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JohnY921 comments

Posted in: Toyota is latest Trump target over Mexico production plans See in context

I love this guy. Don't forget to say Sayonara to TPP as well.

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Posted in: Mitsubishi Motors has cash to weather scandal, but brand battered See in context

"Having said that many other vehicles (KIA/Hyundai et al) have seen sudden acceleration issues.."

You mean TOYOTA, right?

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Posted in: Scores feared trapped as death toll from 2 Kyushu quakes hits 37 See in context

I hope the nuclear power plant is okay.

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Posted in: Toyota adds 331,000 cars to Takata air bag recalls See in context

Drive Kia!

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Posted in: S Korean academic pleads not guilty to defaming 'comfort women' See in context

MikeRowaveJan. 21, 2016 - 12:41PM JST "How is attacking an enemy solider, or a ship, a "warcrime"? A lot of those"idiots" were forced to fly into their deaths, in case you didn't know."

Mike, you are correct. I meant to say that those idiots were manipulated by the war criminals, committing war crime against their neighbors out of ignorance. They shouldn't be classified as war criminals; they were just poor idiots.

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Posted in: S Korean academic pleads not guilty to defaming 'comfort women' See in context

Shame on the South Korean government. Even if she is a lunatic, she should have the right to express her own fantasies. The court shouldn't be involved.

I know that many Japanese honor kamikaze pilots, the idiots who committed war crimes. However, those Japanese should have the right to express their own fantasies, honoring kamikaze idiots or lunatics without the government interference.

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Posted in: U.S. beats Mexico 6-1 to reach Premier12 final against S Korea See in context

Japanese team did a great job. They almost beat Korea.

What a poor losers, not showing the game. They really know how to hold on to their grudges, dwelling on their past again.

Show the game. The US might kick their a** for you. Learn to move on!

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Posted in: Park urges Abe to resolve 'comfort women' issue See in context

Japan is the only country to conduct sex trafficking at the central government level. I bet no one can challenge that.

Most of the sex slaves were raped to death. I total agree with the statement immediately above. I am not a woman, but I can tell you that there’s nothing Comforting to be raped to death. Sick and disgusting savages!

Just admit the truth and move on!

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Posted in: S Korea, Japan hold first post-summit talks on WWII sex slaves See in context

Nowadays, even some Japanese newspapers use the correct terminology, "Sex Slaves" as opposed to "Comfort Women." We have to credit Abe for making that happen.

Shinzo made it possible in his attempt to whitewash Japanese history/savagery. He instigated many historians and other people in general to readdress Japanese war crimes. In the end, whether Shinzo intended or not, more people will be better educated about the heinous war crimes committed by Japanese. Hopefully, more Japanese can realize that their acts were shameful, nothing to be proud of. Japanese need to leave the past behind as is and learn to MOVE ON.

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Posted in: Japan air bag maker Takata reports Y5.58 bil loss See in context

Takata should manufacture weapons. They already have the basic technology of making grenades.

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Posted in: Abe seeks U.S., S Korean cooperation over South China Sea See in context

"Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe told South Korea’s president on Monday he wanted cooperation between the two countries and the United States in maintaining an open and peaceful South China Sea, a Japanese government spokesman said."

South Korea should just focus on North Korea and Japan.

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Posted in: Japan posts Y114.48 bil trade deficit in September See in context

I wonder what the trade deficit would have been if the oil price didn't go down. Abe really got lucky. The trade deficit would've been a lot worse.

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Posted in: Takata air bag problem widens to some 2015 GM vehicles See in context

"Takata’s inflators use ammonium nitrate to" manufacture grenades, "blowing apart a metal canister designed" for "explosion."

I'm delusional... I keep on thinking that Takata manufactures grenades.

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Posted in: Survey finds China passes U.S. in number of billionaires See in context

"There is communism and there is pseudo/fake communism. Do the Chinese know which it is?"

Do you know your own history? Study about Mr. John Rabe and his works.

Be happy for Chinese and have some respect for them. It will soon be the country that you need to look up to. Get used to it.

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Posted in: VW CEO: 'I am endlessly sorry' brand is tarnished See in context

German Diesel Vehicles Software vs. Japanese Takata Airbag

is like Slow Death vs. Instant Death

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Posted in: Mitsubishi Motors preparing U.S. plant closure, job cuts: Nikkei See in context

Mitsubishi and Subaru are the only two Japanese auto manufacturers that increased in their sales volume in the US compared to their previous year. All others went down in their sales volume. Why Mitsubishi and why now?

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Posted in: S&P downgrades Japan's credit rating See in context

"The agency cut its rating on Japan’s debt to A+ from AA-, placing it below regional rivals China and South Korea."

Except for the JCR (Japan Credit Rating Agency), all reputable institutes' ratings for China and South Korea are higher than Japan. I think Japan is living in its own world, a very interesting country. Good luck on Abenomics.

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Posted in: Season's first dolphins killed in annual Taiji hunt See in context

“..in Japan ... dolphins are being slaughtered in the cove, ...”


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Posted in: Aso wants China's economy on agenda at G20 meeting See in context

Asso, don't worry about China. Just worry about Japan. Hopefully, more Chinese tourists will continue traveling to Japan and offsetting deprived Japanese consumers. Just don't say any bad things about your Asian neighbors, so more people will travel to Japan and spend money there.

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Posted in: China calls Japan complaints about Ban's WW2 parade visit "irritating" See in context

"why does China has been complaining only Nanjing 300,000 until recently?"

Thank you Mr. Tibbets! Thank you Mr. Ban! The reason why the world is safe from the savages is because of the heroes like Mr. Tibbets and Mr. Ban.

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Posted in: Student group injects new exuberance into anti-war protests See in context

Another wow here. Be the Japan it used to be, a respectable one before Abe and his gang.

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Posted in: Japan protests China news agency's call for emperor apology See in context

"The Emperor did make an apology. Didn't they hear the 70th anniversary memorial speech?"

Yes, but he should do it again and again for Abe and other non-repenting Japanese. After all, his father was spared from execution. He should be grateful to the US for sparing his dad's head, and spend rest of his life repenting, apologizing to the war victims.

What's so hard about giving apologies to the war victims? Just admit it; don't dwell on it by trying to rewrite history. It's okay to give apologies. Japan, move on.

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Posted in: Japan to ask WTO for ruling on food dispute with S Korea See in context

I just hope that the US do not allow food from Japan (Fukushima). I don't go to Yoshinoya because they grow their vegetables and rice from Fukushima.

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Posted in: New York stages topless parade with 60 cities worldwide See in context

"Boring women's breasts are only obsense in the sick western mind."

No, it's true for Asian mind as well.

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Posted in: S Korean leader to attend China's celebrations of victory over Japan in WWII See in context

"What about the Koreans that fought on Japan's side? They were among things some of the most brutal prison guards and were the guards on the Bataan Death March. They were guards in unit 731. So they will attend in what capacity?"

Yes, you are right. Koreans were forced to be sex slaves, forced laborer, forced to join the Japanese army/savages.... Thus, Koreans really need to celebrate. Koreans and the rest of the world should thank the US for nuking Japan. Nuking it contained the savages/Japan Army.

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Posted in: Support for Abe bounces back after war statement See in context

"Abe said on Friday he upheld past official apologies for the war, but the conservative leader said future generations should not have to keep apologising for the mistakes of the past."

Abe's right. Japanese should dissociate with their parents and grandparents who were savages. They should piss on their graves and move on.

But for those Japanese who distort the truth, rewriting their history/savagery, are not much different from their parents and grandparents, the savages.

Only if they have the wisdom of Germans...

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Posted in: Emperor expresses deep remorse on WW2 anniversary See in context

"As far as Yasukuni goes, we need to be careful. If war criminals (torturers during iraq/afghan war, for instance) are later buried at Arlington National Cemetery, this would become an American Yasukuni. By international standards, the above example are considered war criminals. The president and congress could no longer go, let alone make a speech."

Don't worry! The US is not stupid! They will dig those out and trash them elsewhere.

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Posted in: Seoul tunes in See in context

@hero77, Japan wants to move on, but China and Korea won't let them.

Even if the savagery (Japanese History) is of the past, you need to realize that it’s a present matter if the savagery is justified, denied or downplayed. Learn to accept the past as it is. Learn to be shamful of your parents and grandparents. But, don't dwell on it by trying to change Japanese history/savagery. Japanese must learn to move on...

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Posted in: China denounces Japanese ministers' Yasukuni shrine visits See in context

Only if those Japanese can sympathize with the victims of their parents and grandparents, the war criminals or savages, .....

Only if those Japanese can understand that visiting Yasukuni Shrine is like rubbing salt into the wounds of the war victims....

The world should celebrate for the nuking Japan, ending their savagery. Maybe, those Japanese can understand that rubbing salt into the the wounds really hurts.

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Posted in: Samsung ramps up Apple challenge with large handsets See in context

"If you can't compete with Apple just copy apple as well as dyson, sony and everyone else. Good job samsung the worlds #1 copy kat."

What's dyson? Sony makes phones? I never saw those in the US. In the US, most of the phones are from Apple (1), Samsung (2), LG (3), ...

Apple should have stuck with their original size. I had no problem telling the differences between the two (Apple and Samsung). Now, Apple phone sizes are similar to the sizes of Samsung phones. Now it's really difficult to tell. I have Note 3 (which I got a few years ago), and the latest Apple 6 (or something) looks like my Note 3. It's annoying.

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