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Posted in: Who is your favorite comic book superhero and why? See in context


He brings justice where is needed.

Spiderman leaves webs throughout the city. The citizens get all tangled up.

Batman lives in a cave leaving dropings where ever he goes.

Ironman is great all over the universe ! !

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Posted in: Briquettes are out, hydrogen sulfide in as latest suicide method See in context

Hey. There is something bigger than just the suicide. They are killing themselves because they have nothing to live for. DUHHHHHH?! Family sucks. I'm ugly. No desire. What's the use!! No hope!

However, even though the author is providing ideas to the unfortunate, it is already in their minds and you can't stop them. There is nothing more to live for. So, they are going to not live here on this planet anymore.

What do you do? Try to give them hope. Change their focus.

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It has been shown throughout history immoral families or societies never prospered. Misery, internal death, sadness, and deformation usually follow. Only when individuals decided to control their urges the town, city or, even country benefits. They prospered with enormous wealth. However, when the immoral began to slip in, then that prosperity started to dwindle ever so slowly. So slow, that it is not noticed until it is almost too late. It is really good that Mr. Peter Zimmatore inserted some truth into an area really needed of a break through.

Unfortunately, Japan has gone through some really tough years and is trying to move on. They are trying to hang on what is good in Japan, at the same time being reminded how horrible their grand parents were 50 to 80 years ago. No one wants to accept THAT kind of responsibility. They can’t help it that they inherit this. It is hard to hold your head up when you are being yelled at.

What happened is what the price of freedom is. Freedom is not free! Japan is free from the judgments that the Christian nations have done to themselves throughout the ages. The Christians should leave Japan alone and let them be whom they are.

Good and loving people who love a bottle of sake with their sushi. To hike in the mountains on a spring day and have a small barbeque with their families and friends. To give to the world something the world doesn’t have. A great car with a great stereo.

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Posted in: Would you accept some economic burdens in order to help prevent global warming? See in context

We are already burdening with all of the crap of how the enviroment is, was and is going to be. People, like myself, are very much aware of the effects we MAY give to this world. But allot of the little people, like me are being bambarded with idealogues who think they are changing the world. Go after the BIG COMPANIES and let them pay for ALL of the pollution that they poisoned us with. The little people must not PAY NOTHING.

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Posted in: Bush backs proposed freeze in Iraq troop withdrawals See in context

There should not be a pullout of Iraq.

Mr. Ahmadinejad wants the US forces to go so he can declare war on their 'neighbor' and say their people are being unfairly suppressed.

Then we are back to the slave nation that it was. This cannot happen again. Iraqis are wonderful are great people with a thousand(s) year history. This Ahmadinejad should not bring those people back to the stone age.

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Posted in: Porn producers arrested for filming at McDonald's in Saitama See in context

Of course the staff knew. They got payed to not talk. The waiters were waiting on the sidelines for their turn?. Chicken nuggets anyone?

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greenteaonsens-Only the Japanese can truly appreciate cherry blossoms

I resent that remark.

Why, in Bloomfield New Jersey there is a 'Cherry Blossom Festival' that can melt your heart and say 'I do' to your spouse once again.

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