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Posted in: Spielberg warns of growing anti-Semitism at Holocaust event See in context

Not this again. The Arabs are the largest group of semites in the world. So anti-Semitism is being anti Arabs (not muslims)... Jordanians, Saudi, Syrians and some Iraqis are semites...

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Posted in: Japanese restaurants are springing up all over the world - most of them fake See in context

As much as I like Korean and Chinese (and other) cuisine I have to agree with the article. These entrepreneurs, as the article calls them, are ripping off and making money off a culture they know little about and often mock in other circumstances. Most people do not know the difference and that is because most people do not want to know the difference. After all, why go find something that makes it more costly, expensive and difficult to eat. Quality be damned. Otherwise, the information is there for the asking. Here I searched on the internet and sushi as an example is all here:

Controlling is another matter. A decade ago Japan actually tried to enact a cultural program for sushi and washoku to certify restaurants and it was impractical I guess. Never heard of it later

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Posted in: New Okinawan governor takes office See in context

@True Okinawa: wow so wow.... firstly, I doubt the new governor wants to nationalize the means of production or abolish the banking system (although your hyperbole is always good for the clichéd laugh). Secondly, Russia and China are communist? really? Workers rule the country?? Thirdly, so what if that is what Okinawans want: if they wanted to be communist who is anybody to tell them not to... Please look up these words in the dictionary: communism, democracy, laughably wrong

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The American military should imagine how Americans would react if the shoe was on the other foot and the Japanese military was stationed in the US If they feel that would be unacceptable then that is the dictionary definition of hypocrisy

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Posted in: Japanese wives in int'l marriages share what they hate about Christmas overseas See in context

Two things: 1- good to know women all over the world are the same. they whine and nag and complain even if the times are good. 2- Japantoday either does not believe Christmas is celebrated in Canada, Australia and New Zealand or there are not any Japanese women who have married men from these countries.

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Posted in: And then there were eight ... Girls' Generation ousts star See in context

She had one of the better voices in the group and definitely of the better sets of legs. Thanks for all the fun and pleasure. AND of course it is all business. Show me one person who puts friendship over money and business and I will show you an intelligent military general.

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Posted in: U.S., Japan, others vow to strengthen U.N. peacekeeping See in context

So ironic... US and Abe and peacekeeping.... These guys are the banes of international pacifism

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Posted in: Gov't trying to confirm report 9 Japanese have joined Islamic State See in context

I would not necessarily believe this. The Israelis have a long history of provoking others to fight for them. This might be their boilerplate attempt at getting Japan involved to fight their wars or at the very least getting Japanese riled up. How serious is this guy who is reporting it? What is his connection to Israel?

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