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I’m amazed there’s not a lockdown. Japan is about to get hit hard I am very very sorry to see.

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Heres the true barometer: when Kim Jong Un opens the border with China we know coronavirus is beaten in Chin, not before.

Do you notice it’s still up........

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Posted in: Drop in China's new coronavirus cases; none in Hubei for sixth day See in context

Let’s be real folks, CCP and the people who got rich by them will do anything to keep hold of their money. I saw video on YouTube of a bridge fight between Wuhan and the next province since the province police blockaded the bridge - a fight broke out between each province police and citizens. China will lie to keep its country together. Their death toll is a lie also. 42,000-48,000 for Wuhan City alone reports seem genuine.

God knows CCP members are going to hell.

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Good! Then can a member of the TEPCO executive committee whose incompetence it was in the first place all this happened pop along and drink a glass of water from one of the tanks please?

No I didn’t think so.

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Posted in: Elementary school girl slashed by 14-year-old boy in Aomori Pref See in context

To parents and teachers: if a child expresses hatred to people or animals, kills animals, collects weapons - DANGER SIGN, deal with it! Parents need to take an interest in their child and guide them on right and wrong. Clearly in this case the family is dysfunctional, fact.

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Posted in: 1st 'comfort women' statue installed in Taiwan See in context

I have every sympathy for the comfort women, but how many apologies are enough, and after how long. Will Taiwan’s traditional government the Kuomintang then apologies to what it did in mainland China, or to true native Taiwanese indigenous peoples?

Live in the present, stop looking for every issue in the past, it’s helps nothing.

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