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Posted in: Man suspected of filming up girl’s skirt jumps to death from 20th-floor apartment See in context

The trash took itself out, good riddance. I wish more sexual predators would do the same rather than continue to torture innocent women and children like a bunch of disgusting animals.

I'm also shocked at the amount of people who have sympathy for this pedophile, especially other women trying to downplay his actions. This country is already rampant with sex offenders; I consider one less a good thing. One less predator that women and children have to wake up every day and worry about being violated and abused by. And I say children because the victim here was 15- that's MIDDLE SCHOOL in Japan. He sexually violated a CHILD and people here are trying to make excuses for him.

If he was tried in court should he have been given the death penalty? Of course not. But a lengthy sentence, mandatory therapy, registered as a sex offender and required to stay 100m away from all schools would be a good start. He chose to take his own life though and I'm sure his victims and other women can breath a sigh of relief that we have one less predator in this horribly misogynistic society that continues to excuse rape and sexual assault on its women and children.

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