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Posted in: Paralympic coverage airs on NBC for the first time on Sunday See in context


Not many abroad get NHK .

Someone don't know how to use internet.. lol..

Someone don't know how to use grammar!

Also your understanding of the internet is limited if you believe anybody, anywhere in the world can access the same websites as you are able to even using VPN regional settings.

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Posted in: Nagoya mayor who bit Olympian's gold medal offers to take 3-month pay cut See in context

Genuine question, what does he actually do as mayor? Is it just a ceremonial role or does it involve him making high powered decisions that shape the future of the city?

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Posted in: Tropical depression drenching earthquake-stricken Haiti See in context

Always desperately sad when any country's people are affected by any humanity crisis but always more so when it happens in impoverished counties without the infrastructure to fully respond. Governments of the world must act and do whatever they can.

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Posted in: Bob Dylan sued for allegedly sexually abusing girl in 1965 See in context

A lot of the comments above talk about the statute of limitations which is fair enough however I find it incredulous that some in here appear to have views on whether this incident did or didn't actually happen at all. Do they know something that we don't?

...and the comment about handing out Nobel prizes willy-nilly... oh dear.

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Posted in: Sex Pistols singer calls TV show 'nonsense' in songs dispute See in context


Totally agree with your comment.

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Posted in: Australian PM apologizes for slow vaccine rollout See in context

mmwkdwToday  11:14 pm JST

When you look at the UK, and see that those now being admitted to Hospital have already had their double-doses of the vaccination, you have to wonder... I know people who have had COVID without a vaccination, and did not suffer terrible symptoms

Yes the UK hospitalisation rate is rising but it is nowhere near the pre-vaccine figures when there were similar amounts of daily reported cases.

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Posted in: Australian PM apologizes for slow vaccine rollout See in context

RecklessToday  06:09 pm JST

I think they are going to be surprised when they find that the vaccines do not work well against new variants and some persons can get reinfected. There will also be a large percentage of vaccine holdouts. Perpetual lockdown.

I'd love to know where you get you facts that the vaccines don't work well against new variants. Pretty much the only variant in the UK is 'Delta', a new variant and the number of daily infections are about 45,000 a day. However the death rate (admittedly one is too many) is very low compared with the last peak (pre vaccine) when thousands were dying each day. The vaccines do not guarantee you will not catch COVID but it pretty much ensures you will not die unless you are very unlucky. I think that shows they are working.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,979 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 5,383 See in context

Hervé L'EisaToday  07:49 pm JST

"Would you voluntarily engage in any kind of activity where you have a 1% chance of dying? I am not sure if you are kidding or not."

Sure. It's called living.

A flippant reply to a genuinely worthwhile question.

Logging is considered the most dangerous job in the USA at almost 1 fatality per 1000 loggers. That is a death rate of 0.097%. Your chances of dying if you contract COVID in Japan is 1.82%, almost 20 times higher.

Either you are brave or very stupid. I don't know you so I shall hold judgement on which it is.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,979 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 5,383 See in context

Can someone please remind me how useful these numbers are when japan is only 143rd on the world scale for tests per capita of population. The published numbers are miniscule compared with the population however I fear the numbers would be tenfold or far greater if testing was taken seriously. But that would cause panic and would have likely got in the way of the Olympics.

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Posted in: Global evidence links rise in extreme precipitation to human-driven climate change See in context

The human can not drive climate change.

It never ceases to amaze me how, in the face of scientific evidence, some people still claim we have not had any impact on our climate.

I sincerely hope this was a poor attempt at irony Tina.

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Posted in: Osaka thanks fans for support after French Open departure See in context

Some of you, like me, are Brits. You will no doubt be aware of the Daily Mail and the hate-filled readers comments. JT comments, especially when relating to Naomi Osaka, are starting to resemble that vile tabloid. Debate is great and far from me to suggest how you should opine however I would just ask you to consider your credentials before offering your own opinions of the mental wellbeing of others.

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Posted in: Osaka thanks fans for support after French Open departure See in context

Simian Lane wrote

My gut feeling is she is a fraud on this. But she’s young, and a fine tennis player. I think she will learn from this, or has already. The whole world is suffering. She needs to I understand, and perhaps does now, that people don’t like to hear anyone whining, especially the richest woman athlete in the world currently

Could you expand on your thinking. Please explain how or why she is a fraud?

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Posted in: Japan to extend quarantine for travelers from Britain to 6 days See in context

3 days now 6? Where did the J Government pluck that number from?

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Posted in: AstraZeneca, Nipro sign COVID-19 vaccine deal for supply in Japan See in context

Sanjinosebleed said

Don't think many people will be interested in the Astra Zeneca shot because of safety concerns. If you are more at risk from the vaccine than covid why bother?

With respect, may I suggest that you are a buffoon.

The AstraZeneca vaccine has been linked to only 309 clotting cases (56 deaths) out of 33,000,000 shots.

0.00017% chance of dying after having the AZ vaccine.

1.72% chance of dying after contracting OCVID in Japan. (12,497 deaths in 725,536 reported cases)

That suggests you are 10,000 times more likely to die from COVID than the AZ vaccine.

You may not like my argument but they are facts based on statistics. On what do you base your assertions?

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Posted in: Actress Kyoko Fukada diagnosed with adjustment disorder See in context

Unfortunately Japan is a country where mental health issues are widely, either not understood or treated with disdain. To be fair, very few if any countries are perfect when it comes to mental health however Japan is probably down there with the worst of them. Having such issues is widely considered selfish and thus many see victims as villains. Outwardly japan is viewed as a caring country but we all know that that is not always the case especially when someone is wide of the 'norm'. I wish more people felt they were able to speak out on mental health issues and wish her well instead of trying to discredit her by trying to suggest she is weak.

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Posted in: Japan OKs Moderna, AstraZeneca vaccines, but AstraZeneca to be put on hold See in context

There is an awful lot of nonsense contained in many of these comments that is based on the "what I think" / "what I've been told" model of research and reporting.

Let's look at some facts.

Based on reported worldwide figures, 2% of officially reported cases end in death. (UK fractionally over, Japan about 1.7%)

Even if the number of officially reported cases are 1/10th of actual (which I have no evidence that that is or isn't the case) that would still mean that 2 in a thousand people who get COVID will die.

It doesn't take a genius to work out that your chances of surviving the AZ jab is significantly greater than surviving COVID.

So is the AZ as effective as other? Stats are too early to say for certain but there is evidence that it is performing at a higher rate than the 60% many quote and it is strongly believed (based on the figures of AZ vs the Indian variant in the UK) that it is also effective against other strains.

So what? Prior to the vaccine role out in the UK (largely AZ), we were averaging over a thousand deaths a day from COVID (that's the equivalent of 3 or 4 passenger planes crashing every day) yet in the 4 months since roll out began, numbers are in double digits more commonly nearer 1 than 99.

Other countries that have had a robust vaccine programme of whatever vaccine have seen similar drops. I don't know anyone who has died or been seriously ill after receiving the AZ vaccine but unfortunately I do know too many who have either died or become very ill from COVID.

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Posted in: Japan searches for 8 Chinese missing off disputed islands See in context

In the meantime,the Japanese coast guards had to intervene because none of those Chinese fishermen lifted a finger to help their fellow countrymen who were drowning. What kind of priority it that?

Where exactly does it say that, Hachidori or are you just trying to make a political statement loosely connected to an incident where some human beings helped their fellow human beings who were in trouble? I'm pretty sure that if the situation had been in reverse the same thing would have happened.

Perhaps this is a less biased report of the incident...

On Thursday morning, a Chinese fishing vessel in the East China Sea collided with a Greek-flagged cargo ship. The Chinese vessel sank, but six of its crew were rescued by Japan’s Coast Guard. According to a statement from the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Japan Coast Guard arrived on the scene in response to a distress call from the cargo ship, the 300-meter Anangel Courage.

The collision took place “in international waters approximately 67 kilometers northwest of Uotsuri Island of the Senkaku Islands,” according to Japan’s MOFA.

Interestingly no mention of the "Hundreds of Chinese fishing boats".

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Posted in: There is an extremely high likelihood that the applicant would exhibit the same sort of language and behavior that it has in the past. The decision to deny permission to use the park was made based on See in context

tinawatanabe said

Fukuda is protecting the wrongful discriminatory speech and behavor of Koreans and Chinese against the Japanese. Are you suggesting that hate speech has varying levels of "wrongness" depending on who is saying it and where?

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Posted in: Early reservation See in context

Japan Violet said >Tarps must be blue. You are obviously not Japanese or you wouldn't even bother thinking it.

Really? You are obviously incorrect or colour blind as there is clearly a large green tarp in this photo. Just saying.

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Posted in: Japan restarts another reactor, 4th since tsunami disaster shutdown See in context

Come on Japan. It is about time you started to properly invest money and technical know-how into renewable energies. Japan is ideally suited for solar, geothermal, wind and wave powered energy generation but like so many other countries, they are led by individuals with personal interests in major power companies.

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Posted in: S Korea, Japan reach deal on wartime sex slaves, including Y1 bil aid fund See in context

@Alex80, unfortunately tax payers in all countries are screwed by their governments but in this case, I believe the money is an irrelevance. It will make very little difference to the surviving sex slaves and also Japanese tax payers will not notice any increase in tax to pay for it as it is a minuscule amount for a country like Japan to pay. My fear is that by making such a payment Japan shuts the door on the human issue and thinks that they can eradicate it from history.

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Posted in: S Korea, Japan reach deal on wartime sex slaves, including Y1 bil aid fund See in context

Alex80, do you believe the victims should be forced to shut up and miraculously be able to forget what happened to them? Really?

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Posted in: S Korea, Japan reach deal on wartime sex slaves, including Y1 bil aid fund See in context

akoppa wrote

And what about the next one with North Korea? Will US compel Abe to make a deal with Kim Jong-un? Ha!

Sexual slavery is wrong in all cases. It is irrelevant whether it was against women of countries we now like or dislike. An apology (on behalf of Japan, not individual people) and an acceptance that these crimes did occur should be made to all women who suffered this abhorrent treatment,

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Posted in: S Korea, Japan reach deal on wartime sex slaves, including Y1 bil aid fund See in context

So then, according to some of those involved, I guess it still ain't over.

For many victims of sexual abuse, it will never be over. Reparations do not suddenly mean it never happened. I certainly hope this will be the start of warming relations between Japan and South Korea but the victims must be allowed to express their pain and anguishes until the day they die.

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Posted in: S Korea, Japan reach deal on wartime sex slaves, including Y1 bil aid fund See in context

This is long overdue but is a positive step towards a better relationship between the people of these two great countries. I actually don't think the money is the key factor here, I believe it is the acknowledgement that the Japanese Army illegally utilised sex slaves during the war. Japan MUST not demand that the statue of the sexually enslaved girl be moved. That statue represents an historically accurate fact. The money must not be seen as a payment to hide the atrocities of the Japanese soldiers, it should remain as a reminder to future generations and we must ensure it never happens again. As a Kabukilover said in an earlier post, it would be a fitting touch if Mr Abe laid flowers at the foot of the statue. It would also be a nice touch if some of those who have denied this issue in posts on this site accept that they were wrong.

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Posted in: Saitama rice field art snags Guinness record See in context

Tina, Thank you for enlightening me to this fact but please provide evidence for such a comment.

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Posted in: Saitama rice field art snags Guinness record See in context

tinawatanabe NOV. 03, 2015 - 03:15PM JST Guinness seems to be a genuine organization compared with UNESCO.

?? You really are on fine form today >tina.

UNESCO is a fine organisation that contributes to peace and security by promoting international collaboration through education, science, and culture to further universal respect for justice, the rule of law, and human rights along with fundamental freedom proclaimed in the United Nations Charter.

The Guinness Book of Records tries to promote many worthless events like "Most Eggs Crushed with Head in One Minute", "Largest Smurf Meeting Ever", "Most People Brushing Their Teeth Simultaneously" and dare I say..."World’s largest rice field art”

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Posted in: Park says 'comfort women' issue central to summit with Abe See in context

Harry_Gatto states...

Abe needs to tell Park quite clearly that "apologies have been made and compensation has been paid, the issue is closed.

Wrong! It is not up to the aggressor to say the issue is closed, it's up to those that have been wronged. Saying sorry must be heartfelt and using clear language. I understand, of course, that Abe and most Japanese had no involvement in those atrocities and so they should have no personal guilt but Japan should hold up its hands and say "What we did was terrible and we are sorry that some of our people committed those heinous crimes. That may or may not be enough but the issue is only closed when South Korea says it is.

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Posted in: Japan, China agree to promote dialogue See in context

The Chinese government are certainly not the most transparent in the world but whilst the Japanese government continues to comprise of cretinous old men who deny the Nanking massacre, it is unlikely that there will be many positives from this proposed meeting.

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Posted in: New cabinet minister seeks to stem shrinking population See in context

I fully agree with you Yubaru that Japan in its current state would never consider allowing foreigners to make up the missing numbers. My third point was a rhetorical question really as I am fully aware of the real answer.

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