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So xenophobic. You can come to work with minimum wage and near slavery conditions. And you must talk Japanese first. Don't bring your family. You must leave after 5 years, and please don't make any ties to Japan.

The first thing someone should do when moving to a country is to learn it's language. It's a matter of respect and it shows you're interested in integrating.

Immigrants from the thirld world have destroyed europe. Sweden, one of the richest and safest places in europe, turned into a dump after a mass immigration wave. Same with Germany. Same with France. Same with england. Australians are forced to move out of their towns because african gangs are robbing them in broad daylight. Let's not even get started with terrorism. Strangely enough, "racist" conservative countries like poland and czech republic don't have thug gangs beating people up in the streets, they don't have terror attacks, and their women can get out at night without being raped and killed.

You leftist scumbags are the scourge of this earth. Your ignorance and your blind tolerance are destroying the future of the next generations, by allowing the thirld world in. This is part of the Kalergi plan.

And now you want the same thing to happen to Japan? They have the right to be as strict to foreigners as they want. It's their country build by their ancestors, they don't want their safe cities to become cesspools of crime and terrorism. Foreign workers aren't forced to go there, if they don't want to learn japanese and integrate they are free to go work somewhere else.

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