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johninjapan comments

Posted in: Wallets, cell phones of 170 students stolen at Nagano hotel See in context

"Sunny Shiga", remember that name and find out the name of the manager and owner. Bet there are yaks there.

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Posted in: 'Kohaku' New Year’s Eve singing contest will be invaded by 'Star Wars' See in context

"boy band"? More like "oyaji-kusai band" lol

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Posted in: Angry single men stage anti-Christmas rally in Tokyo See in context

A rally is a good place to meet chicks.

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Posted in: Japan misunderstood: 3 stereotypes that live on See in context

Comparing Son to Horie is a mistake. Son is already "hammered down" because he is ethnic Korean and already excluded by Japanese society (couldn't get a job in a top company, etc). Horie is full Japanese and therefore subject to the "hammer down" rule. Now, here is a mind-bender for you: one oft-cited stereotype of Japanese is that they complain about being 'misunderstood'. Try that on for size. LOL

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Posted in: Should the Paris terrorism tragedy be called a 'kamikaze' attack? See in context

But the Kamikaze attackers would have attacked civilians if they could have gotten close enough or if the military targets were not simply more urgent. It was not 'morality' or anything like it that caused them to be used against military targets. So, they are the same.

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Posted in: Gov't targets boosting birth rate to increase economic growth See in context

Because it's just not crowded enough yet.

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Posted in: Japan says U.N. envoy retracts remarks on schoolgirl sex See in context

I am far more concerned about out-and-out human trafficking than anything a schoolgirl does in her off hours. Let's talk about that, shall we?

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Posted in: Students complain of being exploited in part-time jobs, survey shows See in context

Not getting paid for preparation time is standard behavior in the free lance English teaching community.

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Posted in: 6 types of Japanese people you’ll meet while living in Japan See in context

Regarding jpn_guy's comments: very good discussion. Japanese culture is as basically exclusionary as many western cultures are (ideally) inclusionary. They will eagerly look for new ways to exclude each other (Nazi blood typing being one of these). It's just the way they are. Fortunately, I don't care. But, I feel for you. You tried very hard. I have lived here for 24 years and it has been lovely because I have never expected to be accepted by the locals nor wanted to be. I have my own circle and am content with it.

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Posted in: Schoolgirl seeking crowdfunding to produce anti-train groper pins See in context

I've met some very sexy police women. As genjuro said, put them in a school girl uniform and start busting and ADVERTISE the bust. Japanese, being moral cowards by nature, will quickly learn to keep their hands to themselves.

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Posted in: Yokohama police investigating 8 mysterious cat deaths See in context

It happened where I live, too. A healthy cat suddenly became horribly ill. It had been fighting with someone else's cat and...guess what?

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Posted in: Park says 'comfort women' issue central to summit with Abe See in context

Karma sucks. Should have apologized when you had the chance. "Regrettable" is not an apology, it is a whine.

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Posted in: Brilliantly designed chopsticks will change way you set the table See in context

Now they can add some little pointy things to the end to make it easier to pick up food. That would be really brilliant design. They can call it a fork and the business end will stay safely in the air, just like these. lol

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Posted in: Thai police arrest 4 Japanese men over drugs, bribery See in context

prepare to die, yaks.

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Posted in: What irritates men most about women? Let's find out See in context

Women tend to be bigger sexists than men on an individual level, this is true. However, men continue to benefit from systemic pay and promotion sexism that endures from the past, so...whatever!

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Posted in: Ready or not, Japan on the way to becoming a nation of immigrants See in context

The Japanese themselves are immigrants, they are simply becoming a little less mean-spirited about it...and about time.

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Posted in: 'No dogs allowed': Why one service dog was refused entrance to these restaurants in Japan See in context

Just walk in! If they call the police, the police will arrest the restaurant manager or no one at all because the law-breaker is the restaurant manager. And the police can explain the law to the manager. Enforcing the law is the police function. Let them do it. Just walk in. Don't be a moral coward.

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Posted in: Japan hits out at UNESCO for archiving Nanjing massacre documents See in context

Japan's suffering has always been mostly self-inflicted, yet they whine constantly, every year. The suffering of others? "Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil". We know what species said that lol

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Posted in: 4 arrested for confining woman after 90-minute car chase See in context

The women would have held her while he strangled her. The 'light' injuries to her neck were a threat and a preview.

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Posted in: Japan announces changes to refugee system See in context

Every Japanese owes their life to the forgiveness and generosity of America. Every Japanese owes his or her livelihood to W. Edward Deming who reformed Japanese industry into the global powerhouse it is today. We foreigners built the Constitution and the economy. But god forbid we help out a few starving and near death foreigners because "that would change Japan". Ridiculous! Japanese is already the 51st state, thoroughly changed.

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Posted in: Runny curry, no pudding spoons among complaints of Japanese prison inmates See in context

Considering that most of the prisoners are innocent fall-guys tortured into phony confessions....

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Posted in: Police raid offices of new yakuza group See in context

Yakkity-yak, don't talk back!

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Posted in: 3 Indians get 20 years in jail for raping Japanese student See in context

Third world countries, especially this one, have a terrible human-rights and women's rights record. Who would want to go there? Go to a civilized country instead.

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Posted in: Japan urges China not to focus on 'unfortunate history' See in context

Criminals always want their crimes to be forgotten. Duh.

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Posted in: Olympic logo designer says he endured unbearable harassment See in context

What does the 'L' stand for? A question as yet unanswered by him.

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Posted in: Obama says sorry to Japan over WikiLeaks claims of U.S. spying See in context

If he apologized Japan-style: "Spying is regrettable. The USA suffered worst. No one is responsible. My heart hurts. I hope this is enough."

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Posted in: Folding fan emblem proposed for 2020 Olympics soars in popularity See in context

Much better than the T-L logo now being used. What does the 'L' stand for?

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Posted in: Body identified as 13-year-old girl; male classmate missing See in context

Yaks: "We have a guy who needs to kill someone to move up in the ranks. Bring us someone...or else it's you." Boy: "Yikes! O-o-okay."

end of story.

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Posted in: Emperor expresses deep remorse on WW2 anniversary See in context

Quote: "Recalling the past with profound remorse over the previous war and sincerely hoping that the tragedy of war is never repeated, I, together with people across the nation, express my heartfelt sorrow toward those who fell in battle, and pray for the further development of our country and world peace." TRANSLATION: War just happens, we suffered, too. It had nothing to do with the democracy-hating, opponent-murdering, criminal military that my father allowed to take over the government. Chit happens. Let's move on because I'm not man enough to face the truth.

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Posted in: China says Japan should have made 'sincere' WWII apology See in context

Until Japan, on a deeply philosophical level, admits the utter criminality of the war-time regime, they will only have three types of status available to them, in the eyes of the world: 1. Jerks who can't admit the war-time regime was NOT a moral peer to the Allies but was more like the evil Nazis; or 2. Ignorant children who don't know what the war-time regime was like...and don't want to know because they are moral cowards; or 3. Finally, fully adult, respected members of world society. In modern Japan, only a few of the liberals are in category 3. Most citizens are in 2. Thanks to the over-weighting of the right-wing farmer vote, the professional politicians of the LDP are firmly in category 1. That's all.

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