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Posted in: WWII aftermath: How did Japan and Germany become global powerhouses? See in context

W. Edward Deming invented the 'Japanese Economic Miracle' almost single-handed. Until he was summoned to Japan by the Supreme Commander, the economy here floundered. You couldn't even make a cross-town phone-call in Tokyo in the early 1950's. America saved Japan from itself both Constitutionally and economically. The 'Deming Prize' is his memorial. There are others.

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Posted in: Women forced into prostitution in WW2 hope for apology from Japan See in context

It is alien to Japanese culture, or any severely conservative culture for that matter, to apologize. They simply do not do it. Oh, they will bow and 'sumimasen' all over the place. But, a simple, honest apology from the heart? Never. Been here 24 years, large Japanese family, have never seen it. Never. They don't do self-reflection, they don't see the point, Western philosophy is alien to them, they have an order of magnitude less scientific achievement per capita than any other industrialized nation because looking deeply within and thinking deeply is just so utterly alien to the Japanese cultural mind. So, don't hold your breath.

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Posted in: Missing woman’s remains found inside car pulled from river See in context

Raped, killed, in the river. SImple.

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Posted in: Panel praises Japan's postwar economy before Abe speaks See in context

Don't forget the man who invented the Japanese Economic Miracle, W. Edward Deming.

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Posted in: Japanese designer refutes plagiarism claims in Olympic logo See in context

Then why the utterly meaningless "L"? Because the original had one, that's why!

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Posted in: Trio of murder suspects exchanged Line messages leading up to the attack See in context

Suicide? Really? Never heard of self-throat-cutting before. These crooks are stupid.

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Posted in: Still no resolution to 1995 Hachioji supermarket triple murder case See in context

'Refused to talk'? This is a case for truth drugs. The girls deserve it.

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Posted in: Male nipples become tools of 'sexual harassment' during summer, complain Japanese women See in context

28 is perfectly comfortable if there is air movement and humidity around 60% or lower. My house is kept at exactly this and it's great.

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Posted in: Consumer Affairs Agency urges people not to walk on escalators See in context

Nagoya already forbids walking. Personally, I prefer to have the choice and will encourage a 'stander' to walk if he is in the walking lane.

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Posted in: Woman arrested after drugging dates with chocolate, robbing them See in context

Nothing perverted about wanting a woman. Men's you-know-what doesn't age the way their hairline does lol

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Posted in: 2 dead, 5 injured after being electrocuted by electric fence See in context

Jeez. It's like a mini-Fukushima: lack of respect for risk in connection with a natural event (a river) leads to unnecessary death. C'mon!

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Posted in: Police say no more stores in Tokyo selling 'dangerous drugs' See in context

Considering that a guy drunk on alcohol just got 22 years for killing three women and maiming one women with his car, this all seems very ironic. When will the Japanese stop being children about drugs?

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Posted in: Married Sunday, fired Monday: next U.S. gay rights fight See in context

Amazing that anyone in this day and age think people CHOOSE to be gay. Such ignorance. Such hate-justifying ignorance.

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Posted in: Shibuya to get observation deck atop new skyscraper See in context


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Posted in: 14-year-old girl jumps to death from train platform See in context

It may have been a sudden impulse. I live near this station and find this very sad. I may have seen her walking home from the station from time to time.

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Posted in: Lawmakers scuffle over controversial temp worker bill See in context

Gary Raynor: agree completely.

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Posted in: 4 women jailed for beating acquaintance to death See in context

Tiny jail sentences in capital punishment Japan. 'Safe' country?

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Posted in: Driver who killed cyclist in crosswalk accident found not guilty See in context

Car drivers in Japan virtually never stop for any pedestrians even when the pedestrian is on foot (not bikes) and fully in the crosswalk. At best they will slow down. I think this is associated with the rather junior high school level feeling about "face": they are embarrassed to make any real change in their behavior because someone might notice and it will embarrass them. The instant my foot touches the crosswalk, the cars should stop.

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Posted in: U.S. Treasury freezes assets of Kodo-kai yakuza group See in context

Japan is far too lenient with these mobsters...largely because conservative Japanese admire them. Indeed, there is big mob money in many major Japanese corporations, and no law to stop this practice.

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Posted in: Man arrested for murder of ex-girlfriend said he still had feelings for her See in context

Yeah, the feeling that she should be dead. Crazy.

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Posted in: Australian man charged with 145 child sex offenses See in context

As Australian woman wrote a letter to Newsweek some years ago (you can probably find it in the archives). She simply said, "Having sex with children is as Australian as going to the beach." Well, she should know!

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Posted in: Top court rules parents not liable after son's wayward soccer ball leads to man’s death See in context

A man that old on a powered, unbalanced vehicle is an accident waiting to happen. Glad they finally made the right decision.

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Posted in: Toyama man awarded damages after being cleared of rape charges See in context

Well, at least it is something. And it may be a lump sum, tax free. I hope.

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Posted in: WWII firebombings of Japanese cities largely ignored See in context

The napalm was for the wooden buildings. Stranger is thinking of Vietnam. Now THERE is a war-crime.

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Posted in: WWII firebombings of Japanese cities largely ignored See in context

Japan brought years of war and destruction. In 4 short years, the USA established peace and laid the foundations for the current prosperity (the Japanese Economic Miracle was invented in Iowa. Look up W. Edwards Deming).

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Posted in: Small step by Tokyo's Shibuya Ward could be giant leap for LGBT equality See in context

Great, now we get to watch a bunch of stupid old people argue for their prejudices...again!

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Posted in: Osaka court orders retrial for man convicted of rape See in context

Rape victim is not an "eye witness". You must be a third party. If there is a prior connection between a third party and the victim, the case is weakened. Also: you do not need to prove innocence, you need to prove guilt. Wake up children and think before you post.

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Posted in: Police arrest 3 youths over murder of Kawasaki boy See in context

Exactly. His was beaten up and nobody did anything? Evidence of a shattered home life leading, quite possibly, to a life of future crime. He CHOSE those kids to hang out with. He KNEW the danger and advertised it. Yet, he told no one who could help him. Was he trying to impress the girl?

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Posted in: Top court backs punishment of 2 men for sexual harassment comments See in context

Why would they need a warning? They never heard of sekuhara? Yeah, right. Why should the women complain to them? That is not the women's duty. The women are perfectly free to complain to the boss. These boys got schooled, and a good job, too.

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Posted in: Kawasaki boy told friend on Line he might get killed See in context

So there are three 13-year old kids out there who planned and executed a killing...because their victim wouldn't steal for him. Frightening.

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