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Posted in: Summer power-saving period ends in three regions See in context

Given that the new ones under construction are not being built on faults, etc., and that some of the newer plants (say, less than 15-20 yrs old) are better-situated than Fukushima, I think they should be restarted.

Also, for all the trouble at Fukushima, the Onagawa plant survived the quake pretty much unscathed.

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Posted in: Disputed playground See in context

Next reader contest--what to build on each of the Senkaku islets in response.

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Posted in: Big mermaid See in context

Given her image, you'd think the slide should've made at least some use of her cleavage.

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Posted in: SpiceRoads offers Kyushu Island cycle tours See in context

If you'd like the most expensive "bike" tour of the Noto Peninsula, please choose Spice Roads.

I'm just guessing, but their Kyushu tour is probably analogous.

Then again, the Spice Roads tours are designed for the helpless--those who have zero experience/capability in the target country. If that describes any of the readers here vis-a-vis their Japan experience, by all means go for it!

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Posted in: Woman dumped child in baby hatch so she could study abroad; another used it for babysitting See in context

I would strongly agree with gogogo--better a kid left for a strange reason than another child death headline.

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Posted in: 1-year-old girl dies after being hit by car in Saitama See in context

Our kids are now older, but I can't imagine leaving them 'to take out the garbage' anywhere near a street or road.

The driver could be negligent, and could have seen the one-year old--that remains to be decided.

But the mother has obviously failed the test: she allowed her kid to stay unattended where her daughter was able to reach (crawl to) the street.

I'd choose negligent motherhood over negligent driving.

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Posted in: Nuclear power only option despite Fukushima: industry See in context

Of course decommission any older ones--don't extend their licenses at all.

But there are a lot of newer plants, and they are very much needed.

Turn them back on, ASAP.

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Posted in: N Korea threatens 'sacred war' over U.S.-South military exercises See in context

"We have war means more powerful than the U.S. nukes..."


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Posted in: Al-Qaida criticizes Japan, China over how they treat elderly See in context

I'd rather be old in Japan (think 80s+) than old in Afghanistan (subtract 25 years or so).

And tho it doesn't need mentioning, I'd rather be a woman in Japan, than a woman there. (apart from the longevity factor!!)

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Posted in: 68-year-old woman arrested for attempted murder of 74-year-old husband See in context

Is it possible that he asked her to do it?

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Posted in: Yellowtail perfect for cooler months See in context

By "frying" buri in a pan (with flour--ugh!), you are destroying it.

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Posted in: 2 U.S. soldiers accused of raping teenage girls in S Korea See in context

"...a city north of Seoul." ???

Would that be Uijeongbu or TDC?

Both are pretty well-known towns, where teenage girls should either be there as 'business women', or be gone.

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Posted in: Google to build Asia data centers as market surges See in context

And no data center in Japan??

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Posted in: More companies using Big Brother tactics to spy on workers See in context

My employer has never made use of this tracking, and I'm not sure if they're even doing it or not. Still, better safe than sorry.

Question: What kind of browser traces are observable from visiting a secure site (https)? After login, isn't what you do there very much opaque to anyone watching? I'd guess an employer might know something like the top domain and duration of your visit, but not much else.

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Posted in: N Korean leader arrives in Russia by train See in context

I wonder what they brought into Russia to sell to finance the trip?

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Posted in: How to make money on property in Tokyo See in context

Please keep in mind that it is a real estate agent writing this fluff

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Posted in: SDF member flashes staff at drive-through restaurant in Saitama See in context

I wonder what he ordered?

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Posted in: 2 Koreas exchange gunfire on border See in context

How much more of an embarrassment can DPRK be to China than it already is?

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Posted in: Windfalls from soaring yen not necessarily passed on to consumers See in context

Uh, it's easy to buy overseas via the net..., that's where the deals are.

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Posted in: Electronic English dictionary See in context

no iPad/iPhone/iTouch (or computer) version?

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Posted in: Hunter commits suicide after accidentally shooting friend See in context

...when one marksman (?!?!?) mistakenly shot his friend.

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Posted in: New language learning tool, Japanese Flash, launches on App Store See in context

On further browsing, I guess if you want a flash card app, then this 'Japanese Flash' might be worth investigating.

However, if you're looking for a reference work, a dictionary, then "Japanese" is the way to go. (Psst, it also does flash cards.)

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Posted in: New language learning tool, Japanese Flash, launches on App Store See in context

Oh, and "Japanese" has been around for a year and a half or more, upgrades all free in all that time, while this 'Japanese Flash' is in its initial version 1.0 iteration. I guess you could buy the newest ('flash') creation on the block, based on a JapanToday PR article, or you could buy what has been proven and time-tested, and improved over time thru the work of the developer and via user feedback.

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Posted in: New language learning tool, Japanese Flash, launches on App Store See in context

Tho more expensive, try the app called "Japanese". Also based on the jdict corpus, it downloads the whole thing and can be used offline.

Kanji search is one of its strong points--not only the skip system (Halpern) and traditional radicals, but also by 'elements', i.e., significant/standard parts of kanji that often do not fit into other schemes, and which is also useful for studying groups of kanji with common elements.

You can make/save your own flash card decks, and share them with others (via email).

Huge numbers of compounds and example sentences.

Wa and Kotoba and www.JDic are very hollow in comparison. The above-mentioned japanese flip and also Zen Nihongo are also good alternatives.

Of course I'll check out this new app, but it's hard to see how it's getting this PR splash when the article could (SHOULD!!) be a comparative evaluation of available apps.

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Posted in: Cycling adventure - From Kyushu to Hokkaido See in context

Quite a few people cycle the length of Japan every year--one tip to the other, Wakkani to Cape Sata, and a huge number more in between. There are readily available annotated maps, etc. It's too bad that Lowell is not contributing to that already widespread community. He should be adding, wiki-like, to what many others have already established for the same trip that he is apparently doing, and publishing/linking his rider reports to established cycling sites, instead of looking for the "wow" factor by playing for PR here at JapanToday.

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