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"Finally, Japan has territorial disputes with two of her neighbors other than China. ROK, Russia. China has territorial disputes with everyone."

Please JTDanMan, at least be factually correct.

If Japan has disputes with South Korea, North Korea, China, Russa, and Taiwan (if you want to count it as a country), then what other neighbors does Japan not have disputes with?

China does not has a border dispute with Russia, Mongolia, Laos, Myanmar, Pakistan, Nepal, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, North Korean, Afghanistan. And while China does have disputes over islands with more than a few countries, it only has land disputes with two: India, Bhutan. This is despite the fact that China share a land border with 14 different countries. In particular, the border dispute with Russia was particular difficult for China to resolve, as it had to give up a large part of what it traditionally claimed. For example, take a look at what Taiwan claims to be part of China, which is a more traditional view of what China was (hint: it includes Mongolia).

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