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Posted in: Complete list of WWII U.S. internees of Japanese descent unveiled See in context

So, to be fair, North Korea has another 40 years time before they need to disclose a full list of Japanese abductees if they want to match US standards, right?

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Posted in: 78% of business professionals are ready for the metaverse See in context


So how long before I can 'like' a corporate brand there, spy/stalk someone, 'chat' with someone 'in person' about how vaccines have 5G and governments should stop 'forced vaccinations' and, of course, watch my friends discuss how they oppose obscene pharma profits and yet hate socialism at the same time without any hint of an irony in their contradictions?


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Posted in: Kishida says Japan will ease COVID border controls from Oct 11 See in context

It hasn't been a deadly period because of Covid, it's the vaccines (especially boosters) killing people. It is classified as a covid-related death though. Cannot blame the vaccines, never question the vaccines.

I am going to guess you have a Facebook account, a Twitter account, premium TikTok and saw bigfoot out and about yesterday. No proof = rubbish.

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Posted in: Kishida says Japan will ease COVID border controls from Oct 11 See in context

Not sure what's with all the anti-vaxxer comments here.

Are people so frustrated that they just lash out at science and public health. People, get off facebook, seriously.

As for the visa issue, the country is well within its right to ban all foreigners forever if it so wishes. The prognostication of doom if Japan does not open up right away and forever from all the armchair critics is laughable.

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Posted in: Hopes grow for win-win effect of inbound tourism in Japan, weak yen See in context

One of the safest countries to visit. People are masked (even before COVID) and respect others by and large. Much better than going somewhere that has disrespectful people sneezing and coughing all over the place.

Are Japanese more conscientious due to a background in Buddhism or are they less prone to be hooked on conspiracy theories from their Facebook feeds? My observation is both!

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Posted in: As Japanese manufacturing fades, a factory town fights to stay alive See in context

Who Said Globalization Is Bad: It is great for the multinational, the 1% and pollution levels.

People and the planet: Who cares?

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Posted in: China's large drills near Taiwan raise Japan, U.S. alert level See in context

The military-industrial complex thanks China for its stance towards Taiwan and invites Pentagon, Japanese and other nations to visit with their delegates anytime. Even the name sounds Chinese: Cha ching!

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Posted in: Amazon to shutter virtual health care service Amazon Care See in context

Desert Tortoise is exactly correct. People are commodities and their information is sold for gain and profit.

However, let's get one thing straight. Half the population is too ignorant about its privacy and the other half does not care. Millions of people gladly use Google instead of startpage or Duckduckgo, do not secure their devices to clear out elements and cookies and giddily have Instagram and Facebook accounts...

One cannot blame corporate giants for wanting profits. One can blame the people who happily feed their own and family and friends' information to them!

As for governments... well, they abdicated their governance role years ago.

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Posted in: U.S. to send $3 billion in aid to Ukraine as war hits 6 month-mark See in context

In related news: Japan will not pull its investments from Russia and continues cooperation in 2 gas fields per Japan Today.

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Posted in: U.S., Iran inch closer to nuclear deal but high hurdles remain See in context

Just sick of the warmongering, threats and lies of Israel. Just pure arrogance and hubris for a country that violates international law every day, occupies land it should not, is nuclear armed and dictates to everybody else.

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Posted in: Japanese lawmakers meet Taiwan President Tsai See in context

A Canadian delegation and a German delegation are reportedly visiting in September and October as well.

Yet, who will be the first to put their money where their mouth is and actually open an embassy? Otherwise, it is all for show.

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Posted in: Japanese lawmakers meet Taiwan President Tsai See in context

Here is a novel way to make China run out of fuel, rockets, shells and aeroplanes:

Have international diplomatic delegates visit it monthly.

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Posted in: Whistleblower accuses Twitter of hiding major flaws See in context

How about we ignore all of this noise, wake up and smell the coffee (or go outside for a walk) and get off the really banal asocial media?

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Posted in: Walmart expands abortion coverage for employees See in context

I think I know this place.. this shop.. it is the place featured on People Of Walmart website, right?

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Posted in: General Motors reinstates dividend suspended in pandemic See in context

Is this company still around? Who buys their ... cars?

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Posted in: U.S. House Speaker Pelosi begins Asia tour; no mention of Taiwan See in context

Dear President Xi,

If it is true that taiwan is yours, then please take a trip there. How about tomorrow or perhaps Wednesday?

After all, it is part of China, right? You can go there at will, right?

You would not be lying to us,would you?

PS: What is with the title of 'president'?? I do not see any democratic elections on the calendar!?!? I am confused.

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Posted in: Yotel to open first hotel in Japan See in context

Great article (PR release?)

I read it and I still don't know what Yotel is, where they are from, where they exist or any other context.

So far, based on this article and included photo I dislike them. One, no one wants to pay a human being or employ anyone (but everyone wants paying customers somehow) and two, I cannot stand the colour purple. Maybe fans of Prince or 14th century decor would disagree.

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Posted in: Less than 3% of Japanese firms exiting Russia; lowest among G7: survey See in context

Japan has the loudest anti-war stance on the world stage

Respectfully this is incorrect. Government after japanese government has refused to condemn nuclear weapons or vote for disarmament frustrating many of its own activists. Of course, it is also ignoring the wishes of its own citizens in Okinawa.

Watch Jose Jose or Okinawa Afterburn or read about Setsuko Harlow.

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Posted in: Less than 3% of Japanese firms exiting Russia; lowest among G7: survey See in context

This is the same country that was nuked by the US yet refuses to vote against nuclear weapons.

Is anyone surprised?

Japanese businesses should not have been in Russia in the first place. The two countries are technically at war and Russia is illegally holding on to Japanese islands.... er hold on actually it all makes sense now.

. Never mind. Japan is cool with Russian occupations.

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Posted in: Japan-born American files suit against Japan's dual nationality ban See in context

What this kind lady does not know is that it does not matter either way.

After all, Japan can even announce it will abide by a protocol banning unilateral kidnapping of biracial children by the Japanese parent and yet local courts and local police will deny cases or enforcement that the central government has supposedly banned.

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Posted in: 4-year-old boy hit and killed by car driven by 80-year-old woman See in context

There was a Japanese child fatally hit by his father last month. This is incredibly sad.

Yet, the series about Japanese children and toddlers doing things on their own running errands and travelling distances is a ratings' hit and encouraged. I realize this child was supervised and accidents happen, but children have no business being encouraged to be unsupervised where danger exists.

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Posted in: S Korea, U.S. launch 8 missiles in response to N Korean salvo See in context

Too bad Trump is not around anymore to bow to Kim, shake hands, praise his general and call him "a great leader" too. Trump fans and Kim Jong Un must be getting teary eyed...

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Posted in: Former Bon Jovi bassist, founding member Alec John Such dies See in context

I know that everything is expressed as a euphemism nowadays and real reasons or actual facts are not typically verbalized or written down. Fact was he was fired for being fat (by Jon's standards). The entertainment industry was one thing. Being in a glam band being overweight was another. That was ruthless of Jon. So in actuality he did not depart. I remember, I was there. By the way the first two albums remain my faves.

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Posted in: French presidential campaign spotlights Muslim headscarves See in context

Don't like head scarves? Don't colonize them.

And, oh, tell everyone loudly that you are against religion.

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Posted in: Iran's president vows to continue nuclear activities See in context

As odious as all nuclear weapons are, to be fair one has to remember several things. There has been no proof of Iran developing nuclear weapons. Israel and the US may claim it, but have not offered any proofs and the lies about Iraqi WMDs makes them suspect anyhow. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me again shame on me.

What's more, and as much as I loath to say it because I despise war and nuclear weapons included, Japan refuses to condemn nuclear weapons or even join in the fight against them and US remains the only country to have used this weapon... so no authority to condemn anyone else even if the Iranians decided to have one.

Now if only everyone and everybody, including US and Japan, would join with people like Setsuko Thurlow we would have a more sane planet.

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Posted in: Russia says it will scale back military operations near Kyiv See in context

Firstly, this is the same Russia that mockingly insisted it will not invade up until the day it invaded.

Secondly, and this is incredible, Trump yesterday asked Russia to release dirt on Biden. Shameful. He hates his own country.

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Posted in: Increasing momentum toward re-opening of borders and relaxing travel restrictions See in context

It will be thanks to vaccines, those who became vaccinated and public health measures if the world is opening up.

Thanks to all respective governments and all those who followed scientific advice.

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Posted in: Google to overhaul ad tracking system on Android devices See in context

Been using startpage instead of Google for years... and element blockers as my browser extension

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Posted in: Google pushes new plan to overhaul web-tracking cookies See in context

The very least one could do nowadays is to delete cookies manually often as well as set your browser to automatically delete all cookies when you close your browser.

Add the Ghostery blocker to your browser and set it to 'no notification' so it silently blocks many other types of trackers as well.

These are simple actions.

Facebook (even this website, like every other commercial one out there, has Facebook trackers that light up my Ghostery) and Google (especially via people logged into Gmail), etc. will continue to track you, but less effectively and incompletely.

As others have suggested, a VPN is another more advanced way to protect your privacy. Best would be to not have a Facebook account so you are never logged in.

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Posted in: Is it better to wear an N95 or cloth mask? See in context

I'll keep breathing the way nature intended.

Thanks for the tip though.

Ignorant comment of the month.

Let me guess: you are a nudist and walk around naked ... you know ... with additional protection as required by cold or hot blazing weather... you know... "the way nature intended"

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