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In the meantime,the Japanese coast guards had to intervene because none of those Chinese fishermen lifted a finger to help their fellow countrymen who were drowning. What kind of priority it that?

Where exactly does it say that, Hachidori or are you just trying to make a political statement loosely connected to an incident where some human beings helped their fellow human beings who were in trouble? I'm pretty sure that if the situation had been in reverse the same thing would have happened.

Perhaps this is a less biased report of the incident...

On Thursday morning, a Chinese fishing vessel in the East China Sea collided with a Greek-flagged cargo ship. The Chinese vessel sank, but six of its crew were rescued by Japan’s Coast Guard. According to a statement from the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Japan Coast Guard arrived on the scene in response to a distress call from the cargo ship, the 300-meter Anangel Courage.

The collision took place “in international waters approximately 67 kilometers northwest of Uotsuri Island of the Senkaku Islands,” according to Japan’s MOFA.

Interestingly no mention of the "Hundreds of Chinese fishing boats".

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Posted in: There is an extremely high likelihood that the applicant would exhibit the same sort of language and behavior that it has in the past. The decision to deny permission to use the park was made based on See in context

tinawatanabe said

Fukuda is protecting the wrongful discriminatory speech and behavor of Koreans and Chinese against the Japanese. Are you suggesting that hate speech has varying levels of "wrongness" depending on who is saying it and where?

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Japan Violet said >Tarps must be blue. You are obviously not Japanese or you wouldn't even bother thinking it.

Really? You are obviously incorrect or colour blind as there is clearly a large green tarp in this photo. Just saying.

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Come on Japan. It is about time you started to properly invest money and technical know-how into renewable energies. Japan is ideally suited for solar, geothermal, wind and wave powered energy generation but like so many other countries, they are led by individuals with personal interests in major power companies.

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@Alex80, unfortunately tax payers in all countries are screwed by their governments but in this case, I believe the money is an irrelevance. It will make very little difference to the surviving sex slaves and also Japanese tax payers will not notice any increase in tax to pay for it as it is a minuscule amount for a country like Japan to pay. My fear is that by making such a payment Japan shuts the door on the human issue and thinks that they can eradicate it from history.

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Posted in: S Korea, Japan reach deal on wartime sex slaves, including Y1 bil aid fund See in context

Alex80, do you believe the victims should be forced to shut up and miraculously be able to forget what happened to them? Really?

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akoppa wrote

And what about the next one with North Korea? Will US compel Abe to make a deal with Kim Jong-un? Ha!

Sexual slavery is wrong in all cases. It is irrelevant whether it was against women of countries we now like or dislike. An apology (on behalf of Japan, not individual people) and an acceptance that these crimes did occur should be made to all women who suffered this abhorrent treatment,

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So then, according to some of those involved, I guess it still ain't over.

For many victims of sexual abuse, it will never be over. Reparations do not suddenly mean it never happened. I certainly hope this will be the start of warming relations between Japan and South Korea but the victims must be allowed to express their pain and anguishes until the day they die.

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This is long overdue but is a positive step towards a better relationship between the people of these two great countries. I actually don't think the money is the key factor here, I believe it is the acknowledgement that the Japanese Army illegally utilised sex slaves during the war. Japan MUST not demand that the statue of the sexually enslaved girl be moved. That statue represents an historically accurate fact. The money must not be seen as a payment to hide the atrocities of the Japanese soldiers, it should remain as a reminder to future generations and we must ensure it never happens again. As a Kabukilover said in an earlier post, it would be a fitting touch if Mr Abe laid flowers at the foot of the statue. It would also be a nice touch if some of those who have denied this issue in posts on this site accept that they were wrong.

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Tina, Thank you for enlightening me to this fact but please provide evidence for such a comment.

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tinawatanabe NOV. 03, 2015 - 03:15PM JST Guinness seems to be a genuine organization compared with UNESCO.

?? You really are on fine form today >tina.

UNESCO is a fine organisation that contributes to peace and security by promoting international collaboration through education, science, and culture to further universal respect for justice, the rule of law, and human rights along with fundamental freedom proclaimed in the United Nations Charter.

The Guinness Book of Records tries to promote many worthless events like "Most Eggs Crushed with Head in One Minute", "Largest Smurf Meeting Ever", "Most People Brushing Their Teeth Simultaneously" and dare I say..."World’s largest rice field art”

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Harry_Gatto states...

Abe needs to tell Park quite clearly that "apologies have been made and compensation has been paid, the issue is closed.

Wrong! It is not up to the aggressor to say the issue is closed, it's up to those that have been wronged. Saying sorry must be heartfelt and using clear language. I understand, of course, that Abe and most Japanese had no involvement in those atrocities and so they should have no personal guilt but Japan should hold up its hands and say "What we did was terrible and we are sorry that some of our people committed those heinous crimes. That may or may not be enough but the issue is only closed when South Korea says it is.

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The Chinese government are certainly not the most transparent in the world but whilst the Japanese government continues to comprise of cretinous old men who deny the Nanking massacre, it is unlikely that there will be many positives from this proposed meeting.

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I fully agree with you Yubaru that Japan in its current state would never consider allowing foreigners to make up the missing numbers. My third point was a rhetorical question really as I am fully aware of the real answer.

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Posted in: Nobel Literature prize again eludes Japan's hope, Haruki Murakami See in context

I like Murakami's work, it is wacky, fun and imaginative however it can not be considered up there with the great classics.

His books are popular, both in Japan and overseas, and he was rightly considered to be a contender for the Nobel prize but he was not the favourite to win this award and so it should not have been any great surprise when another author was chosen ahead of him.

“Perhaps because Japan won science Nobels this year, we were passed over for literature.”

Some may try to turn this story into a sour grapes issue but this was not "Japan bashing", he was just beaten by a more deserving writer.

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Three things immediately sprung to mind after reading this article..:

Firstly, if couples want to have children they will. Why does there need to be a ministerial position? Any plan to create incentives for women to have babies will almost certainly lead to an increase in unloved/unwanted children. Children should not be born to be servants to the older generations.

Secondly, if there has to be such a position, why choose a 59 year old man for the role? Why not a younger person who is aware of reality in modern Japan and why not a woman to do this job?

Thirdly, if Japan is desperate to stem the shrinking population, why has Abe ruled out opening the door wider to foreigners?

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@Crazy Joe... I hope your comment above was an ill attempt at sarcasm and not your actual beliefs.

The countries that these "migrants" are flooding into...

In most cases they are refugees but in all cases they are People... and the term "flooding in" sounds like a quote straight from FOX News or "Daily Mail"! Really credible sources ... NOT.

have the same problems these people are escaping from.

Really? Excuse my ignorance but I didn't realise that there was an appalling civil war in Hungary or any other destination that these poor people are trying desperately to get to. I am pretty sure that families in Budapest and or any other EU cities do not spend their days worrying about their children, parents, friends etc being killed by fighting factions.

once these countries are over-run

You make this sound like an infestation of rats; they are people!

their economies and political systems destroyed, and all the food has been eaten

??? eh?

the populations of these countries will join those from other countries until we are all "migrants."

In years to come, "populations" from all parts of the world will join those from other countries and people will become a lot more accepting of each other making, in my opinion, the world a much better place.

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Are we all possibly missing the point here? Migrants, refugees, call them what you like but they are all people and they are dying in their thousands desperately fleeing to find a better, safer life. In the UK the right wing parties and press try to 'warn' the people of Britain that hundreds of thousands of migrants will be turning up taking our jobs, claiming benefits and committing crimes. That's pure scaremongering!

All countries morally should do their part and help to re-home these desperate people. I often hear that "Britain is full" but I would rather see children living and playing in my home town than dead on a beach.

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I think that you are too busy defending Japanese culture from what you envisage as attacks by western imperialists and you are blind to the reasons for people's calls for this cull to be banned. It is extremely cruel and as you say only a small number of Japanese eat them. Why then do so many have to be killed in such barbaric fashion?

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If the local community are worried about a loss of income from banning the event, why don't they establish the area as a dolphin spotting site and attract decent tourists to the area from all around the world. They would not need to corral the dolphins to the cove as the tourists' excitement / pleasure at just seeing one or two would be far greater than that of seeing hundreds forced into the cove or in an aquarium.

This would be far more profitable that the barbaric killings as it could be all year round.

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This is a truly foul and barbaric practice and must stop. The slaughter serves no purpose other than for the locals (and the government it would appear) to claim it is traditional and for other non-caring bloodthirsty people to go to watch it.

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Any new safety device is a good advancement in the wellbeing of road users (and pavements in some cases) Call me old fashioned but what's wrong the method where the driver used to look where he or she was going and apply brakes appropriately when something or someone was in their path?

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A meeting between Mr Abe and President Xi Jinping can surely only be a good thing for peace and stability in this region of our planet. That is unless Abe tries to use it in an attempt to "re-educate" China on his fluffy warped view of the Japanese military 70+ years ago.

If he was a genuine man of peace and wanted some respect from others around the world he should visit Nanjing’s Massacre Memorial and express his deepest regret and sorrow for the murder and mistreatement of all those who suffered at the hands of japan's ruthless occupying forces as welll as some of the decent Japanese soldiers who had no choice but to follow the orders of the the evil war criminals of the time. Just a thought...

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A truly foul and despicable organisation that have caused dread, fear and sadness to so many people around the world.

What is their goal? To be recognised as an "Islamic State".

They don't represent the vast majority of decent Muslims around the world and their barbaric behaviour doesn't merit them being recognised as a state therefore from no on perhaps we should refer to them by the derogatory term they hate... Daesh.

I know this will not help anyone who has been touched by their brutal ways but anything they hate, I like.

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