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Posted in: Japan Sumo Association cancels summer tourney See in context

I'm glad to see they're making the responsible decision.

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Posted in: Rickshaws, kimonos, but no tourists - Tokyo's Asakusa hit by coronavirus See in context

Well.... no one get get into the country (at least, not without the requested 14-day "self quarantine"), and everything's closed. So yeah, Asakusa (and pretty much everywhere else) is closed. It's going to be a lean couple of months.

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Posted in: Japanese ramen restaurant chain brings out noodles with cola dipping sauce See in context

This is one of those occasions when you can guess that maybe they were more interested in press than making something that people will like. This sounds kinda disgusting.

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Posted in: Japanese baseball clubs ban balloons over virus fears See in context

They'll have to resort to throwing zabuton.

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Posted in: Mausoleum visit See in context

The emperor’s trousers are a bit dodgy as well.

He's wearing a morning suit. They come with striped trousers.

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Posted in: 177 kgs of cocaine found on cargo ship in Aichi port See in context

Ship impounded? Captain and crew detained? Ship owner's assets frozen? Anything?

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Posted in: Leader of all-male pop group Tokio engaged to TV personality See in context

Twice her age. Whatever.

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Posted in: A grave new world: The tomb of Emperor Nintoku See in context

This is a great visit from Osaka or Kyoto, but the only elevated place for viewing is the Sakai City Hall Observation Deck. Even from that vantage point, you'll have a hard time seeing the keyhole shape of the burial mounds. You'll just see large green areas that stand out from the surrounding buildings.

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Posted in: Man referred to prosecutors for leaking 3D map of Japan to China See in context

It's not clear what law has been broken here.

The article says that the data was sold under a contract that prohibits its sale to a third party. So if he accepted money for transferring the data to the Chinese, he's guilty of breach of contract (at the very least).

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Posted in: M6.2 quake hits off Fukushima; no tsunami warning issued See in context

Felt it slightly where I live.

Telling us where you live would make this comment a lot more worthwhile.

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Posted in: Japanese company offers working space for just ¥100 per hour in downtown Tokyo See in context

I'm going to just shut up - my first comment was correct. No mention of free wifi at Spacee.

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Posted in: Japanese company offers working space for just ¥100 per hour in downtown Tokyo See in context

Oops. My bad - mentioned in the first paragraph that there's free wifi.

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Posted in: Japanese company offers working space for just ¥100 per hour in downtown Tokyo See in context

Ok, you get a place to sit down and plug in your chargers. No mention if there's wifi available.

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Posted in: Japan's asteroid probe Hayabusa2 set for final touchdown See in context

It's mind boggling that they can plan and carry out a mission with such precision. Well done to the team!

To get at those crucial materials, in April an "impactor" was fired from Hayabusa2 towards Ryugu in a risky process that created a crater on the asteroid's surface and stirred up material that had not previously been exposed to the atmosphere.

Asteroids don't have an atmosphere. The only thing these materials will not have been exposed to is solar wind and the odd speck of dust.

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Posted in: Magical mushrooms See in context

Kyodo could have done a much better job of telling us where and when to see them. They mention an island, a mountain, and 4 prefectures, then say a "local group" will host tours..... somewhere. No link, no nothing. Not even the name of the group.

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Posted in: Rocket launched by start-up firm reaches outer space for first time See in context

The story states that it's the first commercially developed Japanese rocket to reach orbit, and then it says it flew for 10 minutes. I think someone at Associated Press needs to google "orbit".

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Posted in: Pair of mangoes goes for record ¥500,000 at season's first auction See in context

You don't spend 500,000 yen for two mangoes, you spend it to get mentioned in numerous media outlets. It's big advertising at a pretty low price. Except..... they didn't mention the name of the "local produce wholesale company" that bought them.

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Posted in: U.S. Osprey makes emergency landing at western Japan airport See in context

The US Marines have wanted a large, fast troop carrier with VTOL capability for decades. The V-22 is the best thing they've come up with so far, but it's a fundamentally flawed concept. Anyone who has ever played with a gyroscope knows that pivoting two engines/props turning at high speed is causing very high stresses on all the parts involved. Many billions of dollars thrown away by the US on the development/deployment of an aircraft that doesn't provide much better payoff than the existing large troop helicopters.

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Posted in: IHI admits to aircraft engine inspections by unqualified workers See in context

That entire facility should be decertified immediately. If I was in control of either Boeing or Airbus - the two largest passenger aircraft manufacturers in the world, with their reputations at stake - I would demand it.

I agree about decertifying the facility, if not the whole company. But neither Boeing nor Airbus has a stake in this - they don't make engines, and they don't dictate what maintenance facility the airlines should use to maintain them. Engines are specified by the airline that originally ordered the airplane, and they can select from one of several manufacturers (General Electric, Pratt & Whitney or Rolls-Royce for large planes).

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Posted in: Have a seat See in context

Are those outlets between the seats? Handy if they are...

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Posted in: 'Fear' and 'favor' chill newsroom at Japan Times after 'forced WWII laborer,' 'comfort women' changes See in context

to increase advertising revenue from Japanese companies and institutions

There's everything you need to know about the editor's reasoning. Follow the money.

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Posted in: Grand champion Kisenosato retires from sumo See in context

That's a damn shame. My heart goes out to him.

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Posted in: Honda recalls 1.4 million cars in U.S. to replace air bag inflators See in context

I wish they had mentioned the models and years. Otherwise, this news is pretty worthless.

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Posted in: High court rules dike floodgates in southwest Japan to remain closed See in context

The high court said that opening the gates at this time will "heavily affect" the lives of the people who have engaged in farming for more than 20 years on the reclaimed land.

I'd be willing to bet constructing the dike and closing the flood gates "heavily affected" the lives of the fishermen whose fishing grounds were destroyed.

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Posted in: Vinyl Museum See in context

Museum? Vinyl?

Sets for staging selfies. I looked it up - 5 minute walk from Harajuku Station, 1,500 yen for 45 minutes. I guess I'm too old to get it.

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Posted in: Emperor resumes official duties after suffering nausea See in context

I'd guess looking after the Emperor's health is one of the duties of the IHA.

I'd like to believe that, but I think their only duty is to perpetuate the imperial household, and their jobs.

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Posted in: Federer faces ID crisis in switch from Nike to Uniqlo See in context

Nike's logo is not a "swish." It's a "swoosh." Always has been.

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Posted in: Japanese teen Harimoto upsets world and Olympic champion Ma See in context

It's great to see young athletes develop and get respect from their heroes.

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Posted in: Ohtani pushing limits of Angels’ conservative approach See in context

Lostrune, I agree with everything you said except for your comment about "many day games." MLB teams play very, very few day games anymore. Sunday games are sometimes played in the afternoon (maybe about 50%), Saturday games are usually played at night unless they will be Fox's "Game of the Week," and there are maybe 4 weekday day games all season. The owners figured out long ago that they'll make more money if the games are played in "prime time."

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Posted in: Xerox ends merger with Fujifilm in victory for shareholders See in context

Not to say it doesn't happen elsewhere, but it seems like "accounting irregularities" are a pretty common occurrence in major Japanese corporations.

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