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Posted in: JICA, Kumamoto tie up to facilitate hosting of foreign workers See in context

I will take quality of quantity any day. One person can be worth thousands. But not with mindless lemmings who all do the same thing.

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Posted in: Foreign tourists in Kyoto reminded of etiquette via smartphones See in context

It seems the japanese can do all kinds of things from peeing in public outside, taking up space on the trains, groping, and damn near anything they want,.. but if a foreigners were to do 1/4th of any of those things, they got attacked for it. but yet they still want that money pouring in, though. that passive aggression strategy they use is getting old and they should try to learn to understand other people's cultures and customs. If not, they don't have to have people from abroad enter. Why not go back to the Edo period. See how that will work out for you.

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Posted in: Foreign tourists in Kyoto reminded of etiquette via smartphones See in context


Nail on the head, brother. I swear, I think they do this on a global scale with pop-culture and stuff and non-japanese people do not even realize it. God forbid they step out of their comfort zone a bit.

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Posted in: Leader of all-male pop group Tokio engaged to TV personality See in context

those women are mentally and culturally groomed for them. good luck if you do not fit the system.

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That is legal because of the need of the tourist dollar. Times have definitely changed since I can recall.

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Posted in: 'Weathering with You' anime submitted for Best International Film Oscar See in context

who watches that and why?

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Something comes off as more sick and twisted with this. They should educate people to be respectful of others rather than sick fashion statements. I thought honor and respect was a thing over there. maybe that died off with the samurai.

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Posted in: Writer hopes Japanese step out of 'comfort zone' as society diversifies See in context

From my experience abroad and helping young people learn a foreign language, rather than them speaking a language fluently and passing an exam, I think the most important thing is the right motivation and heart. I would think having a good heart and at least an ounce of God in it to be important. I don't think a people should think of themselves and their race as being superior or more pure than others. And if they do find themselves to be more blessed, I would consider it a duty to help those who are less fortunate. Thinking of your race as being more worthy and the other less is very dangerous and wrong. But cultures are so important to some people, and if you don't fit with theirs, you are out of luck and they will bully. That is why I personally think there should be some slack in letting races, people, and cultures to be free to flow and mix. Doesn't have to be forced, but free to do so. Problem is, you have so many drones and lemmings that all do the same thing in unity. It is like feast or famine with some.

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Posted in: S Korea warns of security impact if dropped from Japan's easy-trade list See in context

Talk to some people have successful at living in Japan - we have almost all spent some effort to integrate, and generally have entirely different experiences than your friend.

From what it seems, they do not let some have the opportunity to 'integrate'. The nail that sticks out gets hammered down.

They seem to have a type of mental complex when it comes to something or someone being original or being better than them. If they can't duplicate it, it angers them somehow. Seriously. They like things that they can copy or imitate to perfection and later on make better. Or,.. they much prefer the other party copy or imitate them, kind of like what they told the Koreans to do back in the day. They told them to speak japanese, study shinto, but if they ask you if you are japanese, say no...what the hell is that??

I think most if the successful gaijin there are kind of cookie cut to their mold, therefore, have access to the never never land amusement park. So, i guess in a way, not fitting in there is maybe a good thing. Especially if you are not ok with dark sick and demented pedophila perversions. I would think that place to be a haven for sick individuals who believe in no higher power spiritual reverance.

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Posted in: S Korea warns of security impact if dropped from Japan's easy-trade list See in context

From what my American friend mentioned from his experiences living in japan and dealing with the majority of the people there, especially in tokyo, he was clearly treated as a POW there. His ignorance was somewhat bliss at first, but gradually realized after scraping the surface of cool gadgets and technical conveniences and kawaii faces, that he jumped out of the fire pan and into the fire. they killed his child and it was horrible how they did him. But clearly, based on history as well, it is not a country for humanitarian rights and global security and peace. C'mon,.. look at the dark anime, pedophilia, and other sick, dark, and twisted things there. something is not right. You do not even have to be religious, just someone who acknowledges light and goodness..

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Posted in: Sony first quarter net profit down 32.8% See in context

Like their products, their movies have become horrible as well.

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Posted in: Trump tweets threaten to disrupt U.S.-China trade talks See in context

Many say I am negative, stuck in the past and dealing with issues, but I can clearly see, he is one of the best damn Presidents the U.S. had in a while. and I by far trust the people in his cabinet than the blue team. He obviously calls people out and then they get 'offended' to what he says but the guy has common sense and just doesnt give good speeches or blows smoke. he also respects people's spiritual rights and freedoms which I think is important when it comes to having a sane society. While his style is a bit overly direct with things for many, I personally think 4 more years is not enough to have such a as President Trump, and seeing the other bunch in line is really scary.

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So, one year before Japan hosts the Paralympics they put a severely disabled person into the diet and renovate to accomodate him. Coincidence? Hmm?

Totally agree. While I would like to think they are changing for the better, I can almost guarantee the thugs and crawly critters are all but under the rugs and things are the same. Its all surface level stuff and a bit staged. After the stuff I heard about and what had happened to some people, it is no wonder they sided with Hitler.

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For a culture and modern mindset that promotes and encourages attacking and bullying the weak and destroying their will to survive and function in a society, I find this hard to believe and to be mere lip service or 'bakeru hada', as they are masters of. But they will do what they can to make people believe otherwise.

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Posted in: Concerned citizens criticize Japanese gov't over worsening ties with S Korea See in context

"This clearly hostile action can be a lethal blow to the South Korean economy,"

I disagree. I love American products and these days, that is all I will invest in, however, I love Samsung phones and their products. I personally find that japanese products (among other things) are not what they used to be, and that they missed their train on something or got lost a while back when they had their opportunity. There was a time when some people I know took refuge there, hoping to find a fresh start, but after living there, was not treated fairly. From their products to even their anime and games, something has been lost and is still leaving.

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Posted in: 56% oppose amending Constitution under Abe gov't: poll See in context

56%? Yeah, right... Not a true number. More like 5%. And the ones who oppose are pretty much do-sho-mo-nai. They can clearly defend themseleves now if they had to. Anything else is gearing up for an offensive war and its amazing anime brainwashed fools cannot see it.

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Posted in: J-rock star Miyavi on mission to change Japan's tune on refugees See in context

I find his actions very cheap. But you can't really expect anything else I guess. But yet they those feet are swift to change that constitution though, all in the name of helping the international community. How have people become so blind these days?

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Posted in: Abe says he will seek 'flexible' discussions on constitutional revision See in context

One must ask, why has Abe been in that seat for so long.. I think the majority of japanese are in on the revision. Its like hunting and eating whale meat there - the japanese will say they don't eat it or care for it, but they still going out hunting religiously. Same with 'protestors' out in the streets over there. The protestors are not even real. Culturally for them, there is no such thing as 'protesting' or rocking the boat against their authority - Just follow the one at the top without questions. In a way, them being colonized might have been a good thing, but it is possible the U.S. did not do that and the bamboo just bending right back to its old ways. Nothing changes, just time went by and people forgot and died off..

Why erase and hide history and not tell the truth of the wrongs done by japan of the past? When they trhow anime and cute animated faces and digital gadgets, many will let their guard down and, hell, maybe even be ok with being ruled by them. Many idiots fail to realize they are far behind in human rights.

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If they really wanted better relations with their neighbors, they would keep article 9. Japan can defend itself and help allies if need be in its current state. That law was put in place for a reason and I can see why. I think U.S. presence there now is a good thing. Changing it is clearly an ego thing and is going to be a very bad, and on a global scale, especially if an all out war breaks loose.

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The japanese have a way of bullying and being passive aggressive. Not to mention stubborn. they are slow to apologize and make amends with their past wrongs. They will mistreat and abuse someone, and when the other party reacts, they want to make them look bad. Meanwhile, trying to showcase to the world that they are 'hardworking', 'respectful', and 'harmonious'. But it is only about themselves and their rules/culture.

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Posted in: Japan-South Korea trade dispute threatens global tech market See in context

What efforts at reconciliation? The reason why Europeans have forgiven Germany is because German leaders have kneeled down on statutes are cried and begged for forgiveness. Germany have not only compensated financially everybody which amounted to several hundred billion dollars, they also teach their kids since youn age how bad their country was. Nazi symbols are banned in Germany, and saying one good word about Nazi germany would get you arrested. Now compare that with Japan where J politicians literally deny their entire history, and keep antagonizing and insulting Koreans and Chinese by saying comfort women were sluts and Chinese are lying, and then claim they should be thankful to the Japanese for liberating them, and then visit the Yasukuni Shrine where Tojo is enshrined. Do you seriously think there would ever be peace in Europe if Merkel or any German politician, not even a leader, just any bozo from their government visits a Church where Hitler is enshrined, or says that Poland should be thankful to Germany for liberating them from Russia, or that the Jews are lying? Bro, i am originally from Europe, you have no idea what will happen in Europe if they did that. There is going to be a very violent riots on the streets, cars will be trashed, buildings will be burned. You see what the French do when they protest for minimum wage, imagine what they would do if German officials deny their history. Peace in Europe would be impossible if Germany took the same position Japan did.

@Ilovecoffe - could not agree more.

Some say Japan tried to copy England's imperialistic model at the time. But I would think they obviously lacked Christ and substituted it with shintoism, thus lacked a sense of human rights and civil mindedness.

I know people who are married to a japanese spouse, and they have serious sense of stubbornness and unwillingness to accept others' differences, let a lone a disability or handicap. Seems everything has to be their way or within their cultural worshipping acceptances. If you combine that with an unhealthy homogenous mindset, you have some dangerous folk. I am sure many POW's would tell you how they are.

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Posted in: Japan revises law to ban parents from physically punishing children See in context

So pretty much they want them more spoiled then they already are.

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Posted in: Nearly 50% of Japan's singles have no dating prospects: gov't survey See in context

I don't think finances are an issue. A lot of people, from what I witnessed in Tokyo, were loaded and financially ok - they could have easily went back with my American friend to live in the land of the free, with her Alicia keys phone cover and American flag backpack. But, within their taste or how they have been groomedin their minds as to what a good partner equates to them. Such a shame, though. So many of those beautiful women I saw there. It was love at first sight (though there is no such thing for them in their world) Only SHOKAIs (from group friends) or company NOMIKAIs. Or,.. adult video actresses who get recruited and are wasted away by goons and thugs. Amazing their is such control over their people and the thinking.

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She believes that the Japanese authorities are waking up to anime's importance and global reach "as a export force"

they are so full of it - I think they were aware of it long ago and have been using it for that. Unfortunately it is was a gateway thing that brought me into knowing anything japan. If only I could talk to my younger self. I much rather watch the stuff they copied from and that has purer and better motives.

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Posted in: Japan's private lodgings grow 8-fold in 1 year; half run by businesses See in context

Supply and demand. damn near anything japanese is popular now, even really crappy things. they use it in their favor. is it in the best interest of the higher overall good, I don't think so. bit if foreigners keep pouring in throwing their money, I guess they will take it.

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Posted in: Japan offers most paid leave for fathers in world, but few take it See in context

They know full well that fathers won't take it, thats why they offer it so high. Just another way to improve the image over the actual reality.

Vince hit the nail on the head. Japan: Form over Substance.

I give these two the honorable common sense comment award. Nail on the head, seriously.

You can pay people financial wages that make them overly capable of being fathers/parents and contributors to a society lacking necessary things, but unfortunately that doesn't make them do so. They'd rather blow that money on the groomed kyabakura women and other selfish and greedy things. I am sure there a lot of children who would be happy to have a parent or parents who would be there for them. But just tossing money in that direction doesn't make things better either I would think. Six months paid leave!?? Did not think it was that much. Wow.

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Posted in: Illustrator shows different types of perverts encountered on Japanese trains See in context

Goes to show you, when you have a large majority of people jam packed, anywhere and in any place, lacking a compass of morality and goodness within their heart and mind, you have some very sick, dangerous, and disturbing people who will do anything to anyone in a vulnerable position they feel they can get away with. Very dangerous and disturbing. You did not have that a long time ago. For children or adults. I wonder why.

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Posted in: Outrage at acquittals in rape cases sparks calls to fix Japanese law See in context

Unfortunately perversions and sexual evil runs rampant their. It is in their pop-culture bands and mindset, sadly. It is what runs the kyabakura/ AKB48 culture and grooms their women. The day you see one of those beauties with their arms around someone like mine is the day that crap came to an end, or a brighter future. But as of now,..oil and water.

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Posted in: Outrage at acquittals in rape cases sparks calls to fix Japanese law See in context

A lot of Japanese AV or porn is based upon poorly written scripts of men forcing themselves on women, who eventually start to enjoy it. With the number of men whose sole sex education and experience is watching these films, is it any wonder that it happens so frequently, and that they have the attitude that they do?

Even their culture of ropes and bondage to women says a lot in itself. Lacking much chivalry and manners to women to say the least.

But strangely, I remember most of the women not liking being treated with respect, almost being shocked like deers in headlights by it at times when I was there. Or maybe they much rather wanted their men to be that way as opposed to an outside American.

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Posted in: Stations to suspend use of trash cans, lockers in Osaka for 6 days during G20 summit See in context

One of the other things I just remembered that I could never understand - NO TRASH CANS!! LOL. That was the craziest thing! I would never have anywhere to throw things away. I sure as h$# never wanted to keep trash in a bag in my bag or in my pocket. You could never even find somewhere sit down on a bench and rest to eat/drink anything either.

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