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Posted in: Judge OKs extradition to Japan of 2 men accused of aiding Ghosn escape See in context

Those guys are cool in my book. They also didnt really break the law.

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Posted in: Nagasaki marks 75th A-bomb anniversary See in context

For the record, they clearly were not going to stop the horrors and torment they were committing. The Batan death march and other things (not to mention their ally with mustache). Pure stubborness from hell.

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Posted in: 3 arrested for tossing woman’s body from bridge into Gunma river See in context

How in the hell does anyone even meet anyone face to face off of a social networking site these days? Some get ghosted from replies of being a penpal. I guess you gotta say you want to throw them off a bridge or promote for kyabakura and/or porn and then they'll be right over.

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Posted in: Mauritius seeks compensation from Japanese ship owner as fuel spill cleanup continues See in context

Leave it to the japanese to destroy the oceans and all the life in it. From the radiation leakage to this,..its clearly an omen. too bad many sheepish japanese anime worshipers don't see it...or do not want to. they just say 'well, everyone else is doing it, too!'

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Posted in: Japan to grant re-entry 'gradually' to foreign residents stuck abroad See in context

They want it were they only can freely move around and do anything, yet not the other way around. Some with some sense can see how they do things. They want to control and manipulate everything.

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Posted in: Koike urged to take lead in raising women representation in politics See in context

the lady seems useless. then again, i would say the same about the whole damn gov over there. when it comes to changing what needs to be changed, that gets hidden, killed off, or just swept under the rug. nothing really changed from 70 something years ago and some radiation clouds.

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Posted in: European Parliament urges Japan to revamp child custody rules See in context

Hope they can learn to respect humanitarian causes and rights, and not just use the 'japan is a unique culture and you must respect, understand, and follow it' typical statement. I know if they had such a law when I was there, my friend would still have his child. They want the world to follow them and abide by their harmnony and 'wa' but dont follow things when it does not fit their comfort zone. pure control on their behalf. They'll probably try to throw money at it in replacement of actually following through.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 75 coronavirus infections; drops below 100 for 1st time in 7 days See in context

Many would say that number is due to japan's culture of wearing face masks everywhere and even to bed. Besides masks really being something more of 75% psychological thing for them along with not standing out (in fear of offending those who don't want you to stand out), I think they just did a good job in team work and cooperating in large numbers, which is nothing new for them. They definitely dodged a bullet.

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Posted in: Tokyo Disney parks reopen after 4-month closure due to virus See in context

why do THEY ALL do the peace sign when taking pictures? Can you imagine how many other things cultural and mentally THEY ALL do? God forbid one of the ants dislike you or you don't fit in and stand out.

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Posted in: Hong Kong police make first arrests under new security law See in context

Seems like the world's borders are closing (even if in cases they are not) ...or a good natural flow of universalism within humanity is retracting. Japan prefers it that way anyway. Especially when it benefits japan.

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Posted in: Okinawan governor seeks to back anti-hate laws with criminal punishment See in context

I, as well as my American friend have been treated horribly in japan. But not only was it verbal, it was very subtle and sneaky,.. something in the air at times and those eyes through the surgical masks that would somehow create a xenophobic air and atmosphere were you didn't fit in.

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Posted in: Japan begins distributing cash handouts for virus relief See in context

they do the same thing and copy the U.S. with damn near everything. come to think of it, these days, not sure who is copying who anymore. as the young consumer is so influenced by japanese pop culture and thinking. its not a true universal system. but a manipulated and fake one.

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Posted in: Streisand among stars to stage coronavirus fundraiser for LGBT+ centers See in context

In this day and age, the truth is, you'd be discriminated on for NOT being gay or ok with things of their lifestyle! Who are they fooling?? I have seen numerous times of people being harassed and lost their jobs because of the people being straight. Equal rights is equal rights.

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Posted in: 5 youths arrested over death of 81-year-old homeless man See in context

I would even go out on a limb and say that that type of mental illness has bled into other countries and their subtle cultural influences and see many similar things since i left that dark place. im sure a lot has come from pop-culture. its like they made other countries start thinking like them in many social aspects, intentionally or not. anybody else see those similarities?? I used to never see some of the stuff or social rules in the states and other countries as I did in japan, but now it is almost as if they are japanese with certain things. i think the past several decades people have thought of them as some kind of chosen people of God or something. not sure why. sure as hell definitely not the case. they had potential to do right with certain things from 70 years ago, but seems as if nothing has really changed. and all that seems cute, clean, tidy, and hard working on the surface and outside, is still dirty as hell on the in, especially if the work is not directed in the right direction.

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Posted in: 5 youths arrested over death of 81-year-old homeless man See in context

bully culture and group mentality that singles out and isolates a weak link is a mental illness in itself. its really shocking though just how many of those types of things, even worse I have read, that had happened in japan. and some of those people went free and became popular and developed well lived lives afterwards. one psycho became a body builder and a hsotess i was told by a japanese national once, while when he was in middle school he tortured some kid and did a bunch of other stuff. that word..psycho. has a different meaning in japan. i keep a distance from that demonic stuff, but study the dangers it has on the world and people.

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Posted in: Hikaru Utada previews new song as she hikes through Japan Alps See in context

I remember I bought her first cd when it was released in japan. her earlier stuff was really good. but then again, a lot of the ealrier japanese pop songs between ayumi and others were not so bad. different era and future potential of hope chosen by God I guess. I agree.

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Posted in: Economists predict coronavirus job fallout will be greater than Lehman shock See in context

Doesn't seem to be that bad there, and business as usual with japan inc. But exactly how are some foreign nationals still able to live there without a job (considering you are not homeless like some I know) is beyond me.

To the commentors mentioning about abe not resigning until the constitution being changed to go to war are exactly correct. seems like that is their prime motivation, and possibly the reason the government not wanting to pay out money to help people during the situation. definitely and agenda going on between that and the olympic efforts and cover ups.

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Posted in: Man arrested for molesting boy in station building toilet See in context


'Schools should teach boxing. It's a wonderful self defence and form of fighting. If this kid could box, this damn pervert would be hurting right now.'

If only it were the 90's. You do know these days sickos will use your actions to counter attack you with legal actions.

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Posted in: Japanese man suspected of murdering Norwegian woman in Laos See in context

Don't think they are going to find him. There was once a japanese nut job who murdered a British English teacher at Nova who managed to dodge authorities for quite sometime. They have a way of blending in well, especially in asia. its almost like, these days, if you say you japanese, being a man, they show all kinds of respect to you. you could be dirt bag ugly, and still get good pick with the ladies. amazing what pop-culture popularity can do.

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Posted in: Japanese man suspected of murdering Norwegian woman in Laos See in context

How do those types even get married? Sounds like the guy had a large social circle of ex-wives. All I can say is, ...they sure can pick them. From those beauties going with the porn recruiters to thugs, punks and drug dealers like that guy, ..all the while other some men can't seem to find a decent basic wife..

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Posted in: 60% in Japan feel gov't handled early stages of virus poorly: poll See in context

I dont think they care nor does it effect them for going to work like a robot. their mentality is: dont need to get better, but dont need to change anything either. dochi demo ii. just stay within the a shadowy figure.

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Posted in: Many go to work despite Abe's call for telework See in context

From what it seems, they really had their eye set on those olympics, regardless of the situation...and prepared for it ahead of time..? It just seems they are going to work like it is nothing going on while the rest of the world is on lock down and has to stay home. the japanese have been known to just go to work regardless of being sick or missing a limb. but effort in other areas in life is obviously a no no. something seems fishy, but it is what it is. they have been known to be below the belt and manipulate things to go in their favor.

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Posted in: Abe to declare state of emergency for Tokyo, 6 prefectures See in context

It just seems the majority of japanese are just not effected by this virus for some reason, I dont know. that is a good thing for them. also, they obviously were ready to go for the olympics, regardless of everything that was going on globally. Now,..they want to declare a state of emergency? doesnt seem real. Why now?? Declaring a state of emergency when you do not need to declare one does not make sense. I would be more curious to know why they are not effected by the virus.

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Posted in: Japan to set up coronavirus task force; no state of emergency yet See in context

I personally think a herd mentality is dangerous. You have so many people running around doing things and reacting out of the herd. It kinda sapps away necessary things for an organic ecosystem and people just hoard away things and it creates waste. I feel their reaction is not real in this situation.

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Posted in: Japan, spared mass outbreak so far, now sees national crisis after Tokyo surge See in context

I feel now, from celebrities to some politicians in japan might actually say they have caught the virus,...why? because everyone else is doing it, so we have to do the same. like a boom. Especially now that the Olympics has been postponed anyway,..their motivation to be a 'safety' haven is put to the side.

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Posted in: Artificial intelligence may be pandemic lifesaver... one day See in context

Robotic artificial intelligence or human?

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Posted in: Telework, stockpiling spread in Tokyo after Koike's press conference See in context


Japan lives by booms and herds

70s Oil Shock and toilet paper; 1988 taifuns and ’taimai’.

Glad washlets pervade now, but so still does supply built around shopping for the day rather than week or month.

Buddy,.. if you did not just speak some truth. I fear japan somehow influenced the outside world on those 'booms' and herd mentality in western countries who were, in the past, more independent in though and mind when it came to making choices and purchase choices. I do not think in the 90's you would have had so many people all go out and buy toilet paper in the same way like mindless robots. It is really unheard of. Almost like video game characters all doing the same thing in the villages!

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Posted in: Koike urges Tokyo residents to stay at home at weekend See in context

I don't know why but I have a feeling they are immune to it somehow. Not sure how and why. I spoke to someone who lives in japan now and I kinda got upset with her how she really did not take my words of advice seriously,..almost as to make fun of it and to make me seem as if I was panicking - its really like they dont care or really not concerned about it. i remember when i lived there, i caught all kinds of crazy and nasty viruses from kids to idiot adults coughing and not covering their mouths. I also remember seeing something about a japanese drug being offered online or somewhere that states that it helps people recover from the virus. maybe some countries are trying to capitilize during these times on something. That is a bit sick if you ask me,..not in the virus sense.

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Posted in: Abe says G7 supports 'complete' Games, but polls back postponement See in context

Just shows the true and selfish nature of how japan operates - for them to still want to go through with the event is clearly selfish and greed. they will cancel other events for protections of royal members, but still promoting an event that will clearly spread a dangerous virus. no different how they operate with work. just a 'ganbare' go to work even if you are sick and spread it to everyone else. this post will get deleted by the moderators because they do not believe in free speech and anything that shows the dark and dangerous side of stuff coming from japan.

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Posted in: Australian politician calls for immediate review of all anime due to depictions of 'child abuse' See in context

@Paul Laimal-Convoy

Crazy, right? back when I was there, I remember seeing worse stuff people read. there is always that 'its our/my culture' vs. its is clearly a danger to society and the world and produces and makes more mentally ill people...? Same with people in china eating all kinds of crazy stuff and endangered animals - it kind of puts others at risk when diseases start spreading. I am sure some would argue that some people of that 'culture' are born that way and they cannot help it.

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