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Posted in: Ink and love: How can tattoos affect your relationships in Japan? See in context


Don't judge a book by its cover is not something you're familiar with? "Chronic failure"? I guess my tattoo covered body has chronically failed to earn a PhD, a tenure position, multiple homes, a beautiful family, and the respect of many famous artists and musicians who call me their friend? Can you say the same for yourself? My tattoos are not a trend. They represent my life, my experiences, my interests, and what I believe is cool. Some people express the things they've survived or their hard life or abuse through their tattoos. Have you made similar achievements in life despite the cards being stacked against you? But such people are 'failiures'? And what you believe is 'cool' may be something different. That's okay too. I don't judge you, but maybe you should check yourself. And you sound quite behind the times with your comments about baggy pants, etc. Maybe you don't like hip hop and its style, but millions do. So, all those millions just happen to be wrong, and you are right?

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