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Don't give up. My wife ran away with another guy and my child back in 1994. She was Japanese. The guy Canadian. An Old "American Club " fable that I am afraid was true. I went to court and the judge told me outright " you may win the case but the court has no power to enforce family issues ". Also the world " join custody" did not exist in Japan. Anyway, my story, I did not see my son for 12 years, from 5 to 16 years old . I never gave up. Till one day I got a phone call , " come to Cairo ( yes Cario) to pick up your son". "We can not handle him any more". Well I did that, came back to Hong Kong. He had ADD, so was a handful, long story short he is doing wonderful in the USA , after 4 1/2 years in the Air Force. But it was allot of work!

Dont' give up!! But wow, the kids really really suffer

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Interesting Feet bound by rope : Proof Gunno bought it

Wrapped in plastic : Proof Gunno bought it

Releationship : Proof Gunno had it with her

Area known by Gunno : Proven

Not enough evidence, wow. All I got to say is that I fear for his present family. T

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