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Posted in: How social media – aided by bots – amplifies Islamophobia online See in context

In the history they don't teach you in the U.S we learn about how Islam destroyed entire civilizations (e.g. the glorious ancient Greek one) just because they enslaved the country. After that, those countries never went back to normal. They're still decades behind other neighboring countries.

Instead of writing about sensationalist buzzwords, how about you document the weekly/monthly destruction of Christian churches all across Europe, especially in places like France? Churches are being desecrated, burnt down, the staff is mistreated by those you defend in this article.

No one said they're all like that, but sorry to say...stereotypes came to be for a good reason. People didn't just imagine it. A good number of them fit into the stereotype. You can't doubt the lived experience of people actually living in the countries or neighborhood stuff like that is happening.

If hippies in the US want to believe the average of that group is a Care Bear then so be it. See how it turns out for you.

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Posted in: Black Lives Matter: How far has the movement come? See in context

An openly Marxist organization that stands against the nuclear family and western values has no place in the western world. Even worse, they're hurting the same people they claim to represent. Just because the words of a sentence are true -black lives matter-, which is something accepted by most people, it doesn't mean the organization behind it is good. People have such low IQ these days they can't even make the distinction between the two. The rapidly decreasing quality levels of American education will help create even more dumb people under the sensationalist pretext that math is racist, classical literature is a remnant of colonialism or just not necessary anymore, classical music is racist etc.

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While Americans have always been notorious bullies, putting a halo on Muslims is hiding your head in the sand at best. Not all of them are evil, but a lot of them are and comparing to every other population on earth, their % of acting on their extremist ideologies is very high. Why? Because they're ideologues. Just read their books and history, the proof is out there if your eyes and ears are open. They know this all too well in Europe, because they had to fight them off to keep them from destroying all of Europe. They certainly destroyed the entire Greek civilisation irreversibly for 400 years and that alone says an awful lot.

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Posted in: Kadokawa president apologizes, takes pay cut for comments about censoring manga See in context

Not sure I got the entire context right but did this person suggest a reevaluation of publishing standards as a personal opinion, since certain manga wouldn't pass international standards, and they burned him at the stake?

It really bothers me walking into a combini and having all those heavy sexual images shoved down my throat. I wouldn't bring my kid into that store for sure. There needs to be some regulation and by that I mean not having such stuff on display, not just for kids but also for adults who don't feel like being subjected to all that imagery.

No censorship, but somehow make it work like in the west. Whoever wants the explicit stuff should go look for it in the right place. You don't casually walk down the street and see porn magazines hanging outside the kiosk anymore. It used to be a thing in the 80s-early 90s, horrible. Japan of course has the problem of minors being depicted in porn manga/anime, so I guess they gotta start from that, although there seems to be overwhelming support for the niche...

Japan is lightyears behind in certain things and this is one of them.

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Posted in: QAnon has receded from social media -- but it's just hiding See in context

This is supposed to be a website to promote Japan, not anti-Trump propaganda, but here we are. I'm neutral towards the politician, but referring to Hollywood and government pedo rings in a sarcastic way as if they're conspiracies makes you part of the problem, virtue signaling author.

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Posted in: Most Japanese medical workers still not fully vaccinated See in context

As much I love the country overall, this is a case of all-time classic Japanese incompetence

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