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Posted in: Ex-AKB48 star Oshima, Japanese actor Hayashi to marry See in context

Man, I'd hate to marry a Japanese "idol". Imagine all the things she had to err "do" to get to that position.

> Pray tell us what you have against working hard, having talent and looks, being competitive and making it.

Congratulations to the couple. Many men would be jealous.

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Posted in: Action star Steven Seagal gives samurai sword to Venezuela's Maduro See in context

@ Peter, that movie was already done. It was called Spy.

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Posted in: Japan says Chinese military likely behind cyberattacks See in context

And what will Japan do about it?

I remember when the Chinese ship rammed a Japanese one in Japanese waters. What happened next? Japan was "seeking understanding" and let the captain of the ramming/trespassing ship go without charges.

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Posted in: Seoul court rejects wartime sex slaves' suit against Japan See in context

And if these women are hurting why do they accept money as compensation? Why does Japanese moeny make it all better? Isn't that ironic?

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Posted in: New Zealand to consolidate healthcare into national service similar to Britain's See in context

Once again, NZ is showing it is the best place to live.

Well, can't be the best place to live if they are just emulating the UK. As well, Canada has a social healthcare system but I don't believe there is a co-pay.

This came out this week:

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Posted in: Trump touts 'big progress' after phone call with Xi on trade See in context

Trump and his know-nothings keep uttering nonsense to keep the fan base happy and the same people who buy trump's Chinese made MAGA merch lap it up

Here is some older fodder to keep the MAGA crowd enchanted:

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Posted in: Twitter goes nuts for Japan’s latest ‘sexy’ animal: a busty squirrel See in context

Why are the nuts covered (even if they were breasts)??

Still shaming nature??

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Posted in: Okinawa sees chances for economic independence without U.S. bases See in context

What is the price of an occupation? Not allowing Japan to be a bona fide independent and sovereign country.

Ask any fans of this arrangement whether the US would allow a Japanese base on its soil.

Japan needs to become independent and grow up, but with Abe Shinzo and his ilk...

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Posted in: Driverless hover-taxis to take off in Singapore See in context

This should be a superb solution to traffic woes the world over. This business may be a gold mine.

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Posted in: Abortion: What to expect and where to go if you have to take that path in Tokyo See in context

Good that women are free to maintain control of their bodies and choose what to do. The world has too many people anyway.

With that said, why would the pill be unavailable??

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Posted in: TPP-11 may take effect by year-end: Motegi See in context

Thankfully American dairy with all the hormones and produce with all the genetically modified franken food was luckily kept out.

Pathetically, Abe and his gang are conducting 1:1 negotiations with Trump. In other words, Abe will obey whatever Trump tells him.

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Posted in: China, Japan show united front on 'free and fair' trade See in context

My guess is that the Chinese are wasting their time.

Abe's Japan is an occupied country.

Trump says 'jump' and Abe says 'how high?'

Abe was scheduled to travel to Iran to drum up business this summer. US places an illegal embargo and sanctions on Iran (contravening US' own signature and related UN resolution) for whatever reason (i.e. even the Pentagon says Iran is in compliance with its commitments) and Abe cancels the trip and foregoes the business! Just because US said so.

In the meantime, it is the US that is demanding Japan pay more for the bases, placing tariffs on Japan, threatening Japan with more and saying Japan is taking advantage of it. Abe is a disgrace of sycophantic proportions.

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Posted in: Trade ministers, minus U.S., China, meet to discuss WTO overhaul See in context

Hard to take anything Canada does seriously, sorry no one cares. Without US and China, it is pointless to begin with.

Nice victim mentality. Bully fan anyone.

Ironically, you commented and 20 countries showed up in Canada to tackle the matter.

I repeat that I hope these countries tackle Trump and his goons for the good of the world.

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Posted in: 'AirDrop perverts' on Japanese trains now a thing See in context

Bigger mistake: having Instagram.

Waste of time, narcissistic, voyeuristic, leads to over consumption, data and profile shared with advertisers and everything regularly downloaded to spy agency to update your profile.

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Posted in: Foreign divorced parents fight in vain for child custody in Japan See in context

And yet some still write and claim nonsense that Japan is a patriarchy. It is a matriarchy. Watch the movie i Just Didn't Do It.

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Posted in: Trade ministers, minus U.S., China, meet to discuss WTO overhaul See in context

It remains to be seen whether these countries have the will and the wisdom to stand up to the bully.

Countries like Japan have a PM that actually still think subservience and yielding to the American master is the way to go. It cannot be a coincidence that elsewhere on the site there is an article about the rise of bullying in Japan. If the government is any example the message it is sending is that bullies are rewarded with obedience, cash and even more sucking up!

As for Canada, not much of a small country being part of the G7 and having the second largest land mass in the world behind Russia.

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Posted in: American man arrested for urinating on another passenger on flight to Japan See in context

I thought only Economy is a cattle call

Lo and behold Business Class is also a cattle call on flights these days

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Posted in: Pokemon Happy Meals from McDonald’s Japan See in context

Dear extanker, your comment is about something else. you are talking to yourself.

> Debunked. Mold won't grow without moisture. Nothing to do with it being from McDonalds.

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Posted in: Iran calls for EU help as shipping giant pulls out for fear of U.S. sanctions See in context

What rules is this CEO claiming to be applying? United Nations, EU, International Energy Agency and, get this, US department of defense and intelligence agencies say Iran does not have nuclear weapons and is also abiding by its agreement. Only Trump and Israel disagree and are warmongering.

War is evil. War kills. people die. To start wars and sow conflict is not such a matter-of-fact thing.

Trump has a lot to answer for.

The North koreans would be crazy to believe anything the US promises or tells them.

And yes, this is what the world has come to: we are starting to believe and sympathize with North Korea in its conflict with the US. What a world.

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Posted in: Pokemon Happy Meals from McDonald’s Japan See in context

Did you see the news articles this week about the six-year old McDonalds' burger and fries?

What chemicals do they use on these things or are they made from wax?

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Posted in: 'Ant-Man' sequel brings female characters to the forefront See in context

Or maybe I've been waiting decades to see a more representative choice of blockbusters? Just to prove to me that in sci-fi, you don't have to be a straight white male to be onscreen and have a story to lead in.

Terrified male viewers don't have to watch these films. Which reminds me of a guy I knew years back who didn't like T2 or Aliens because he felt Cameron was focussing too much on the characters of Ripley and Sarah Connor. Duh!

Go ahead, what's stopping you? All we ask is they make films about women instead of the trend/fad/lemming attitude of turning every male character into female.

And yes, the only thing I am terrified of is Hollywood and sycophants churning out and turning out for the next 100 formula-of-the-year film (as in all male characters becoming female).

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Posted in: 'Ant-Man' sequel brings female characters to the forefront See in context

AntMAN goes the way of Star Wars, Star Trek, Annihilation, Ghostbusters, Mad Maxette, Ocean's Eight, X-woMEN and Thor Ragnarok.

Hollywood's trend empowered by compliant reviewers and an audience watching anything and everything (say 50 Marvel films a year)

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Posted in: Abe scraps plan to visit Iran amid Trump's tough line See in context

This makes sense.

After all, Japan is getting so much back from Trump.

For example, trump will stay in the TPP to the benefit of Japan, trump will not impose tariffs on Japan based on "national security," trump will not demand Japan pay even more for all the American bases in Japan and... er... never mind.

Japan just announced it will buy even more weaponry from the US, while China will now get even more discounted oil from Iran, a country that the US' own intelligence says is abiding by the nuclear agreement.

Is the correct spelling 'fool' or 'tool'?

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Posted in: NRA exec suggests slain Charleston pastor to blame for gun deaths See in context

There is a reason gun rights rhymes with gun nuts

Would the press interview a crazy person?? Why do they give air time and attention to these murderers??

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Posted in: Cover-up at Shanghai auto show as scantily clad models banned See in context

The year is 2015.... and people are still ashamed of the human body.

What is more natural? Odd, that humanity bans itself certain things knowing that exactly the act of banning it makes it an object of desire.

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Posted in: Kurds oust Islamic State fighters from Kobani after 4-month battle See in context

Islamists are like cancer. If you do not extirpate them completely, they come back. So, go after them and leave no trace of them.

What do you call the countries that manufacture the weapons they (and others) use, the countries that fund them and the countries that bomb and destroy those countries and create a power and structure vacuum allowing these group to exist and thrive?

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Posted in: Spielberg warns of growing anti-Semitism at Holocaust event See in context

Not this again. The Arabs are the largest group of semites in the world. So anti-Semitism is being anti Arabs (not muslims)... Jordanians, Saudi, Syrians and some Iraqis are semites...

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Posted in: Japanese restaurants are springing up all over the world - most of them fake See in context

As much as I like Korean and Chinese (and other) cuisine I have to agree with the article. These entrepreneurs, as the article calls them, are ripping off and making money off a culture they know little about and often mock in other circumstances. Most people do not know the difference and that is because most people do not want to know the difference. After all, why go find something that makes it more costly, expensive and difficult to eat. Quality be damned. Otherwise, the information is there for the asking. Here I searched on the internet and sushi as an example is all here:

Controlling is another matter. A decade ago Japan actually tried to enact a cultural program for sushi and washoku to certify restaurants and it was impractical I guess. Never heard of it later

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Posted in: New Okinawan governor takes office See in context

@True Okinawa: wow so wow.... firstly, I doubt the new governor wants to nationalize the means of production or abolish the banking system (although your hyperbole is always good for the clichéd laugh). Secondly, Russia and China are communist? really? Workers rule the country?? Thirdly, so what if that is what Okinawans want: if they wanted to be communist who is anybody to tell them not to... Please look up these words in the dictionary: communism, democracy, laughably wrong

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Posted in: New Okinawan governor takes office See in context

The American military should imagine how Americans would react if the shoe was on the other foot and the Japanese military was stationed in the US If they feel that would be unacceptable then that is the dictionary definition of hypocrisy

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