuff away, why not take it. If I was in situation in a country where by marrying a military person I could get myself a better way of living, I would most likely take it to better myself and not have to want to spend the rest of my life married to the military person. It’s done in America now by Americans, marrying to improve life and once it is, goodbye to the marriage. Americans do it all the time. There are lonely young men in the military that get attention from local girls/women because the locals want that chance for a better life. Our military should not be promoting this type of get together, but it is. On military TV and in printed information available. The military was setup in Japan after the war and decisions were made based partly/wholly on conventional warfare with the China/Korea problems. Also to help set it up again, like we are doing in Iraq, now. We have the equipment to put the military any where in the world in hours now and we certainly are not going to invade Korea or China with troops. We are in a big hole now with spending, why not call it a day in Japan and find another country to populate or bring the military home and let the resources serve a better cause, our own country.

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I m here with my wife and her children from prior marriage. Custody was given to her and the right to live in Japan. She inform the ex she was moving and did everything the court required before we moved to Japan. Well the thing her lawyer did not foresee or inform her about was after we got here her ex started a new custody case and there was no way we could afford to fly there, find a place to rent, rent a car, hire a lawyer and take time off from work to do all the things required to meet court dates. We did try to submit documents to the court but they were denied by the court. Later found out it was as simple as we did not send the documents to the ex's lawyer 1st. End of the story was the ex did not have to pay back child support or future support or any sort of care.He got custody of the kids and a warrant was issued for my wifes arrest. Everything that was required to be able to move here was done with court approval and as soon as we got here, it was all taken away because we could not afford to fly back and fight. My point is not everything about these case is so clear to see or understand for that matter.

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