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John-San comments

Posted in: Phone cameras can take in more light than the human eye See in context

I noticed this ability years ago. Video taken on smart phone has even better ability in defusing light compared to the human eye.

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Posted in: Netanyahu acknowledges 'tragic mistake' after Rafah strike kills at least 45 Palestinians See in context

The same word Miloservic used to defend his and his war cabinet action in Serbia/ Bosnia. Another tragic mistake to add to the butcher of Gaza list of growing war crimes.

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Posted in: We want hunters to be able to fire in urban areas if the situation is right. See in context

Maybe at these ranges there is supervised shooting where a licence in not needed. A bullet can travel for 500 meters and still be very effective. Where a bolt or arrow exhaust their energy very quickly and have are less effective over 150 meter if it can reach that distance. Say If I saw a bear after 2:30 pm I would run inside ring the Authorities then prime my crossbow and go back out and try and put it down. Before 2:30 I would run inside and ring the authorities and say inside. Why after 2:30. is because it is close to school getting let out and hence the urgency.

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Posted in: We want hunters to be able to fire in urban areas if the situation is right. See in context

Hawk. Yes very effective under 100 meters. Yes a rifle is more effective. Japan does not have a firearm culture due to the commitment required to obtain a rifle licence. It can take up to 5 years of sitting firearm safe use theory testing and in the last year some practical befor you can even buy a rifle. So hunters with gun living in built up areas are very uncommon. There are young hunters that trap only but prefer to hunt with a firearm but not willing to front up for 5 years and the expense to obtain a gun licence. So A compound bow or crossbow in a experience hand can certainly down a Asia black bear just as quick as a bullet under 50 meters.

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Posted in: We want hunters to be able to fire in urban areas if the situation is right. See in context

Why don't people read the article instead of shooting from the hip. They want to be allowed to kill the pest because waiting for permission is problematic. The problematic pest could escape and go else where and cause more problems. This is what is happening. But I prefer not with a fire weapon but a with compound bow or crossbow. Once the police arrive yes use a firearm plus you will have callers ringing up reporting a shooting in a 5 km radius.

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Posted in: Small Chinese EV called Seagull rattles U.S. auto industry See in context

I assume $12,000 USD. in China ? which will sell for how much in Japan? high $18,000 without any import tax I assume ? I am sure you can still pick up a Jet or Sabar K car ute/van for under $10,000 USD in Japan. All this depends on what the hell the article is quoting in $ terms. If. they could offer it in a ute and install charge station next to Pachinko parlours they sell for sure.

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Posted in: Ex-trade ministry bureaucrat gets 10 years for raping drugged women See in context

There should be a more serious empathises on the act of placing a person life in danger by knowingly mixing a dangerous chemical into a person beverage. Like the act of poisoning for his sole pleasure should be up there with the same sentence of attempted murder. Plus coupled with the hideous act of raping an unconscious person should be a severe sentence.

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Posted in: U.N. assembly approves resolution granting Palestine new rights and reviving its U.N. membership bid See in context

So you can call this a winning result cause by the Hamas 07/10 counter offensive.

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Posted in: What is your opinion of Elon Musk? Is he the sort of person you'd like to work for or with? See in context

I tell you who I won,t work for. Bosses or companies that take advantage of society. Bob Igar, would be at the top of my. with Bozo the clown a close second. But Elon yeah no worries.

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Posted in: Deer causing road chaos in Hokkaido as crashes hit record high See in context

There don,t seem to be any driver education nor info on this subject. Only the obvious do's and don't's but nothing like the average times not to travel and speed to travel etc. Is dusk and dawn times when to be cautious ? or all night ? or daytime only ? Mostly on tollway at certain times. I have never came across any wildlife only signs and once a fresh road kill of a Macaque on the road to Matsumoto from Takayama. I stop to check on it medical condition but it was dead. It seemed that he got nailed by a truck because his torso and legs were pretty messed up I want to keep the head but reasoned the law in Japan might object.

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Posted in: Hamas says latest cease-fire talks have ended; Israel vows military operation in 'very near future' See in context

Before 07/10 Israel were a respected privileged first world state to most of the world except for anti semite like me who were and will continuously condemn Israel as a rogue entity. Today most of the world are siding with my opinion. That Israel is a rogue state sponsored by the USA. Today the USA citizen must be wondering why are we supporting a rogue society and have no one else to blamed but themselves for being conned used by the Jewish lobby. You reap what you sow. If I live in the USA today my post will have me in jail after the new anti semetic laws (citizen control). which was once the right of free speech and was protected by the first ammenment. So much for your first amendment and your constitution. The USA is looking more like the Soviets then the Soviets ever were.

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Posted in: Harvey Weinstein faces accuser as judge orders retrial See in context

Disney involved again when all this raping was going down. You can’t say a company has big as Disney know nothing on how Weinstein worked.

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Posted in: Does beer taste better from a bottle or a can? See in context

A chilled schooner of old from a tap at 4c is my preferred choice. But I give up drinking alcohol when I became a father and haven,t had a beer since. I was a heavy drinker often downing a slab a day on average. I could correctly tell you where you brought your beer from by temperature. If purchase in my local town. But when I did drink I preferred a can at 4c because of the carbonation it obtain in can is shaper on t he back of the throat/palet, enhancing the aromatics of the ale or lager.

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Posted in: Do you think gold is a safe investment in times of geopolitical trouble, war or other international crises? See in context

Gold 5 years ago was 2000 ounce today it 2150. So you invest $200,000 5 years you make $15,000 today. So for an outlay of $200,000 per year you return $3000 for 12 months. 5 years ago you couldn’t give a barrel of oil away. During Covid it drop to $30 a barrel today it $120 a barrel so oil has had a 400% increase over the same period.

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Posted in: G7 leaders condemn Iran, warn of risk of escalation See in context

All this hate for the terrorist enclave. On 07/10 no hate but plenty of support. Today nothing but hate for Israel and Israel are ones get bomb. LOL . 07/10 will be made holiday in the Middle East for years to come. Hoo Hah Hezbollah, Hoo Hah Hamas.

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Posted in: G7 leaders condemn Iran, warn of risk of escalation See in context

No hate from me for The mightly nation of Iran. Israel better get it head between it knees and kiss it rear end good bye and good riddance. Then we can have peace in the Middle East.

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Posted in: G7 leaders condemn Iran, warn of risk of escalation See in context

Token support for Israel. The world paying lip service to the genocide terrorist enclave.

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Posted in: Yen sinks to 153 range against dollar for 1st time in 34 years See in context

fxgai: No you are wrong. I said on Tuesday it was 100 but actual on close at 100.61 Today at closing it was 99.88 and since Tuesday it hasn't drop below 99.53. so what is this 99 you are referring too? Tuesday the 02/04 where it climb from 98.72 to 99.00 and has continue to climb until today. Do you know today is 11/04.

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Posted in: Yen sinks to 153 range against dollar for 1st time in 34 years See in context

The AUD reach parity with the yen on Tuesday for the first time in 11 years back in 05/13 and Japan was not a third world country then and still isn,t.

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Posted in: Swiss women score landmark climate win in court decision that could ripple across Europe See in context

So woman are more effected by the weather compare to man. ? Now that not very progressive for the women cause. Must be the reason behind getting pay less then man in the white collar sector.

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Posted in: Australia downplays Japan's role in AUKUS; says no plans to add members to defense pact See in context

This bloke is a dead set goose. He don,t realise that USA have a $ 31.5 trillion national debt. The USA Navy has indicated that they are slowing down on building subs due to cost blow out. In other word they can see the writing on the wall that defence spending has to be cut back and only the Democrats are willing to lift the debt celling and they don,t have the numbers. Plus their no chance in hell that the dem are going see office for a decade at best hence the cut back on defence spending for subs built for a foreign Allies. Mark my word Australia is going to end up with Japanese built sub which is a way better deal for Australia. There was never going to be a sub building industry in Australia because we don,t have the steel mill capable of producing the steel sheeting which you need that are sheet sizes of 10 or 15 meter wide. We can produce the steel type but to produce the size needed for subs you will have built a new mill with deep port excess right next to where the sub will be built for it to be cost effective.

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Posted in: Revenge porn consultations reach record high 1,812 cases in 2023 See in context

What kind self centred idiot would do such a disrespectful act to their ex partner straight or Gay. If I had a son, brother, daughter or sister which did such an act I would disown the idiot.

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Posted in: People used to dress up when they traveled on planes. What do you think about the way passengers dress today? See in context

When flew back home last week I took a walk up to the American airline gate just to admirer the clientele and every third young women were dressed like Friends Only Girls or Sex workers that hang on street corners this type of dress code is refer to as casual in the USA. Then I walked down to the Asian airline gate and all were dress civil, this type of dress code is refer to as normal for Asian. Walk down to the Australian airlines gates and some are dress very casual. in jeans and flannel shirts and some fine mullet hair cuts This type of dress is refer to as bogan. So there is all types and styles of dress code from all societies.

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Posted in: Yamamoto gets first major league victory in Dodgers' 4-1 win over Cubs See in context

" Cubs play Ohtani and the Dodgers on a cool, sunny, late afternoon game."

did the cubs play two team one being Ohtani the other the Dodgers. These sport report who have never play a team sport don,t know the meaning of TEAM.

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Posted in: If a job applicant is not sure how to dress for an interview, what should he or she wear? See in context

A clean set of Overalls in my sector of Industry which is Heavy Construction, Mining and Maintenance shut downs.

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Posted in: Universal Studios in Osaka to double foreign employees by year-end See in context

James: You are correct

I would stay clear of any Hollywood entertainment company and that certainly includes Disney.

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Posted in: AUKUS weighs expanding security pact with Japan to deter China, FT says See in context

This great news for both Japan and Australia. Because I see that both the UK and The USA will tank the submarine deal. I can see Trump looking after the interests of USA and the UK are way over committed to the USA. We seen earlier this year Biden asking Australia to send a decent form of deterrence into the Red Sea. Australia flat out refused and this will not help Australia when the Trump admin returns to power. But Japan word is true and Australia see Japan as our future best Allie. No doubt this post will be hammered and ridiculed but I back myself. I was correct about my view on Israel years before this war and was on the money.

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Posted in: Israel finds the body of a hostage killed in Gaza, while talks will resume on a cease-fire See in context

Antiquesaving. This so call attack is refer to as a counter offensive when you have illegal occupation and a apartheid system imposed of a race of people.

Carmit should be reflecting on how this all happen. Her and her follow Israeli have been endorsing the Apartheid governments and their ethic cleaning and their appalling action on the Palestinian for decades. Why wasn't she and her follow Israeli not out side their Parliament protesting for the release of the 10,000,s Palestinian hostages and the end to the apartheid system and a one state one vote solution before this counter offensive happen? It was only a matter of time before a counter offensive would occur. Now she wants to blame their politicians the same political parties they place in power through democratic election. You reap what you sow.

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Posted in: Israel finds the body of a hostage killed in Gaza, while talks will resume on a cease-fire See in context

Woodylee: It been proven in the ICJ that Israel has been committing Apartheid and genocide that started Hamas counter offensive. Therefore Hamas were force to respond and will be proven innocent when war crimes trails start. Hamas welcome these trails if they ever do go ahead because Israel will refuses to obey international law and will continue with Help from the USA with the genocide. The USA will veto any punishment of Israel or abstain and claim it as non binding as they did recently.

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