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Posted in: Do you think the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were morally justifiable? See in context

does Pearl Harbor sound familiar to anyone else?

lets face it, japan back then in the early 40's were some pretty f ed up people. REALLY messed up. an imperial army going out and simply killing anyone that stood in their way of the conquest of the pacific, the united states on the other hand was an isolationist country, not getting involved in anyone else's buessiness.

if japan had just left the united states alone, we never would have gotten into the war, germany would have destroyed the allies, japan would have destroyed the pacific, and then the US would have likely fallen at the hands of the japanese and german military.

besides, what the heck were we supposed to do, germany had already kicked our asses back and forth and done some serious damage to, basically everyone else who wasnt german. the president and everyone else who has control of the military simply decided that after Iwo Jima, it was enough. too many of the US forces out there were just being slaughtered.

whats more is the united states actually considered NOT using the nukes at first, but as we all know, that changed somewhere along the line and uh, suprise suprise, IT ENDED THE WAR IN THE PACIFIC AND WORLD WAR II saving countless american, japanese and pacific islander military and civilian lives. sure it killed a ship ton of them, but thats war for yah, it kills innocent people who arent involved in the war, [pearl harbor, 9/11, vietnam. etc.] besides, they would have gone out and purged all that opposed their imperical rule

for everyone out there, face the facts, its better in the long run that we nuked 'em and singlehandedly set the US up as the most dominant nation on earth for a while. then the soviet union came along, but thats a totally different arguement for another comment.

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