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Posted in: Flu epidemic rages in Japan with record-high number of cases reported in one week See in context

Dilution is the solution. You have be on top of children and people with poor person hygiene. You have make hand washing the priority. If you see someone coughing into their hands tell them straight away to cough into the nap of your arm to prevent cross contamination. People caught into their hands and go back to holding on to a railing a handle bar on the train, arm rests and spread the virus onto to surfaces that people are going to handle.

It very hard to contamination when you cough into the nap of your arm. This practice and along with hand washing should be mandatory at schools and taught at home before schooling age.

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All those educated Japanese women that are filling these unskilled positions is the greatest harm to Japan future.

1.3 million foreign worker is a massive 2 % of the skill labour which these women can fill if given equality.

This is a total waste of a economic and social resource.

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Posted in: Trump celebrates after Congress wraps up massive tax package See in context

Working on the floor of a manufacturing Factory. Lets take a Company like 3M.

They manufacture a large range of produce. The most effective way of profit making is a production lines. Where you have, let say 12 numbers (actual people but companies prefer to use business jargon) on a producing line each doing a mundane brain numbing repetitive labour, like, materials loaders. button pusher,s sorters and box people After each shift the overseer advice you that your numbers are down and you have work extra to make up the sort fall without pay. These Company take advantage of the Japanese culture of shame and pride and use it to make more profits. I am talking about Japan a powerhouse economy which ignores the labours they passed to law.

Labour Laws the Japanese Government agree with other countries to pass so the can trade with like many EU countries. If those law were not pass Japan exports into the EU would fine it hard get approval from most EU member. You have to agree to the play by the same rules or don't play.

I can not see any American worker agreeing to work the extra hours to make up the numbers for no extra pay. Company like 3M will not move produce back to USA. They got out of the USA labour market because they can make more profit. Not because they would go under or bankrupt. They just make 15% to 20% margin when base in the USA, instead of 30% to 50% margin base in China, Japan or Asia .

If a Company decide to take up Trump Tax cut. You then have to get the workers of low education who will put up their hand and do this sort of work until they are replace by robotic in 5 to 10 years time. Good luck I say.

That why Company will not respond to Trumps Tax. I also see the Demo getting control of all the political power. Senate, Congress and the White house in 3 years time. Who will then find new taxes to restore the company tax back to 30%. They won't stuff around repealing the news Tax scale. They won't get any doners. during the next election if went to the people with that reform.

This will only see other currency fall again the USA. Which is great for Country which relay on Exports.

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Ya, Companies are going to reinvest. Haaaa. The Company Tax rate jump back to 35 % in 2025. No company will pass on sort term profits on wage rises. No Company with any business intellect will not pour money into a economy when knowing that this 21 % just the lure to set up then pay the highest Tax rate in the world in 7 years time. No Way. China is sitting back laughing at Trump attempt at Making America great again. This will be great for other Ecomonies. The Yen has drop and will drop further over the next 7 years. Great for a export national like Japan, China and Australia. Good on ya Trump great move. Short term is will good for the GOP and the elites.

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Tokyo Eng : Japan has never been a colony off any nation.

If searching for a word, It would be occupied. Japan surrendered to U.S.G. The United State of Gun. The Japan nation has never been defeated on it own soil.

Where Island nation like Britain, Ireland, Malta and Cyprus have been defeated and local culture destroyed. Women equality is the same has before the WW2. The Japanese culture has not really changed just the the lower classes are not slave but get pay third world earnings and conditions.

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Posted in: Trump warns North Korea: Do not 'try us,' as visit to DMZ scrapped due to fog See in context

NK hold the Trump card in it hands and have for 64 years. That is million of working SK citizens earning mega profit for the mega elites of the world. Think about it. Trump is only a small fish when it the mega elites. He will do what he is hold to do. Until the world money earning stall or even dip the Elite will allow this egoistic Idiot to perform on the world stage has the leader of the so called free world. When the international money flow slow. A heart attack will see a new Puppet installed.

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Posted in: Trump declares N Korea threat to the civilized world; meets abductees' relatives See in context

I would compare to The President of USA performance similar to the autistic syndrome "asperges" when he applies his diplomatic tact but that would be a insult to those people afflicted.

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Posted in: Japan pension fund logs Y4.4 tril profit in July-Sept See in context

If Japan did not follow the trickle down ecomonic policy over the last 30 year this Penion fund would be 4 fold in value. All that money has gone to the 5% of the top elete. Not investing in diversity. Limiting Japan immigration to 3 units per decade, No money for start up funding. If there is any start funds on offer. The fund are limit only to the elites relatives. Japan is dying a slow death. Japanese people don't even realise how the media is Government side. The media enquiring into the opposite view is are a rarity. If the work force stop all overtime for a week in protest. You I see companies will start coming to the party on work place reform and wage growth. The Last 30 years has show for a poorer situation for the general Japanese population compare to countries that did not follow the trickle down economy .Countries that place restriction of the free market have been awarded in a better standard of living.

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That Good but can be way better. Japan society needs reform. Japan need to be drag out of the 20th century , really the 19 th in 21 st. It is like japan has a choice of Cars to drive the economy . They have a AWDrive and a FWDrive but select the FWD because using the AWD would mean given equality to women. Plus the ignorance given to English. Where in the international world of business do people learn Japanese. IT ENGLISH that is most prominent study in the business world. Japan refusal to adopt a proper English module in it early education and to follow it up with equal attention to English as they do with Japanese and the stupidity of not utilising women as equals will never see it reach to highs of the last Century.

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Posted in: Koike's new party unlikely to take power in election: senior member See in context

I assume there is a lot a back room negotiation between members of Abe party with Koike,s Party. The writing in on the wall that the sale tax will be introduce after the election late November. It will be Abe last term. He will bring the tax in first and move onto women equality. It will be his swan song. Abe will need her party vote to bring the sale tax in. Koike party will not stop the tax but will place pressure on Abe for Women equality and use the Tax bill to promote reform for women equality. This will suit Abe legacy and nothing will be said about passing bills for Japan to take part in international Weapon Industries. while Media biggest topic will be Women equality. The weapon Industries is Abe real reform before he leaves. This will set up Koike Party to merge with some of Abe party members for the election after this.

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Posted in: Japan's summer holiday exodus gets into full swing See in context

Jeff: Now these company are asking their workers to work over Obon. So the feeling is there to change things in business. It is the Government work sector who are holding back any reform . They quite happy with the status quo.

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Posted in: Japan beef tariff hike threatens trade relations: U.S. See in context

It is on frozen Beef not chilled beef big difference. How many time have you purchase frozen beef. Never!!!. This frozen beef would be for process foods only. Like burgers and pre cook meals like beef noodle, Can meals. Australia have been looking at ways of filling this market and have a very process of get chill beef into Japan via Vietnam where they slaughter the beast and quickly import the chill produce with in 24 hours. This process see a lot of the beef waste go to pet food industry in Japan. Now that this tariff has been impose on frozen produce. This waste will get a better price and fill this need area.

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Posted in: U.S. flies supersonic bombers over Korean Peninsula in show of force against North See in context

There is only one way to fix this is ones favour. That is to take out the Kim. like if they drop a moab on Phangyong during on of those parades. it would take out a the problem makers

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Posted in: London attacker's mother blames Internet for son's radicalisation See in context

If any of my children committed such a evil act. I have to blame myself and kill myself as a deterrent to these evil young men. These Parent should start showing their misguided young men, this is what will happen, if you go and commit these act of evil in the name of a religion that the parent encouraged. These people, protect their ideailog by saying their young men are mislead. Their is way too many young man being mislead. This must be centred around the islamic household. The lack of moral guidance in Religious household. Either it is lack of Parenting or the religion. These households will swear blind that the religion they teach is peaceful. No wrong. This religion needs a totally overhaul and the book rewritten. If not throw the parents in goal for life. These Parent totally discuss me.

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Posted in: Police launch campaign to eradicate groping on trains See in context

Sometime I wonder how many of these cases are just pressure form the crowd and the women are over reacting. Like those cars are super jam pack during peck. Often I have assisted in pushing the crowded door way so the doors can close. To grope of person is really perverted. You would have to be, for groping to get you off.

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Posted in: White House tries to regroup, but Trump isn't helping See in context

Mike Dubke resigned as communications director!!! I don't think in was he's field of excellence.

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Posted in: Hitachi builds elevator so fast it could carry you to Mt Fuji's peak in 3 minutes See in context

Hitachi are also well ahead in un man mining equipment with satellite guidance, diagnoses, and autonomy. Their machinery can recognise problems and organises with the Mobile plant for maintenance time.

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Posted in: World leaders vow to defend climate pact after Trump pullout See in context

In the fine print you will find Government only have agree meets, It Industry who has legal commitments. Industry have long term contract in place since the Last rounds of WORLD agreements ( Paris ). So USA can change their agreement but Industry can not and will not until contract come up for renewal or a new round of world agreement is agreed to. Until the shortest contract expire The USA Government only have word of pulling out. the action start will industry pull out which could be in 5 years at the earliest.

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Posted in: No. of births in Japan hits record low in 2016 See in context

I remember reading a article about Germany answer to their projected cronic labor stage. It estimated that Germany will need take in 30 million immigrant by 2050 on today data.

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Posted in: Whistleblower Snowden warns of looming mass surveillance in Japan See in context

He work for Dell at Yokota air base for 4 years 2009 -11

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Posted in: Police claim prostitution ring let customers eat curry rice off a naked woman’s body See in context

Ok Todd, What if it was the job your young daughter to earning money while at uni. What if it was the only Jig you could get to earn a dollar and your clients were gay,s pride revellers after the night,s Gay Pride Parade wanting a hands tied behind your back eating contest of oysters and sea urchins in the shell. Yes a enjoyable jig come to think of it.

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Posted in: What do you think of women-only train cars? See in context

Yes for women only carriage with smoking room. I witness this bloke come out of the smoke room on the Tokyo - Osaka Shinkansen and just sit down from having a smoke and got back up when he was a young women go in the some room. I was on to him and follow him in and ask the women if she had a smoke and stood between him and the women. I agree with Stranger that there should be a section for men only. I have witness male trainspotter being hassled by follow commuters for bing odd. Also Gay male are know to be targeted for being Gay, Man with really bad body odour, and drunks smelly men.

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Posted in: Whistleblower Snowden warns of looming mass surveillance in Japan See in context

This bloke is have the biggest set of. I personal thank Mr Snowden for put his life on the line and who for. US, that who. What does he get out of it. He get kick out of his country trying to advise his follow citizen of the wholesale theft of our identity to sell onto other world agency like Mosad, Asio, and M5- 7. This bloke is my Hero

"When you say 'I don't care about privacy, because I've nothing to hide,' that's no different than saying you don't care about freedom of speech, because you've nothing to say,"  "Quote" "Mr Edward Snowden Hero to the free world."

This is a Historic statement that going to be quote into the ages

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Posted in: Trump announces U.S. withdrawal from Paris climate pact; allies voice dismay See in context

He is doing it for Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh Mayor reply "ya ya but we in Pittsburgh agree with the Paris accord and will do our best to stick to it". Wow, talk about a return winner, slammed Trump statement back down his throat. Great to see a public figure stick to community opposition to Trump. Like Cal is the 8th biggest economy and it the greenest community on earth. No way Cal will go along with Washington. They have gone it alone so far concerning fossil fuels.

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3.1 is the people receiving benefit while looking for work. It not the real number. I know of many family where the daughter is at home looking after grand parents. They would rather work but go onto debt trying to survive on the minimum wage. the minimum wage needs to double. then you will see people looking for work. Even imported labor will not came to Japan because they go out back ward and end up owning the labour hire company EG just like world cup workers in some middle east country.

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Posted in: Malaysia Airlines flight returns to Melbourne after passenger tries to enter cockpit See in context

The airport where told 30 min out from landing. The plan landed. Yet it took 90 min before a response team boarded. The Fed were arguing the the local police to whole turf it was and who,s team was going to board all while all of the passagener looking out onto the tarmac th wondering what was taking them so long to get the bomb or fake bomb off the plan. Keystone Cops. 12 months ago at the Linte Cafe Siege Sydney, the negotiator lost the phone and a hostage could not get him to answer because he was having a feed or toilet brake or simply asleep. 3 people die in the siege about 1/2 hour after that call to the police negotiator which was not answered. When the nutter was distracted 15 hostages escaped and luck that the copper did not shot them while escaping . When the team final went in 3 man went into the entrance and the team behind started throwing stun grenades into the entrance after them, 18 in total. It on Video. One of the hostage got shot by a one of the team when he fell over and a blast of semi auto fire land into the hostage who was in the opposite corner to the nutter .It was a total ball up. It was Keystone cop stuff It was watch on the CCTV video. If I was ever in that situation in Australia I would not wait for the coppers. No way

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Mauller has nothing to can charge Trump with. it been six week since his best buddy got the sack. What he is doing is two thing in one he waiting to end the Investigation about 2 months out for the next Presidential election, He is also waiting because the Whitehouse is leaking and he gather more evidence to charge him. If he had anything on Trump it would been out by now so to watch Trump slowly burn. Mauler is not come out with anything so he got nothing but a heap of evidence to discredit his next election.

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Green energy is getting cheaper. Houses can easy run without base load power now. Base load users are industry only now. Industry should start thinking about moving plants were they can produce their own base load power. Technology like thermal, tidal, gas, and building on these site. At present Industry has to rely on other companies to produce their power e.g., importers coal, shipping industry, Government, power producer. If you a own tidal generator that can power a plant. Idea like this should be considered. Like Mitsubishi in Kobe. They could easy build a tidal generator on site.

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That was its fifth straight quarterly rise and the longest string of gains since 2006. and still no hint of a minimum wage rise. But allow for wealthy women to claim tax rebate for a live in nanny/ cleaner.

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Posted in: Koike takes on Japan's old-boy network, but denies run for PM See in context

How are the old boy are wishing Tokyo 2020 fails. When it going to be successful which all Olympic are due to the post games propaganda. Ms K will able to ride this success to form her own party, the Central Democrat. The left in Japan are disjointed and I could see a lot of right fraction switching and their would be Left fraction of the LDP want change will to switch also. That if Ms K is prepared to move during and after 2020.

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