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Posted in: Japan's top two banks report double-digit full-year profit declines See in context

I really disliked japanese banks. I always had a bad vibe about going into them and putting my money in there. Especially that mizuho and mfug. I felt better after I opened an account with a foreign international bank.

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Posted in: Japan begins last round of 'research' whaling off Pacific coast See in context

Seriously, how do they get away with doing that? Piccachu, dragon ball, and other 'cool-Japan' culture has definitely buttered up many of the younger generational law makers abroad, unfortunately, for japans favour.

Why don't they just hunt whales in their own waters? And not endangered whales. And not so many?

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Posted in: Japan begins last round of 'research' whaling off Pacific coast See in context

I cannot understand why they say it is for research. How many whales do they need to kill for research. And also, why do they all say they don't eat it and that long ago, they used to serve it in their school lunches, but they don't eat it now - They all lying. They just say that to make the west think that they don't it it when in actuality they are still eating it secretly. That documentary the cove was truly horrible and heartbreaking. Why would anyone want to hurt whales and dolphin..!? And in such large numbers and as barbaric?? Such beautiful animals.

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Posted in: Woman, 3-year-old daughter killed, 8 others injured after car, garbage truck collide in Tokyo See in context

I really hated garbage trucks and the drivers when I lived there. Do they still scream 'orei, orei, orei!' in the mornings in the alleys and streets there?

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Posted in: Woman arrested for leaving baby after giving birth in convenience store bathroom See in context

3rd wealthiest developed nation in the world and you have people doing that. Why? Same reason they'd rather abort children rather than give up their selfish time. very selfish mindset.

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I remember an American friend of mine once went into a bar that an amazingly beautiful japanese woman invited him into as she was standing in the entrance of it texting a friend. Long story short, turns out she was sharing a table in that bar with some dirt bag looking mafia type j-men. One of the men grabbed his croch and said, 'Oh,..very big!' and when my friend face palmed the guy into the wall, the guy thrown into the wall and his henchmen all started doing the whole rolling their 'r's' and yarrro ' surrounding this guy by himself saying 'this is japan! and if you dont like it, get out!'..Man, the stuff they did to that guy was unbelievably against all human rights that if anyone saw you'd think differently of the place. In a way, the whole concept of katakana is kind of a way of not wanting to 'get the hands dirty touching something from the outside' in a way.

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Posted in: Half of foreigners in Tokyo have experienced discrimination: survey See in context

Very interesting to see posts are flooded with foreigners who lived there for over 10 years saying they have had nothing but love and welcome from living in japan. and then you have the group who had experienced difficulty and harsdhip. somehow if you fall in the catagory of not fitting in or if you had problems, then you should go off yourself or there was something wrong with you. but in the same sentence they want to say spread love...?? its the modern superficialism running rampant. I personally feel the ones who had experienced hardship and difficulty are far more realistic and true. As it seems, japan has always welcomed certain foreigner, and the ones the japanese let stay longer or join their communities recently were the ones who fit their mold and were not a threat to their sovereignty. it didn't matter if you were a handsome and had justice written on your face who were a messenger of God, they have a mold they want filled in. maybe the same said of any place high-jacked by evil. i guess which explains why most of the foreigners who were on tv were always made out to look foolish or stupid while making the japanese men look good, even though most of the men in reality in japan act childish and stupid. i remember going to an 'international' party looking to meet a nice j-girl who would hopefully be 'international' at heart, but they all were into the most stupidest characters of men, foreigner and japanese a like.

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Posted in: Ex-Japanese envoy to Iran faces complaint over sexual offense See in context

there are a lot of japanese who abide by their culture of singling out, bullying, harassment, and sick perversion. they should round up all those dangerous people there who do such attacks on anyones freedom like that.

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Posted in: Virgin territory: Study shows heterosexual inexperience rising in Japan See in context

Not true - This is just for their 'image'. They have so many hentai magazines in convenient stores and recruiters passing out tissues to recruit women into the 'industry'.

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Posted in: Gov't says official translation for next era name Reiwa is 'beautiful harmony' See in context

'harmony' in their view is a kind of mental disease of homogeny and murdering/weeding out those who are 'different'...those different in the good sense of different. they want everyone to be like them, following their ways and ideals, eliminating any kind of threat or competition..enforcing a passive/aggressive way. and when you disagree or speak up about it, you are wrong. its like persecuting free speech in a way. nothing beautiful about that. they should seek beauty in disharmony, helping and being a friend to those who are not in their popular circles.

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Posted in: Japan's emperors: From divine commander to 'comforter-in-chief' See in context

*On a side note

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Posted in: Japan's emperors: From divine commander to 'comforter-in-chief' See in context

I think the japanese emperors will always have militaristic power and influence, no matter how much they try to make you think otherwise,.. lowering your guard.

On a side not: Long live U.S. General Douglas MacArthur.

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Posted in: 7-Eleven to replace president as it considers changing 24-hour policy See in context

It is very interesting, yet a bit concerning, how they always try to attach something to foreign companies - Why can't it just be 7-11? what is with all of the 'holdings' and other stuff. And Is Lawson and Japan's other convenient stores having the same problem? I don't think so. I think its a strategy to undermine or hurt the American convenient store chain. Not fair competition. But that is how they roll.

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Posted in: Abe explains choice of Reiwa for next era name See in context

Its their passive aggressive 'Ijiwaru' mentality. Maybe he thinks putting this up is going to make people think they are about peace while they are trying to change their current contract of the denouncement of war. I really do hope they can honor and strive for peace, but my personally experiences with them beg to differ.

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Posted in: Japan to develop air-to-ship long-range cruise missiles See in context

Clearly they want to be able to go on the offensive and not be held liable for their actions if an all out war broke out. People with half a brain knew how reluctant they were to surrender the first time when they were in the wrong.

Their current self defense constitution they have now is enough for them to defend themselves if something were to happen. but if they changed their word what they said 70 years ago of being a country model of peace, then,...that pretty much sums up their current motives obviously.

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Posted in: Ghosn posts ¥1 billion bail; released after 108 days in detention See in context

Not sure why they need masks to escort the man out of the building. They are obsessed with covering their faces, hiding things, and what others think of them. They are like the same person...seems like damn near everyone on the trains over there wore those masks,..and with nothing to do with them having allergies! I remember the eyes and stares at me when they would sit across from me,..watching every move from me picking my nose to looking out the window at nature. Maybe I should not be looking at this,.. as these goons trigger parts of my trauma.

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Posted in: Court approves Ghosn's release on ¥1 bil bail See in context

I am curious as to what others on a global scale think of the judicial system in japan. Doesn't take a lawyer to see something isn't right obvioulsy.

On a side note, think of all of the poor souls who don't have the publicity or 8 million dollars laying around to get bailed out and who had to stay in there without the family and other psychological support. I heard that place is seriously horrific. I heard they won't even let you pray, kicking the glass/cage windows. doing the same when trying to sleep.. you can't read english magazines or books. they will even tie you with ropes to a chair that would cut your blood circulation to you arms and legs if you move. the guards will look through the window and laugh at you as you are in pain and call you an ugly foreigner.

Like someone said, japan can exploit a foreigner, learn what they need, and then discard them after they get what they want at anytime while throwing them under the bus like nothing. I seriously can't see a future in humanity with that kind of law. they should have been colonized to a certain extent.

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Posted in: 45-year-old man arrested for killing parents See in context

I really hope they can get the help they need in their society.. its really sad seeing these stories that happen all of the time over there. All I know is this American has tried, but they didn't let me. Living there damn near almost killed me.

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Posted in: Japan to ban physical punishment of children by parents See in context

Bad idea. Some children you don't need to spank. Others need that approach. They should even bring it back in schools. But I guess they want more spoiled people/adults being groomed in japan. I would think like anything,.. moderation and balance is important. Some parents overly do it or abuse it, while others don't do enough.

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Posted in: Abe backs Trump after Kim summit ends with no deal See in context

I dont know why,..but I get the vibe he doesn't really support trump. he just wants to get what he wants. I dont think japan wants the U.S. to have good relations with N. Korea. I personally think the Koreans have better potential in asia than the japanese. the japanese persecuted the koreans horribly back in the day.

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Posted in: 7,000 cryptocurrency laundering cases reported in Japan in 2018 See in context

speaking of the devil. was just typing about this. they were paying for their child pornography with cryptocurrency?

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Posted in: Worshippers divided over e-money offerings at Japanese temples See in context

I believe bitcoin is something created by japan. same with the e-money thing.. They always want to swipe it with a card for convenience like a robot. same with their charities - I am sure they'd rather just digitally wire it to the place/account,.. rather than meet the people, give a handshake, and build sincere human connections. that currency would fail. people can't be perverted robots.

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Posted in: Ministry of Justice's human rights bureau offers free consultations to foreign residents See in context

The more I see stuff like this and reflect on how I was treated and the time spent there,.. its like I was a traumatized prisoner of war. I guess that is also why many other POWs would also state they were not treated humanly by those bastards.

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Posted in: Pervert trigger-happy anime vigilante becomes poster boy for Osaka police recruitment campaign See in context

That should be for all of japan!..they just need to have him wear a surgical mask and it would be more accurate.

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Posted in: High risk of powerful quake in northeastern Japan within 30 years: panel See in context

Exactly one week before the 3/11 earthquake, I'll never forget the American guy I met at a guest house once. This guy was in the kitchen with I and three girls. He sits down at the table with us and he says,'...I saw the craziest and most horrible dream last night.... I saw buildings crumbling and huge waves,...I think there is going to be an earthquake soon. The room went silent. Sure enough,.. that big one hit the following week. When all of the trains stopped and people had to walk for miles back to wherever, some of us met up again at that guest house. we were all surprised as to how the hell he predicted that! Too bad he didn't seem to know himself as it seemed to be something he wasn't regularly in tune with,.. as he could have warned others on a broader scale. He said it was God who warned him. I think animals could do that also maybe. unfortunately he had bad experiences in japan, not in relation to the earthquake,.. but they didn't treat him so well. too bad. he seemed like a good guy. guess he just didn't fit in there. And we all know what they do to the nail that stands out..

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Posted in: Power cut disrupts Tokyo rush hour trains, affecting 280,000 commuters See in context

Good. I would shut it down for a week and tell all of them to take a chill pill and learn to be human and interact with people. people who are different. unfortunate. handicapped. alone and bullied. the ones who have no friends.

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Posted in: Okinawa base referendum may deal nationwide electoral blow to Abe See in context

The American forces did a lot for the people of Okinawa back in the day. they quick to forget. The japanese soldiers of the Imperial forces forced the okinawan people to commit suicide after the U.S. won. It is too bad that region of Japan (okinawa) couldn't do more to harmonize with the American soldiers. Too bad more servicemen couldn't have found nice spouses and made better communities. Comminities were they can respect one another. I bet their economy will be effected when the U.S. leaves. It is a shame most places just uses the U.S. for finances, but never wants to really mix with some of us. especially if we are already deluded by some standards.

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Posted in: Emperor thanks people for support during 30-year reign; urges Japan to open up to world See in context

the emperor, who does not have political power, expressed hope...

Believe that if you want to. they still have a lot of political power and I believe they want others to think otherwise.

If an all out global war broke out, they would very much hope japan have a favorable win for their advantage...I can almost guarantee you that.

A world where there is bullying, everyone having to look and act the same, perversion and harassment, and fake robotic human interactions,...?? No way. No peace there.

If I had a loving and peaceful acceptance among those people with a sense of universal values respected, I would have sincerely told you otherwise.

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Posted in: Former AKB48 idol singer Mariko Shinoda gets proposed to on first date; says yes, is now married See in context

For the sake of humanity, i hope that toxic culture stays within the barrel of that country. they are very dangerously stupid. idiot boyfriend can't even show his face. might as well wear the typical surgical mask. study and view from afar, but do not follow that crap. know thy enemy.

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Posted in: Transport ministry employee arrested for filming up girl’s skirt on train See in context

There is a dark, sick, and perverted cultural mindset in that country (similar to Hollywood's pervertedness possibly). But people don't know that at first... They just think they are all respectful, hard-working, and 'polite'.. I know an American guy who spent sometime living in that country and he was groped and touched by men over there. It was very embarrassing for him and how they treated him. But he often cracked their heads and faces open and got in trouble for defending himself. He was already suffering from trauma from a previous incident by a sick individual, but only jump from the frying pan and into the fire by moving to that country,..and only increased the severity of his trauma. Japanese men often made jokes and were curious to black men and had perverted jokes. Sickos like that messed up him up for life and he is dealing with it still to this day. Perverted sick mindset is a toxic to society and its safety. Nobody should have to deal with that and its a threat to society and people juts going about their day.

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