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@kabukilover Interest in Manga and Anime seem to be cited in the article... What's your call? Considering that undergrad students are going to be late teens and early 20's I'd imagine that would explain it.

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I hope the Yakuza doesn't pledge a crackdown on NHK executive who pledge a crackdown on entertainers with Yakuza ties. That would be quite a bit messier!

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eww gross... do we really need to know that the Samurai Shogun passed a stone?

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@steve@cpfc You seem hostile that someone is writing about Japan with a positive slant. Seems like you have personal issues. I'll take that back if you can show me statistics to prove your point that "Less people are interest in Japan worldwide and less are learning the language." Please show us your superior statistics.

The Modern Language Association is hardly biased towards Japan. Are they part of the "Japanophile conspiracy" too?

@timtak I am told that a great deal of the students studying Japanese in America are Korean and Chinese... that is somewhat strange, since they choose to fly to America rather than swimming across the ocean. Supposedly Korean learners make up the largest portion of Japanese learners in the US.

@Mark_McCracken I'm sorry for a type-o in my reply above. I meant to say that although the numbers of language learners are increasing at a far faster rate and Japan is not keeping up with the curb does not mean that relatively speaking its shrinking. It is a fact though that Chinese is expected to bypass Japanese as the number of learners are growing at a faster rate. Also, the rate of growth of Arabic, Biblical Hebrew and ASL are much higher than Japanese, so to that extent in the long term you have a point.

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Her book isn't supposed to be read, so the romaji argument is inapplicable. Why the publisher releases the book without the DVD is beyond me.

@mark_macracken Faulty logic. Although the number of language learners may have dropped the portion studying Asian Languages, Japanese and Chinese in particular are rising.

My own personal opinion: You need to learn hiragana and katakana as soon as possible no matter what. Its also useful for learning the sound system, but I like Jorden's method. I found it far more focused than Minna Nihongo.

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@jeffrey I think you need to read a bit more about Mari Noda and OSU. She's the co-author of the text that is used at all the universities you just mentioned. She is a protege of Jorden and a linguist from Cornell. Basically, she's one of the top Japanese linguistics in that country. OSU's Japanese language program is one of the largest Japanese language programs in the US. They're also famous for their teacher training programs.

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@ben4short Ben, your obnoxious comments are all over this site. We're all adults here. If you don't have anything to contribute to the topic can you please take it elsewhere. In addition, we would all love to see examples of your superior writing. Please post a link. In the meantime, stay on topic.

The article explains why Japanese energy policy probably won't change for 20 years and argues people want it to but lack of viable technologies and Japanese security concerns make it unlikely. At the same time the author argues that the course away from Nuclear and fossil have been set; however, when the environment of fear subsides and people become nonchalant like him, there is danger of an industry rebound. Argue the thesis... Do you agree or disagree... Or are you incapable of discussing an actual topic? Most other posters do.

I never even knew about the JPEA or SSPS until I read this article.

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