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Posted in: Heatwave kills 3, hospitalises 2,500 across Japan See in context

**This surprises me because it's just not that hot and most people in Japan have air conditioning, It is of course sad when anyones mother or father die.

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Posted in: Saitama junior high teacher arrested over alleged sexual assault See in context

I hope they give him a quite severe punnishment. I never have been able to figure out why he wouldn't just find a willing woman. I hope he gets sex from men in prison now. Butt-raped

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Posted in: Legendary, Chinese group to make blockbuster films See in context

That sounds like a good deal for everyone.For me as a consumer, I will be able to enjoy more feature films while living in China. The bootleg market for dvd will probably remain the same. If you want to be a real presance in the Chinese market place you must have a Chinese partner.

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