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Posted in: Muslims in Japan serve up curry for quake-hit Noto residents See in context

They are done great job. Those who say everyone does it, should read article more careful. They didn’t sit in their comfort and send few dollars hoping someone else would do the actual work. They have given their own time and actual effort to carry food to the people who are in difficult condition.

Frankly, i believe only very few people in the world would go through such efforts to help others, extremely rare.

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Posted in: Man arrested after staying 80 nights in hotel and being unable to pay bill See in context

I haven’t stayed any hotel that didn’t secure the money first during checkin. Any extension would require adjusting balance, putting deposit etc. This hotel must be very unique.

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Posted in: New Zealand eyes NATO deal amid security rethink See in context

New zeland can offer good quality manuka honey for nato members. I think NZ is too small to be targeted by China

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Posted in: Biden tells Israel's Netanyahu future U.S. support for war depends on new steps to protect civilians See in context

Biden tells Israel's Netanyahu future U.S. support for war depends on new steps to protect civilians

Steps? Steps must be bombing children with drone rockets instead of shooting them while they are waiting on a line to get food. What a joke!

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Posted in: Japanese judge impeached over inappropriate social media posts See in context

A judge should never post a message about any case on social media. In fact, judges should not be involved with any social media. That’s so unprofessional.

I am personally against all the social media networks. I consider them unsafe for any professional, unless someone is in entertainment, marketing, or show biz (such as politics).

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Posted in: Man arrested for posting 39 threats against Nintendo online last year See in context

He sounds like mentally unstable, but nintendo’s actions of cancelling event and delaying cannot be related to an individual’s post. If it’s real, nintendo must also be mentally unstable.

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Posted in: Russia says U.S. shares blame in concert hall attack claimed by Islamic militants See in context

However, it is much more important to quickly establish who is the customer and sponsor of this monstrous crime. Its traces lead to the Ukrainian special services. But everyone knows that the Kyiv regime is not independent and is completely controlled by the United States," Patrushev said

i agree totally. US is supporting many terrorist groups around the world openly. Sometimes a part of the groups change name to hide the identity.

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Posted in: U.S. braces for retaliation after attack on Iran consulate — even as it says it wasn't involved See in context

Israel and US are in the same bucket, they are almost like same country. It’s like saying my left hand did it, my right hand has nothing to do with it.

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Posted in: Japan's imperial family debuts on Instagram See in context

I feel sorry for the young kids growing in that strict life without ever knowing what a real life is.

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Posted in: Revised law on rules for paternity after divorce goes into effect See in context

It’s a weird law. Father is whoever the father is. I don’t understand why japan needs strange laws.

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Posted in: Japan publisher threatened over publication of trans-skeptical book See in context

This article sounds like an advertisement to me. One person send a threatening email, so it has to be news?

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Posted in: Record 63% of Japanese in financial stress, poll shows See in context

People are earning good income but if they are renting in tokyo or osaka, most of their salary would be lost in the extra fees for renting. Japan is the only country that requires tenants to pay almost all the owners responsibilities, and extra ordinary agency fees like key fee, gratitude fee, moving in fee, renting fee, other many big fees for nothing, fire insurance etc. In developed countries, tenants are only required to pay the rent and about 3 months deposit. All other fees are owners expenses, and there is no agency fees with nonsensical names.

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Posted in: Ceremony marks launch of land-to-ship missile unit on Okinawa island See in context

Japan is in arm racing making excuse of china. If it wasn’t china or anyone else, the excuse would be the gold fish treat from the ocean to justify arming.

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Posted in: Yellow sand observed over Tokyo, Osaka See in context

It can cause silicosis disease as it goes to lungs. It’s a goos practice to use masks when you know there is sand in the air.

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Posted in: Crucifixions and whippings in Philippines on Good Friday See in context

TV stations should air mental health treatment programs non stop. Entire world has gone mad.

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Posted in: Man arrested for attacking former high school classmate and stealing her smartphone See in context

If he was a smart thief, he could have unlocked it with her face and add his passcode or face before running away.

I suppose it was an emotional act without brain involvement

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Posted in: Takarazuka theater admits to all harassment claims in death of actress See in context

after reading comments, i must say Western countries are not any better. This is an extreme case which i know that exist in all countries. Work place bullying and harassment is a culture in all western countries. Perhaps japan is slightly worse in the sense that when serious criminal acts come out, there is still no, or negligible, legal action against responsible people and companies.

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Posted in: Takarazuka theater admits to all harassment claims in death of actress See in context

The family claimed that among the incidents, the actress suffered burns when a senior theater member pressed a hair iron against her forehead.

this is attempted murder. Whoever did this or similar acts, should spend a significant part of their life in jail. I can’t believe how horrible these creatures are.

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Posted in: Man says ‘Sorry, I’m hungry,’ before robbing Gunma convenience store See in context

Since he had a car, he must be lying about being hungry.

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Posted in: Japan accepts record-high 303 refugees in 2023 See in context

They should only ease the acceptance for educated people who entered japan legally, they liked japan and wanting to live in japan. It’s not good to accept people coming through illegal ways without passport and often missing legal documents. They might have involved in crimes in their country of origin and escaping.

one can never be sure if they would respect the system and law in japan. When they do the wrong thing, everyone from that country are treated the same by media.

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Posted in: 52-year-old man indicted for raping teenage daughter between 2013 and 2016 See in context

It sounds like common problem in japan. I once met a woman who implied having sex with her father from childhood, but she didn’t say it directly. She was behaving like a narcissistic psycho and a sex addict. She must be affected by the childhood events. Everyone doesn’t admit these things easily.

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Posted in: Man dies after his jacket gets caught in escalator at Mito train station See in context

he must have frustrated and got heart attack. It sound like poor guy couldn’t remove his jacket and let it go, or didn’t want to let it go.

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Posted in: Same-sex couples appeal high court ruling rejecting compensation See in context

Court should be strong to reject any compensation in similar manners. Otherwise, many people will start acting try to get compensation.

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Posted in: Woman found dead in Mie home; man found hanging outside See in context

Japan has the cultural problem of not respecting marriage rules. Many women get married for financial reasons, or to experience marriage life. Men Is marrying for the lust. This is the result of the culture. If you don’t feel for someone close enough to be a real family, do not marry. Or we will read about you on the news.

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Posted in: 3 of 4 suspects charged in Russia concert hall attack admit guilt during court hearing See in context

These terrorists deserve everything done to them. They aren’t human beings, just a bunch of sick animals. They should killed through torture as it would happen in US and EU.

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Posted in: Police officer busted for stealing women’s underwear from several residences See in context

After resigning from police department, he should have immediately start his new unpaid job as prisoner.

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Posted in: 25-year-old man arrested for abducting minor after meeting her online See in context

This news sounds like a comedy. There’s no report of girl’s age. If someone going to another person’s house, it is not abduction. If she is a child, it’s wrong but not the way it’s written on the news.

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Posted in: Court rejects redress claims by unrecognized Minamata victims See in context

Japanese law is not concerned with fairness and justice. Courts aren’t necessary in japan. Just upload the law and regulations on an app. People can submit their claims, and let AI make decisions strictly on a written script.

Courts, judges, lawyers are only needed in the systems that aims to deliver fair and just decisions when the written rules cannot directly achieve it. When that’s not the case, a computer program would do flawless job, substantially better than any court can do.

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Posted in: 60 dead, over 100 injured in Russia concert hall attack; Islamic State group claims responsibility See in context

Isis name maybe islamic but it indeed works for Israel and US. It attacked to iran and now russia. One has to be brain dead to believe that this attack and attack on Iran was carried out by a so called “islamic group”.

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Posted in: Man arrested after beating daughter for ‘not helping with chores’ See in context

He sounds like a total psycho. What kind of person can hit his own child like that.

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