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Posted in: N Korea experiencing severe Internet outages See in context

Harry, Andy Brooks failed to mention that the CCNCPoB has a membership of one, namely Andy Brooks. :)

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Posted in: Airbus to sue Skymark in UK court over canceled A380 contract See in context

WA4TKG, the Airbus A-330 is the airliner that fell out of the sky and they knew exactly what happened. When the pitot tubes iced over, the computer tripped offline, leaving the co-pilots to decipher what was happening. At the time, the senior pilot was taking a rest break. WIthout realizing what they were doing, the plane was put into a climb and held with the nose up all the way down to the ocean. In other words, it stalled out and fell out of the sky. Only about a minute before they hit the ocean did the senior pilot realize that the co-pilot still had the controls pulled back as if trying to climb.

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Posted in: What is your stance on gun control? See in context

Pistols that shoot rifle bullets are uncommon. If you're thinking about the .50 caliber pistol, it shoots a modified bullet that in no way resembles what comes out of a machine gun or a Barrett rifle. BTW, even a modified bullet like a .50 cal has a horrendous kick to it, it will literally beat up the shooter after a session on the range.

Have you considered that, even if you tax bullets, you would have to tax that parts? There is a large group of people who buy the bullets, cases, powder and primers as seperate items.

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Posted in: Remains of 6th-century man in armor found at 'Pompeii of Japan' See in context

This may shine more light on the article. Hope this works. http://io9.com/5968201/archaeologists-at-pompeii-of-japan-site-find-a-1400-year+old-warrior-still-wearing-his-armour

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Posted in: Military maneuvers See in context

If she's of the Marusame class, she's got some teeth with the MK 41 VLS, SSM-1 launcher and the SH-60J Seahawk. Nice looking design.

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Posted in: Miniskirt Police recruit new members See in context

In slacks or in mini skirts, I think most normal males wouldn't mind being "arrested" by such cute looking Police women.

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Posted in: Dolce Gusto See in context

Two exceptionally pretty ladies and morning coffee? Sweet!

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Posted in: Ready to fly See in context

Well designed, clean lines, single aisle, twin rows, well done. Buying local helps the economy and there's nothing wrong with that. As a regional jet, it's going to be economical to run and likely not divided by classes, meaning more passengers and lower fuel/seat mile costs. Another very good idea.

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